17 of the Best Groomsmen Gifts Ever

17 of the Best Groomsmen Gifts Ever

UPDATED: Jan 5, 2023

The Best Groomsmen Gift Ever for Everyone in Your Wedding Party

Looking for the perfect gift for your groomsmen? You’ve come to the right place! Ideally, you want to get a gift for each groomsman so that you can thank them for being part of your big day. The best groomsmen gift ever is one that each groomsman can enjoy either on your wedding day, before or after the ceremony or all of the above! You probably have some questions, such as: What should groomsmen gifts be? They can be anything from accessories to wear to the wedding, a cool gift for their homes, something they can use on the go, or even a gift set full of all kinds of neat gifts. Does the best man get a different gift than the groomsmen? That’s up to you! If your best man is your best friend and you want to get him something special, he will definitely appreciate it, but either way he will enjoy getting a gift from you whether it’s the same as the ones you got for your groomsmen or not. Rest assured, these are the best gifts for groomsmen for any budget, wedding party size, to use at the wedding, and more!

A Custom Whiskey Glass is the Best Groomsmen Gift Ever

Personalized Whiskey Glass with Chilling Spheres Best Groomsmen Gift Ever

By far one of the best gifts for groomsmen you can possibly give, a custom whiskey glass is something any guy will love! This one even comes with a pair of large chilling spheres to keep his drink cold without watering it down. Perfect for your best man, the father of the bride, and all of your groomsmen, this custom whiskey glass goes great with a bottle of each guy’s favorite whiskey. You can even give out this versatile wedding party gift at your bachelor party, the reception, or after the wedding!

A Personalized Knife for Each Groomsman

Best Gifts for Groomsmen Set of Five Custom Pocket Knives

Talk about cool groomsmen gifts! These awesome pocket knives aren’t just boring, regular knives, they also have glass breakers, rope cutters, serrated edges, and handy clips so that they are the ultimate everyday carry knife. No matter where your groomsmen are, they’ll be prepared for anything thanks to these badass knives. Whether they’re in an emergency or even just need to open a package, your groomsmen will have their trusty knives on hand at all times. Plus, they’re unique keepsakes that your groomsmen will enjoy for years to come.

The Ultimate Groomsman Gift Set

Engraved Groomsmen Gift Set with Flask and Bowtie

Ask your bros to be your groomsmen with the best gift set ever! Complete with a custom rocks glass, a flask, and even a bowtie, this amazing gift set has it all. It even comes with a customizable card so that you can choose the style that fits you or your groomsmen the best! Your soon-to-be groomsmen will be so touched that you got them such a thoughtful and impressive gift that they certainly won’t refuse to be part of your wedding.

Beer Mugs for Everyone

Custom Beer Mugs for Groomsmen Set of Five

Sometimes, the best gifts for groomsmen are matching ones! That’s certainly the case with these awesome custom beer mugs, which all of your groomsmen will enjoy whether they use them for beer or soda. With plenty of room for a thick head of foam, your groomsmen can enjoy the fullest flavor possible from these amazing beer mugs. Plus, with each one engraved with their name, title, and the date of your wedding, making these mugs the coolest keepsake to remind them of your awesome wedding.

The Best Groomsmen Gift Ever for Your Best Man

Engraved Beer Ammo Can Set

How badass is this ammo can gift set? Perfect for your best man, this incredible gift set is the best way to thank your best bro for being by your side on the most important day of your life. He will be in awe of the personalized pint glasses, stoked to try out the cool bottle opener made from a bullet, and will appreciate having such a nice new pocket knife to add to his daily essentials. This awesome gift set is great for giving to your best man to ask him to be part of your wedding or to give him after the ceremony as a thank you gift for everything he did to ensure your special day went smoothly.


Make Sure Your Groomsmen Are Well Groomed

Harry's Travel Shaving Kit with Toiletry Bag

One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give your best man or all of your groomsmen is a shaving kit! This Harry’s travel kit has everything a guy needs to look his best on your wedding day: a razor, shaving cream, post-shave balm, face lotion, and even extra razor blades and a nice toiletry bag to hold everything in. Ideal for a destination wedding, your groomsmen can easily take this travel-sized kit with them to your wedding and everywhere else they go until they need to refill the products because they’ll love them so much!

Badass Groomsmen Gifts They’ll Never Forget

Personalized Whiskey Glasses with Bullet Whiskey Stones

Are these the best gifts for groomsmen or what? One look at these bullet whiskey stones and your friends will definitely agree to be your groomsmen! They will love using their new custom whiskey glasses to enjoy a relaxing drink after a long day, and they’ll especially enjoy having an extra one to offer you a drink whenever you come over. Your groomsmen will never want to use ice in their drinks again after trying out these awesome whiskey stones, that’s for sure!

Practical Groomsmen Gifts

Best Groomsmen Gift Ever Custom Grilling Tools

Want to give your groomsmen gifts they’ll actually use? Then these personalized grilling tools are perfect! Your entire wedding party will be so excited to try out their new BBQ tools that they’ll want to have a big cookout together right away. Your groomsmen will enjoy using these awesome tools even after the wedding because not only are they practical but they will love seeing their names personalized on the case. 

A Custom Watch is the Best Groomsmen Gift Ever

Best Gifts for Groomsmen Set of Five Personalized Watches

These handsome wooden watches are some of the most unique groomsmen gifts you can give! Not only will they look fantastic in your wedding photos, but the personalization is on the back of the watches so that they’re still great gifts your groomsmen can wear even after the wedding. You can give these watches to your groomsmen just before you all walk down the aisle, at the rehearsal dinner the night before, or even when you ask them to be your groomsmen. 

Give Your Groomsmen Something Fun

Poker Set with Custom Case

Finally, an excuse to start up a poker night every week with your bros! With a set for each groomsman, you all can take turns for who is hosting. These custom poker sets are great groomsmen gifts to give out at your bachelor party or the reception so that they can start up a game of Blackjack or Seven Card Stud as soon as they open them. By your first anniversary, you all might be pro poker players!

Make Sure Your Wedding Party is Dressed to the Nines

Silk Tie and Cufflinks Set with Tie Clips

What should groomsmen gifts be? They can be something fun that they’ll use outside of the wedding, or they can be a thoughtful accessory that they can wear to the ceremony and have one less thing they need to worry about buying! By getting your groomsmen this tie gift set, they not only get the tie in the right color to match your theme, but they also get a pair of matching cufflinks and tie clips, too! This way, you can ensure that your groomsmen are all dressed their best, match the colors, and have one less part of their attire to get.

The Best Gifts for Groomsmen Who Love the Outdoors

Manly Personalized Ammo Can Gift Set for Groomsmen

How awesome is this ammo can gift set? Perfect for the groomsmen who love the outdoors and all things manly, everything in this set is badass from the hatchet to the ammo can that was once used by the US military. Your groomsmen can take their entire gift sets on a hunting trip, to the shooting range, or to a campground as everything in the set is sure to come in handy. This set can also be a great best man gift or even a gift for the father of the bride!


A Whiskey Gift Set for Each Groomsman

Best Gifts for Groomsmen Set of Five Whiskey Gift Sets

Go all out for your best bros by getting them their own unique whiskey gift sets! Each groomsman gets a personalized rocks glass along with a matching personalized box set of whiskey stones with accessories like tongs and a travel pouch. Now, thanks to the best groomsmen gifts ever, your bros can enjoy the perfect glass of whiskey every time they feel like a drink. With a set of five, you can get your groomsmen their gifts all at once!

Classy Groomsman Proposal Gift Set

Cigar Box Gift Set with Custom Groomsman Proposal Card

Not sure how to ask your bros to be your groomsmen? Let your gift do it for you! This classy cigar box gift set has a personalized card, a couple of cigar accessories, a bowtie to wear to the wedding, and additional room to put something of your choice such as a few stogies or a liquor bottle like in the photo or their favorite candy! Bonus: the wooden box that holds everything is actually a cigar humidor! Your friends will love that you went the extra mile to get them a cool gift as a way to ask them to be your groomsmen.

An Impressive Best Man Gift

Best Groomsmen Gift Ever Personalized Decanter Set

Are you looking for a nicer gift for your best man? He’s been by your side as your best friend for years, after all, and now he’s going to be by your side on your wedding day as your number one supporter! He deserves a great gift, like this personalized three-piece decanter set. With his name on the entire set, it will be the perfect centerpiece for his home bar, dining room, or man cave. He’ll be sure to offer you a drink from this classy decanter set every time you come over as a way to show his gratitude for such a great gift.

Fun Socks for Everyone

Rock Em Socks Avengers Socks

Give your groomsmen a fun addition to their wedding day attire with some nerdy socks! Your groomsmen can all wear socks with their favorite superhero on them, a sports team, a crazy pattern, or even some with your face on them! This fun, goofy part of their wardrobe will be great for taking pictures and will serve as a subtle nod to your friendship, especially if you wear some fun socks as well! Rock ‘Em Socks has plenty of cool, wacky, and unique socks to fit your groomsmen or your wedding theme.

Any Groomsman Would Love a Custom Pocket Knife

Engraved Pocket Knife with Gift Box

As far as the best gifts for groomsmen go, custom pocket knives are definitely some of the top gift ideas! Guys love pocket knives, after all, and a personalized one makes it an even more unique gift. This handsome gentleman’s knife also comes with a custom wooden gift box that your groomsmen can store the knife in for safekeeping, or use it instead to keep cigars or other small items.


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