Christmas Gifts For Men Who Know How To Party

Raise your hand if you have ever felt personally victimized by Christmas gifts. Every year, I always have a trouble finding gifts for my friends, & I haven’t quite deciphered if this is just a personal curse or if everyone struggles with this seasonal stress. Since most of the people close to me have quite the appetite for booze, I normally end up gifting a bottle of their preferred beer, wine, or liquor. However, this year I vowed to generate some gift ideas that would truly impress. Seeking out the best Christmas gifts for men who like to party was surprisingly a lot easier than anticipated. Everything from beer cap maps to hangover teas; there is a little something for everyone. But don’t be held to imaginary boundaries, these Christmas ideas aren’t just confined to gifts for men, pick up a little something for your liquor loving gals as well. Cheers to happy holidays!


Beer Cap Map

USA Beer Cap Map

Have a man that just can’t get enough beer? These wood beer cap maps are the perfect gifts for men who like tasting different beers from all over the country. Awesome bonus is they come in all fifty states, as well as Canada, Mexico and additional miscellaneous shapes such as beer mugs, and cowboy boots.  

Christmas Vacation Moose Shot Glass

Moose Shot Glass


If you’re family is anything like mine, you can find many parallels between your clan and the Griswald’s. Add one more similarity with these awesome Marty Moose shot glasses. A great stocking stuffer option, this Christmas gift idea will give him a good laugh.

Liquor Subscription

Liquor Subscription

What’s better than fine spirits? How about fine spirits that are delivered straight to your door? Receiving 3 fine liquors every month, a Flavair premium membership will leave him with his jaw on the floor. This gift for him is an awesome way to help him explore his hobby at a reasonable cost.

Tantalizing Manhattan Traveling Bar Set

Traveling Bar Set

Be the talk of the party with this awesome traveling bar set. Coming in a leather travel case it is easily transportable and a unique gift for those hobby mixologists. Bonus: a gift for not just him but everyone to enjoy!

Shot Glass Checkers

Checkers Shot Glasses for Christmas Gift


For the board game masters who also enjoy a little drink from time to time (or maybe all the time) the shot glass checkers game is a fun Christmas present for men that will make any party or night in 10x more fun.

Brew Your Own Beer Kit

Beer Brewing Kit

Everyone wants to be the cool guy who brews his own beer. Make his dreams come true with this IPA brew kit. Everything comes in this handy dandy beer kit making this holiday gift idea an excellent choice.

Top Notch Cigars Shadow Box

Cigar Shadow Box Gift

Cigar smokers are a complex sort of man, give him something equally as rare and unique with this custom shadow box. A great gift for those who keep a collection of their favorite bands, this Christmas gift for him is incredibly handsome. A great addition to any man cave decor.

Hangover Tea

Hangover Tea

For the man who really knows how to party but also can enjoy a nice hot cuppa tea, introducing a hangover cure! Men’s Christmas gifts should be functional ,and hangover tea sure will come in handy after a night over over-indulging

Dogs Playing Poker Personalized Bar Sign

Dogs Playing Poker Decor

Is he always in need of new man cave decor? Christmas gifts for men who like a vintage feel are easy when it comes to these custom signs. With the ability to personalize with his name, it is a one of a kind gift for husbands, dads, or brothers.