Picnic Food Recipes

These Picnic Food Recipes Just Changed Outdoor Eating Forever

UPDATED: Nov 3, 2021

If you don’t like picnics or a good ol’ outdoor party then I’m pretty sure you’re a robot. Fresh air, great food, and those fun baskets with the classic red and white checkered lining are what makes spring worth living! Yes there can be bugs, whatever, big whoop, I’m like a thousand times bigger than they are. However, there is a weakness in my picnic game, I am traditionally just a sandwich and chips kind of girl. I decided to ditch the basics and upgrade my picnic menu to some items that are a bit more daring and way more delectable. All of these picnic food recipes are pretty simple, so much so that even a sandwich traditionalist like me can get on board!

Walking Tacos

To be quite honest I could probably survive on these for quite some time. Incredibly convenient, what is better than a taco that you can walk with? I am left with so many questions like “why isn’t this the standard?” Traditional tacos are not conducive to walking and eating, what do I do if I need to eat my taco while I walk to go get more tacos? That said, you can see how happy I was to find this recipe. With a lot of flexibility, you can honestly add any taco ingredients you wish. Frito or Doritos bags work best. I also enjoy this recipe because it is easy to have plenty of extra if individual bags are bought in bulk. This recipe also does not include beans but if properly drained I think would make them even more spectacular than they already are. You can also bring all the toppings in their own container that way guests can choose what ingredients they want to add to their walking taco.

Slow Cooker Barbecue Ribs

Slow-Cooker-BBQ-Ribs-2-Bites-of-Bri-682x1024 Ribs should be required at every picnic. Seriously, a bill needs to be signed and passed into law. Now smoked ribs are great but not all of us have one of those fancy smokers or a fully outfitted smokehouse. This picnic recipe takes a little prep and you may have to wake up a little early so they are done in time for the picnic festivities but for what it takes up in time, it will give back to your taste buds when it makes them explode with flavor. The prep itself is incredibly easy and all you have to do is give a good rub down with spices and then drown it in barbecue sauce, in a few hours you’ll have fall off the bone barbecue-y goodness.      

Bacon Sriracha Potato Salad

bacon-sriracha-potato-salad-recipe-600-0372x2 I dare you to think of two things better than bacon and sriracha. The only thing I can think of is both of them combined into a creamy potato salad. I know you might have to pick up the pieces of your mind as it has been blown, and that’s okay. Once you have it back together again immediately gather the ingredients necessary for this delicious dish and have the best damn picnic imaginable. To add an even more awesome element to this dish you can substitute the red potatoes with sweet potatoes. Yes, please! You can also adjust this recipe depending on the time you have before your picnic adventure. If you are the spontaneous type and are in a pinch, use store bought potato salad and add the additional toppings. Don’t have bacon on hand? Opt for some bacon bits. When everyone raves about this awesome picnic recipe there is no need for you to tell them it wasn’t completely from scratch. You own that potato salad.  

Lasagna Cupcakes

2011-03-31-lasagna-cupcakes-586x322 Another one for the picnic history books, let me introduce Lasagna Cups. If you haven’t noticed I am all about functionality and convenience at a picnic. Lasagna, for one, is awesome, but the thought of awkwardly trying to eat it outside with plastic utensils does not sound like my idea of a good time. Instead of pasta noodles, wonton wrappers are used to make these perfectly sized cupcakes. You could also make a pizza or mac and cheese version if you wanted to add some variety.  These little cakes are super easy to grab and munch on, making them perfect finger food for your picnic menu.

Vodka Lemonade Juice Pouch

adult-vodka-lemonade-capri-suns-300 You know we had to involve liquor in this post, we are HomeWetBar after all. What I basically look at as adult juice boxes is a must have at your next picnic. Disclaimer: If kiddos are present keep a lookout that there is no confusion. Also these look so tasty I wouldn’t blame a kid for getting angry that he couldn’t have one. With only a few ingredients they are super easy to prep and even easier to drink. Tip: These perfectly juice sized plastic bags can be found super cheap at your local craft store. You can also add a lot variety with this idea. I think Long Island Iced teas would be a great addition or replacement for the pouches. I also have a weird obsession with grapefruit juice that I think would work great as well. Basically you can substitute any of your favorite cocktail recipes into this awesome picnic idea.

Individual Seven Layer Dips

mini-seven-layer-dip-wm Another single serving recipe, I love this as a snack before or after the real eating begins. These would work well at any party really. Again featuring simple ingredients, these cups are quick to make and are super delicious. Since everyone gets their own personal serving there will be no fighting over a big bowl of the stuff. I also feel that these smaller cups completely diminish the bug to dip ratio. What I love about this recipe is the ability to have plenty extra depending on your party size. I am guilty of making a lot more and storing them for a quick snack after the outdoor party. Also depending on how hungry you and your guests are you can adjust the plastic cup size to accommodate the desired amount of dip.  

Cheesecake in a Jar

Cheesecake-Jars-1-of-1Final Let’s face it most things are better in jars. If your whole picnic could be in a jar, that would probably best. Takeaway, you need to invest in a lot of jars. If not for the rest of these recipes, definitely this one. Cheesecake is personally one of my favorite desserts. If it was socially acceptable I would skip the entrees and go straight for the cake. Who am I kidding, I do it anyways. Not only are these cheesecake jars delicious but they look great. You can swap out the berries for any other toppings you may desire, I love tangerines on mine! These little canning jars can normally be found pretty cheap at your local craft store, but you can really use anything you have on hand to serve up these bad boys such as teacups!   Looking to improve your picnic to epic proportions? Check out some outdoor party ideas and gifts. Everything from hidden flasks for when you run out of vodka pouches, and grilling accessories, to music blaring coolers.

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