23 Outstanding Outdoor Groomsmen Gifts

Check Out These Outdoor Groomsmen Gifts for Your Outdoor Bachelor Party:

While the traditional bachelor party is inside your house, at a hotel, or roaming from bar to bar, you are a bit different. You’re more red-blooded than the rest of them. You want to have your groomsmen rough it with you in the wilderness which is why these outdoor groomsmen gifts are exactly what you’re in need of. These gifts prepare your best beds for a wild and crazy time in the woods. It doesn’t matter if it is having a few drinks and cigars together, for a fishing trip, for a groomsmen golfing gifts, or for hunting. No matter what, these badass gifts are going to be just what you and the boys need!

Monogrammed Outdoor Groomsmen Gifts

Monogrammed Set of Outdoor Groomsmen Gifts

Prepare your groomsmen for anything that is going to come their way at your outdoor weekend with this set of outdoor groomsmen gifts. The monogrammed ammo can gift set not only gives them a badass gift, but also makes sure they securely gift their flask, pint glass, and hatchet. Throw in a few more camping gifts and you’ll not just have badass gifts for your wedding party, but an amazing set of manly gifts in general!

The Sleekest Hunting Groomsmen Gifts

Engraved Bullet Bottle Openers

Take your shot with a simple and sweet set of hunting groomsmen gifts like this set of 5 beer bottle openers made from real .50 caliber ammunition. You and the boys will have a blast cracking open beers around the campfire as you celebrate the day’s catch or kill.

A Box Set for the Wilderness

Personalized Whiskey Set of Proposal Groomsmen Gifts

Not every set of gifts for the outside bachelor party has to be solely for the wilderness. This proposal groomsmen box is a fantastic gift set that asks them to be your groomsmen, gives them a rocks glass for at home, a flask for on the go, and even a bow tie so they can be dressed to the nines on your wedding day!

A Great Grilling Groomsmen Gift Box

Custom Bamboo Grill Tools

Ensure that when you catch some food (or even if it is the hot dogs you packed just in case) that you can throw them on the grill right away and have a hot meal with these personalized grill tools. Your groomsmen will love having a set of gifts that they get to use right away and keep for years to come thanks to the durability of the bamboo that makes up the handles and carrying case.

The Ultimate Way to Camp With Beer

Beer Growler Hunting Groomsmen Gift

The great thing about outdoor groomsmen gifts is that they can bring a bit of civilization into the wilderness. Take this stainless steel growler, for instance, it holds 64 ounces of their favorite beverage and is insulated, so it’ll keep their drinks ice-cold for hours! Even when they’re in the thick of it, they’ll be able to enjoy a perfectly cool sip of their favorite IPA or pilsner!


For When You Tell Them to Take a Hike

Military Grade Rucksack

It wouldn’t quite be an outdoor, hunting, or fishing set of groomsmen gifts without a true rucksack. Mystery Ranch makes military-grade packs so that you and your best friends can easily bring all the tools and equipment you need for a bachelor’s weekend in the woods!

The Sharpest Set of Hunting Groomsmen Gifts

Custom Knife Set of Hunting Groomsmen Gifts

Not everything always goes as planned. That is why there are gifts out there like this set of 5 survival knives. Inside the handle of each knife are a compass, sewing kit, fishing line, sinker, and a set of matches. Add in the cool factor that these personalized groomsmen gifts are incredibly unique due to the blade of each knife being engraved with their name, and you can be sure each of your guys will have these strapped to their boots in no time!

Gifts for Any Time of Day in the Wilderness

Engraved Coffee Flask and Flashlight

Just because you and the boys are out in the wilderness doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve some creature comforts. Easily bring your morning coffee with you with a travel mug, and speaking of ease of carrying, they will love this flask for celebrating the first deer of the hunting trip. They can even use it at the wedding to toast you and your gorgeous bride! Plus, don’t forget the flashlight which will be super helpful in finding your way in the dark at the campsite.

Arm Them with Badass Groomsmen Gifts

Badass Groomsmen Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

Ensure all your groomsmen are prepared for anything adventure throws their way with their own custom ammo can gift set. While they will love throwing back a few glasses of whiskey with you, when you’re outdoors, the ammo cans will be their best friend. Whether they have it full of ammo for a fun day at the shooting range or you’ve arranged it to be full of supplies for your bachelor camping trip, they will love the uniqueness of this awesome gift set!

All the Tools They’ll Need

Flask Knife Watch Set of Outdoor Groomsmen Gifts

When you and the boys are outdoors, you need sleek and useful hunting groomsmen gifts. Something large and bulky won’t do you any good when stalking a deer. So, use this gift set to synchronize watches, have a drink, and keep a sharp lookout for what would make this the best bachelor party ever, a huge buck!

A Custom Cap

Custom Camo Hat

Keep things simple with your outdoor-themed bachelor party and get all of your guys a custom embroidered hat. These will be fantastic for when you’re out in the woods but you and the boys will love rocking these baseball caps the next time you’re hanging out and having an ice-cold beer. The only thing that will be different is you’ll be married by then!

Personalized Pint Glass Gift Set

Personalized Pint Glass Ammo Can Gift Set

Arm you guys with a badass set of hunting groomsmen gifts. Everything from the pint glasses to the bottle opener and knife is perfect! A toast to a great hunt before heading out is the best way to use this set. This way, they can slip the bottle opener and a knife in their pocket, and have a few ice-cold beers ready for when you return with the biggest buck of your life!

The Coolest Set of Non-Traditional Groomsmen Gifts

Engraved Hatchets are Non Traditional Groomsmen Gifts

Celebrate your unique bachelor party with these amazing-looking hatchets as your most memorable outdoor groomsmen gifts. Engraved with each of your groomsmen’s titles, names, and date, these ceremonial hatches will clearly be some of the most awesome gifts they’ve ever received at a bachelor party!

A Non-Traditional Flask Gift Set

Personalized Flask With Engraving

A unique flask also makes for an extremely unique and useful gift for your groomsmen. Due to the space for a collapsible shot glass, this engraved flask set makes giving the groom a toast as easy as pouring a drink! Whether you and the guys are pre-gaming before hitting a bar or deep in the woods, these flakes are the best way to enjoy a drink with the soon-to-be-wed groom!

Keep the Bachelor Party as All Fun and Games

Poker Gift Set with Glencairn Glasses

Hunting isn’t all about action, as every hunter knows. In fact, hunting comes with quite a bit of downtime. Don’t let your best friends get bored, instead, keep them entertained with this custom poker and stainless steel Glencairn gift set. These hunting groomsmen gifts are a great way for them to entertain themselves both in the deer stand as well as at the campfire later that night!


Outdoor Groomsmen Gift for the Night

Single Person Tent

You can’t do an outdoor groomsmen party without giving them a place to sleep. However, no one wants to sleep in the same tent together, so get them each their own high-end single-person tent. This way, they’ll be ready to catch some z’s as well and they’ll be ready for any weather that could come your way.

Custom Groomsmen Gift Box

Groomsmen Proposal Gift Box

Sometimes, the hardest part about a wedding is asking people to be in your wedding party. Make your life a breeze with these groomsmen proposal gift set that double as truly awesome outdoor groomsmen gifts! Inside, they’ll find a bow tie inside for the day of, but when you include a small bottle of whiskey and cigar, they won’t be able to wait to celebrate that you’re getting married with stogies and a drink around a campfire.

A Sleek & Simple Gift Set

Flask Set of Outdoor Groomsmen Gifts

Ensure that no matter how deep into the woods you and your groomsmen get, you can still easily have a sip of your goto liquor with these engraved blackout flasks. Better still, the set also comes with a bow tie, so they can use this gift in the woods as well as on your wedding day to look their best (and give you a toast, too)!

The Best Gift Box

Custom Ammo Can Gift Box

Want to make your set of gifts for your groomsmen a little more D.I.Y? Get them a custom ammo can so you can at least give them the coolest looking gift box they’ve ever received. This ammo can is actually repurposed from the United States Military, giving it the combat-used and combat-ready look every guy loves!

For Your Legendary Groomsmen

Legendary Set of Hunting Groomsmen Gifts

Use this box set of badass groomsmen gifts to make them feel like the true legends they are. Your best friends will truly appreciate having a set of glasses to toast you with as well as a ceremonial hatch to represent the wildest and most unique bachelor party in the woods that anyone has ever had!

Everyman Needs His Tools

Gerber Multi Tool

Never have any of your guys under-equipped for any situation that comes their way when you give each one of them their own Gerber multi tool. This can easily work as a fishing groomsmen gift, hunting gift, or general outdoor tool. With a knife, saw, file, can opener, pliers, and screwdriver, what can’t they handle with this awesome gift?

A Great Game for the Campsite

Custom Bean Bag Toss Set

While a hunting groomsmen gift is all about life in the woods, some of the items you bring need to ensure that the campsite itself is fun to hang out at as well. Hook your groomsmen up with these non-traditional groomsmen gifts, their own set of bags! Now, everyone will have their own competition going so they can unwind after a day fishing, hunting, or hiking!

For the Beer-Loving Groomsmen

Groomsmen Gift Box for Beer Lovers

Get your guys a gift that they can use before, during, and after their camping trip into the woods. This custom beer growler box set comes with a little bit of everything. They’ll be able to bring their local craft beer into the woods with ease thanks to the growler but the pint glasses will be a wonderful treat to enjoy an ice-cold brew from when they get back from your bachelor party!