13 Must Have New Dad Gifts

13 Must Have New Dad Gifts

So the baby is here, or soon will be, and it’s time to get a few gifts for the parents. While shopping for the mother may be easy (who doesn’t love the ease of picking from a registry?), shopping for new dad gifts can be a bit of a challenge. You may wonder what makes a good gift for new dads? How do you choose a gift for a new father? How much should you spend on his gift? Leave all your worries behind, because we’ve done some research, and found that the following list of 13 must have gifts are a cut above.

1. Whiskey Glasses and Liquor Decanters for Dad- Personalized Box Sets with Purpose

Decanter and Whiskey Glass Set Must Have New Dad Gifts

Does the idea of drinking out of a custom engraved whiskey glass that has been filled from a matching decanter appeal to the new dad in your life? If so, then we strongly recommend looking for a complete whiskey glass gift box set that can be personalized with his name and some details regarding what makes him special. Don’t forget to toss-in some whiskey stones as an added bonus, because drinking warm or watered-down whiskey is rarely a good thing.

2. Personalized Cutting Boards- for the New Dad Who Loves His Kitchen

Personalized Cutting Board Gift Idea for New Dads

If there’s a new baby in the house, chances are the dad is doing most of the cooking. Help the man out by giving him a personalized cutting board that illustrates his role in the relationship, as the best dad imaginable. We suggest searching for a cutting board that illustrates this fact in permanently engraved form, and go with one that is made out of something other than bamboo. Acacia wood cutting boards make great gift ideas for new dads, and once paired with a bottle of cutting board oil makes for one very handsome present.

3. Custom Wooden Signs- New Dad Gift for His Man Cave

Best Dad Beer Cap Wooden Wall Art

If he’s an expecting father, chances are the guy already has a man cave staked-out somewhere in the house, where he can have a beer and escape from all the madness. Help give the new dad down the street a fresh piece of wall decor that is unlike anything else around. Carved from some of the best birch wood in America, this bottle cap wooden sign is one of the coolest must have gifts for new dads, and will hold up to 24 bottle caps.

4. Stainless Steel Growler Gift Sets- for Dads Who Love Beer, But Hate Broken Glass

Monogrammed Stainless Steel Growler Gift Set for Fathers

This next must have new dad gift was a discovery that demanded to be put on our little cheat sheet. Engineered with double-walled stainless steel and a vacuum-sealed center for superior insulation, the metal growler portion of this gift set is a latching beast of a liquid transit vessel. The included metal pint glasses are just as stoutly designed and come engraved to match, and once paired with a set of coasters make for  great gift ideas for new dads.

5. Liquor Glass Gift Box Sets- Personalized Products for Guys Who Enjoy Good Whiskey

Whiskey Decanter and Rocks Glasses Gift Set for Guys

New dads have a stressful job, working and helping with that new baby. Get him something he can enjoy when he’s taking a break. This set includes four engraved whiskey glasses, a decanter that holds at least 23-ounces, and an etched wooden box that sports a fun design down the front for that extra touch. Be sure to add a set of whiskey stones, a bottle of his favorite liquor, and some cool coasters to make this glass whiskey gift set for new dads feel complete.

6. Personalized Outdoor Grill Plaques- Because Even With a New Baby, Dads Love to Cook BBQ

BBQ Grilling Outdoor Sign

Has he always been the kind of guy who would sooner throw something on the grill than fire-up the oven? Men like this live to barbecue, and deserve gifts that personify this fact. Great gift ideas for new dads like a personal plaque with his name on it and all-weather outdoor resilience beneath are a fitting tribute to the men who love to cook BBQ. We really dig the timeless look of this particular personalized outdoor grill plaque, and that it is made from recycled aluminum for a lightweight, rust-free lifespan.




7. Beeropoly Board Game- Hilarious Beer Fun for the New Dad and His Friends

Beeropoly Board Game Must Have New Dad Gifts

Having a newborn in the house means that going out is completely out of the question. Get that him to turn off the TV, and play a round of “Beeropoly” instead! This is one of those exclusive gifts that is designed to offer hilarious fun for anyone who loves drinking games and beer. Cut from real wood and filled with creative party rules, this board game for beer drinkers is one of the best must have gifts we’ve ever encountered.

8. Track Driving School- Cause Daddy Needs to Go Fast

Race Car on Track

Giving new dad gifts that focus on experiences instead of material possessions is a really fun way to help men forget the stress of having a kid and cut loose for a weekend. We strongly suggest looking toward a well-known organization and track like the Skip Barber Racing School, which features 1,2, and 3 day training sessions. Just make sure that you offer to buy the man a beer when he’s done because he’s going to need one!

9. Personalized Cornhole Bean Bag Sets

Personalized Bean Bag Cornhole Set

Has the kid’s dad always been the competitive type, especially when it comes to leisure sports? Help him impress everyone at the next tailgate party or outdoor barbecue party by giving the new dad on the block a personalized cornhole set. Bean bags, cold beer, and a pair of custom engraved wooden boards with latches for safe transportation make this one of our favorite great gift ideas for new dads.

10. Beer Steins and Bar Signs- for the Dad Who Loves a European Pub

Beer Sign and Giant Glass German Stein Gift Set for Dad


Who doesn’t love an all-in-one gift set? Let the beer lover with a penchant for the pub know you care with a monogrammed German beer stein with his initial on it, and a bar sign that has been personalized with all manner of detail. Distinctly European in design, and made sturdy by real birch wood and heavy glass, this duo of pub staples is ideal for dads of all types.

11. Unique Crystal Decanters- Must Have Gifts for the Father With Particular Taste

Spiral Crystal Decanter

Is glass not good enough for the man of the house? Does his wet bar feature all manner of exclusive accouterment and rare liquor? Make the man with distinguished taste grin with glee by handing him a decanter that has been crafted out of the world’s finest crystal. A few of our favorite accents on this version include its ability to have both the initial and the name of the new dad etched into the front of his crystal spiral decanter, and how it will hold a heft 30.4-ounces of alcohol. Make this new dad gift idea feel complete by adding some genuine crystal Glencairn whiskey glasses to make a full set.

12. Beer Gift Sets- Help That New Dad Make the Most of the Weekend

Bear Beer Deer Gift Set for Guys

With the weekend almost on top of us, and with all the baby time that new dad is going to be itching to get out of the house, there’s only obvious option: It’s brewery time! Beer lovers are going to flip over this gift set for ale and lager fanatics, which comes complete with a funny bear/deer hat with integrated bottle opener, growler with his initials, and matching pint glasses for when you both get home and want to try that brewski you just bought.

13. Italian Globe Wet Bars- Old World Style

Italian Bar Globe

Has he always needed a wet bar but never got around to building one? Well now that he’s a new dad that definitely won’t be happening for a while. Jumpstart that obsession with classic bar love by presenting that freshly minted dad with an Italian globe wet bar. These make for a pretty cool gift idea if the guy in question is into old world looks and has always wanted an integrated design that hides his favorite bottles of liquor. If space is an issue there are smaller sizes for sale as well, so be sure to check those out too.




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