23 Old Fashioned Glasses That Rock

Unique Old Fashioned Glasses You Need

Did you know that old fashioned glasses come in all sorts of shapes and sizes? Typically a classic or a double, these lowball glasses are best for small cocktails or liquor over ice. An old fashioned glass is normally 6 to 8 ounces, while a double old fashioned (DOF) holds anywhere from ten to twelve. Named after the popular Old Fashioned cocktail, most people use these short glasses for a variety of drinks such as scotch on the rocks, Negroni, or a Sazerac. You’re probably wondering, which unique whiskey glasses are best for your favorite drink? What kind of cocktails are served in rocks glasses? Well, you’re about to find out! We found plenty of unique, classic, and novelty rocks glasses to suit your needs.

The Classic Old Fashioned Glass

Set of Four Personalized Old Fashioned Glasses

When it comes to old fashioned glasses, you need to get the type that works best with your usual drinks. Some, like this one, work well with all sorts of concoctions. This handsome glass holds 10.25 ounces, making it a double old-fashioned. You can enjoy a double scotch over ice with this glass easily, or make a classic Sazerac. You’ll have plenty of room for ice and additional ingredients with this DOF glass. Another unique quality of this glass is the base, which has bubble-like indentations which help prevent condensation from forming. It also creates a beautiful glowing effect throughout your glass, illuminating the various hues of your whiskey or cocktail. This set of four unique rocks glasses is a must-have for fans of lowball cocktails and doubles of their favorite liquor!

Unique Rocks Glasses

Pair of Engraved Whiskey Glasses

Some old fashioned glasses have decorative aspects like cut crystal accents or a unique pattern to make it stand out. This set of 2 glasses have little glaciers in the bases! Not only are the glaciers decorative, they make the bases of the glasses extra thick to help insulate your drinks. These classy rocks glasses are a little bigger than the previous ones with an 11.5 ounce capacity, making them great for cocktails like the namesake Old Fashioned or a Whiskey Smash.

The Strongest DOF Glass

Personalized Double Old Fashioned Glasses with Whiskey Stones

You’re a manly man who likes all things tough, durable, and strong. Naturally, you need whiskey glasses that won’t break easily and match your personality! These are the glasses for you. Nicknamed the Colchester, this incredibly awesome old fashioned glass is super thick and hefty. Its base is shaped like a pentagon, creating formidable edges that allow you to retain a strong grip. The extra thick glass ensures that your drink both stays cold until the last drop and insulated so that it doesn’t produce condensation. You can even clink your glass together with a buddy during a hearty toast like a beer glass without worrying about it breaking! Pour yourself a double of your favorite scotch and drop in a couple of whiskey stones for the manliest, most delicious glass of whiskey you’ve ever had with this set. 

The Perfect Cocktail Glass

Custom Cocktail Glass

Looking for a rocks glass for your usual Negroni and the occasional White Russian? This is the glass for you. With the classic lowball design and a 10 ounce capacity, it’s plenty big enough and the right shape for your drinks. The gentle taper of the glass helps trap the flavors so that you can enjoy every subtle note and ingredient, making your favorite mixed drink taste better than ever before. You can get pretty creative with the engraved design, too, to make it more unique to you.

The Coolest Old Fashioned Glass You’ve Ever Seen

Monogrammed Cigar Glass

There’s nothing like a glass of bourbon and a fresh cigar after a long day at work. Of course, that means having your hands full with your two favorite vices. Or does it? With this awesome multi-tasking old fashioned glass, you can enjoy a stogie and a glass of whiskey together with ease. This unique glass actually has a built-in cigar holder so that you can puff and sip at once with one hand, freeing up the other to hold a good book or the TV remote. Finally, you can enjoy your two favorite ways to relax more efficiently than ever before!


Add Some Color to Your Home Bar

Crystal Rainbow Glasses

Looking for some old fashioned glasses that will stand out in your home bar? Check out these colorful pieces! This set of six rainbow glasses aren’t just colorful, they have beautiful etchings of an underwater scene too! The perfect addition to a nautical-themed home or a statement set for your pool house, these unique glasses are sure to be conversation pieces. You’ll want to have summer cocktails in these lovely glasses, such as Margaritas, Vodka Tonics, and Mai Tais.

Old Fashioned Glasses with a Twist

Three Piece Crystal Decanter Set

Excuse the pun, but it couldn’t be helped. These spectacular glasses and their matching decanter are rather impressive! The elegant twisted design of the glass isn’t just beautiful, but the curves fit quite nicely in your hand. The lovely shape reflects light throughout your glass, illuminating the liquor within to show off its gorgeous hues. You’ll want to have this set in your office or living room as a statement piece as it adds a touch of class and luxury. The engraved whiskey glasses are bigger than they look with a 10.25 ounce capacity, making them great for a classic Double Old Fashioned cocktail or a neat double scotch.

Regal Old Fashioned Glasses Unlike Any Other

Set of Four Unique Old Fashioned Glasses

Some whiskey glasses actually affect the taste of your whiskey, like this one. The unique conical-like shape allows you to gently swirl the whiskey around the bowl, opening up the flavors and directing the exotic aromas toward your nose. This way, you can do a proper whiskey tasting or simply enjoy your favorite brand more than ever before. Suited best for people really into whiskey, these regal glasses will make you think you’re tasting a whole new blend!

Vintage Whiskey Gift Set

Personalized Whiskey Box Set

Drinking from crystal glasses makes you feel like a high-class, distinguished person; so why not treat yourself to your own personal set to enjoy whenever you like? These beautiful crystal glasses are so exquisite, they’ll blend in with your finest crystal glassware. They even come with a set of stainless steel whiskey stones so that you can enjoy every last chilled, flavorful drop of your liquor without the hassle of melted ice. These beautiful glasses are great for a simple whiskey on the rocks or a Boulevardier.

Old Fashioned Glasses You Can Play With

Set of 6 Rolling Old Fashioned Glasses

Drinking whiskey and cocktails is usually seen as a classy pastime, but it can be great fun too. You can entertain all of your guests with these nifty rolling rocks glasses! This set of six glasses have rounded bases that cause them to roll around on the table, but won’t tip over. Everyone will love playing with their drinks, rolling them around in between sips. The rolling motion isn’t just fun, but it actually helps your whiskey aerate and your cocktails mix thoroughly so that you have a better-tasting and more uniform drink.

Colored Crystal

Turquoise Crystal Glass

No matter what kind of drink you have, it automatically tastes better in a crystal glass. There’s just something about using an expensive, classy glass that makes even the cheapest whiskey taste like top-shelf liquor. Treat yourself to these lovely aquamarine crystal old fashioned glasses! Bringing a subtle pop of color and an exquisite touch of luxury to your home bar, you will love drinking from these gorgeous glasses.

Create Your Own Whiskey Label

Custom Whiskey Label Glass

Any whiskey drinker has fantasized about having their own whiskey label as popular as Jack Daniels. Not everyone can make that dream a reality, but you can certainly customize your own label on this personalized old fashioned glass! This classic round glass is a timeless, popular design you’ve probably seen before. You’ll feel like a true whiskey connoisseur as you drink your Jack on the rocks out of your own custom glass!

The Perfect Glass for Heftier Cocktails

Vintage Personalized Old Fashioned Glass

Do you enjoy making complex cocktails with a variety of ingredients? Then you need an old fashioned glass with plenty of room. This glass holds a whopping 13.5 ounces, which is the largest capacity out of all of the glasses in this guide. You can enjoy a sizeable Mai Tai, Rye Sazerac, or a Bartender in this large glass.

Modern Old Fashioned Glass

Monogrammed Whiskey Glass

This spherical, modern rocks glass will go perfectly with your modern decor! The sleek design is classy, refined, and great for all kinds of drinks. It holds 10 ounces, which means you can enjoy a double of your favorite scotch or a perfectly-sized cocktail. That little bubble in the bottom of the glass is supposed to be there as it adds a fun, whimsical accent!

On the Rocks Like Never Before

Monogrammed Crystal Decanter Set

If you’re looking for old fashioned glasses that make a statement, these are the ones for you! One word comes to mind when you see these glasses: “Wow!” The 3D sculpted cubes around the base make it appear as if it’s been plucked from an iceberg in Antarctica. The unique decorative base gives the glasses an extra weight so that they feel sturdy in your hands as well as insulates your drink, preventing condensation. If you prefer your scotch or cocktail on ice, the thick glass will help keep it cold. The matching crystal decanter makes these unique glasses even cooler!


Art Deco Rocks Glasses

Art Deco Gold Accent Glasses

2020 is here, which means the 20s are back! Art deco, gold accents, and flapper style is making a comeback. Bring a touch of the speakeasy movement into your home bar with these beautiful gold accent glasses! Each glass has a different gold pattern so that no one has the exact same glass. How cool is that? Your guests will never confuse their glasses again! Plus, they look fabulous on your home bar. You can definitely throw a 1920s party with these unique whiskey glasses.

Cubical Rocks Glass

Square Personalized Old Fashioned Glass

Not every old fashioned glass is a standard round lowball! This smaller square glass isn’t just modern-looking for aesthetics, but the shape actually helps you keep a better grip on your drink. It helpfully retains a rounded rim for easy sipping of Jack on the rocks or a refreshing Mint Julep. The square glass holds 10 ounces, putting it at the minimum capacity to make it a double old fashioned. You’ll want to have a couple of these around if you’re looking for simpler rocks glasses that get the job done!

Elegant Bronze Rimmed Glasses

Pair of Bronze Rimmed Glasses

Bronze is an ancient metal that signifies the beginning of man’s modern tools. Whether your decor is vintage or modern, you can bring a touch of the Bronze Age into your home bar with these vintage-inspired old fashioned glasses! Your guests will marvel at the classy design of these unique bronze-rimmed glasses. They’re the perfect size for a White Russian or a classic Jack on the rocks.

Glasses Made to Fit Your Hand

Pair of Unique Sculpted Old Fashioned Glasses

Have you ever seen such unique old fashioned glasses? These beauties look like works of art with their intricate curves. While they may look uncomfortable to hold, the grooves actually fit your hand perfectly! You’ll have a good, secure grip with these unique glasses, but you don’t have to worry about pesky condensation forming. The sculpted design actually adds a layer of insulation, keeping your bourbon cold from start to finish. The delicate curves also reflect light throughout your whiskey, showing off the lovely golden hues of your Crown Royal or Macallan. You won’t want to hide these gorgeous glasses away in a cabinet, that’s for sure!

Curvaceous Old Fashioned Glasses

Engraved Whiskey Glasses

Speaking of curvy glasses, these lovely whiskey glasses have a perfect hourglass figure. This telltale shape actually encourages the subtle notes of flavor and complex aromas to be more prominent, unlocking as you gently swirl your scotch. The set of four is perfect for whiskey tasting with fellow whiskey fans or casual drinking with friends.

Striking Ruby Crystal Glasses

Set of 4 Red Crystal Glasses

Looking for old fashioned glasses that no one else you know will have? Look no further! These striking ruby glasses are certain to make your home bar one-of-a-kind. These lovely crystal glasses are eye-catching and festive enough for Christmas, but you can certainly keep them on your home bar year-round. Anyone who sees these stunning red glasses will be impressed!

Make Sure Your Drinks Stay Cold

Double Old Fashioned Glass with Leather Wrap

You’ve seen plenty of insulated glasses with thick glass and ornately sculpted layers, but you’re more of a minimalist. You want something simple, timeless, but still insulated. This leather-wrapped whiskey glass is perfect for you! The classic glass has an extra thick base that contributes to the insulation, but what helps the most is the personalized leather wrap. This way, your drink stays cold but your hands stay warm! It’s bigger than it looks, too, with its 13 ounce capacity. This double old fashioned glass is perfect for a sizable cocktail like a Rusty Nail or a Young Laddie.

A New Way to Enjoy Chilled Whiskey

Monogrammed Glass with Stainless Steel Chilling Ball

Who says you need ice to enjoy a chilled cocktail? Whiskey stones are revolutionary replacements for ice as they keep your drinks cold, but don’t melt or affect the taste of your drink! You’ve probably seen little cube-shaped soapstone whiskey stones before, but you probably haven’t seen a large spherical one like this! This unique glass and whiskey sphere are specially designed to thoroughly mix and chill your cocktail all at once. The raised peak guides the steel ball around the glass, ensuring that your drink doesn’t separate into layers and that it’s evenly chilled throughout. You’ll never have a subpar cocktail again thanks to this awesome glass!