27 Magnificent Mens Gift Baskets

There is nothing quite like getting a whole set of gifts at one time, especially for guys. A lot of times, dads, brothers, or husbands at best will get one kind of cool gift at a time, maybe. Well, no more! You’ve taken the initiative to find him the ultimate gift ideas, mens gift baskets! These cool gift sets come with a whole collection of gifts he can use on their own or together and are all about him! Now, since he is a man, that doesn’t mean these have to be wicker gift baskets by any means. Instead, your gift basket for men can come in many forms, from a luxury, high-quality box to a badass ammo can, the possibilities are endless! Start your search here for the gift basket that will make your guy say, “Wow!”

Uncommon Gift Basket for Uncommon Men

Personalized Decanter Mens Gift Baskets

Men do not necessarily need a typical gift basket. Instead, one that comes inside a wooden box that they can feel the grain on as they slide their hands to the lid will be one that invokes far more excitement. When they open up their personalized gift, they’ll find this is in fact, one of the coolest mens gift baskets they could have ever wanted! Now, they’ve got a badass decanter set as well as the coolest keepsake boxes they could’ve ever imagined!

Badass Mens Gift Baskets

Wine Tumbler Gift Set

A gift basket for men should be as badass as they are. Nothing makes a man feel cooler than when he gets a thoughtful gift from someone special who thinks he is deserving of something as cool as this blackout stainless steel wine tumbler gift set! You can even tell him that you think he’s as indestructible as the glasses that come with it! Perfect for wine and cocktails alike, you can be sure this set will never leave his side once he opens it!

A Box Set with All the Gifts

Engraved Beer Tasting Gift Basket for Men

Know a guy who seems hard to nail down with just one gift? That is when mens gift baskets become the perfect present! Give him more than just one gift, give him something that keeps on giving, like this beer tasting set! He’ll love that he gets to experience all the subtle flavors and aromas he never knew existed in his favorite brews thanks being able to drink them from the glass they were always meant for! For a beer-lover, could there even be a better gift out there?

One of the Sharpest Gift Basket for Men Around

Custom Ammo Can with Hatchet Knife and Cigar Flask

It can’t be a list about getting the most magnificent mens gift baskets without including some awesome sharp stuff! Guys love rough and tough gifts. So, when a gift basket comes with a knife, hatchet, a cigar flask, and has been wrapped up in a personalized ammo can? This gift set might just bring a tear to the eye of even the most manly of men.

His Most Personal Whiskey Experience Yet

Whiskey Brand Decanter Set Gift Basket

Sometimes, the best gift baskets to give him are ones that revolve around a very specific theme. Instead of getting something for him to snack on or simply a basket with a few gifts, give him something unique, like this set that makes him feel like he owns his own whiskey brand! This personalized set makes it seem like he’s been in the distilling business for years, and when he gets to enjoy his first sip of whiskey from his new set, he’ll feel like he truly is the proprietor of his own American based whiskey brand!


A Gift Basket for Sophisticated Men

Executive Gift Basket for Men

Mens gift baskets are a great way to shape a whole gift. Some can be about whiskey brands, while others can make him feel like a refined, successful man, just like this classy gift basket! This gift is all about having a refined, classy experience. From reading a success story while burning his new candle to munching on some popcorn, this is a gift experience he is sure to never forget!

Make Him Smug with Personalized Mugs

Custom Mug Gift Set for Men

Shopping for a manly man? What about a guy that just loves beer? Or, do the two even have to be mutually exclusive? Regardless, what man wouldn’t love getting a unique gift basket like this set of beer mugs engraved just for him? Throw in a few of his favorite brews, this way when he opens up this awesome set on his birthday, the holidays, or his anniversary, he can fill both mugs to make sure that one glass isn’t slightly better as he enjoys his new gift set!

Why Would You Not DIY?

DIY Gift Basket for Men

Make your gift basket for men as personal as possible by getting an engraved gift box to fill with his favorite liquor, photos, small trinkets or anything else you know he will love. Your gifts fill the box will make this one of the most personal gifts he’s ever gotten, making his name engraved on the top the icing on the cake that takes this straight from a good to a great gift for him!

Wine You Are Looking for the Perfect Gift

Engraved Stemless Wine Glass Gift Set

One of the coolest things you can do with a gift basket for men is to update his wine glass collection! Sure, he has a few glasses laying around, but any fan of wine will love getting this oaky box that has some of the most modern, coolest looking glasses he’s ever seen! He’ll love serving up wine on date nights or when he has guests over and getting to use these sleek glasses that have his name on them!

Small Mens Gift Baskets Can Pack a Punch

Flask and Cocktail Glass Box Set

Not every gift basket for him has to be one of the largest boxes you can find crammed full of gifts. Instead, get him something a bit smaller, more budget-friendly, but still packs just as great of a gift-giving punch! There is nothing cooler than getting a gift that ensures he can always have at least part of it on him. He’ll slip the flask in his jacket pocket as soon as he flips the lid of his box, and when you add in a few small bottles of booze inside, he’ll toast you to yet another great birthday or anniversary gift!

A Sweet and Savory Gift

Snack Gift Basket for Men

Guys tend to have insatiable appetites. However, if you’re getting a gift basket for him, you definitely won’t be wanting to fill it with something cheap. Instead, give him gourmet snacks like these caramels or pecans that you know he will just love! These are so tasty, it’ll likely be the first time you’ve ever seen him stop and savor his food.

This is Crystal Clearly One of the Best Mens Gift Baskets

Engraved Decanter and Crystal Glencairn Box Set

A gift basket for men is a great opportunity to make him feel like a million bucks, with just one gift! The best part? You don’t need to spend a million dollars either! He’ll feel like the luckiest man in the world when he’s able to taste his finest whiskeys and scotches form this decanter gift set. Especially with the engraved decanter and crystal glasses, he’ll never have seen such a classy, manly gift basket!

The Perfect Gift For Life’s Smaller Occasions

Cigar Box and Knife Set

Got a small occasion coming up but still want to give something cool and unique? How about this cigar box with his own personalized knife? This is the ideal stocking stuffer or six-month anniversary gift to give! Every guy will love having a gift set that they can bring with them everywhere they go!

Prepare Him to Battle Any Thirst

Custom Ammo Can with Pint Glasses

Ensure that he is always ready to go to battle with his favorite brew with a personalized ammo can that comes with his own pint glasses and bottle opener! When he’s been armed with this gift basket for men, there will be no stopping him when he gets a thirst for his favorite beer!

The Ultimate Wine Gift for Him

Wine Tool Box

Not every gift basket has to look like it has been filled to the bring and is overflowing with gifts. In fact, taking the time to make a gift look refined and classy can go a long way, which is what makes this gift basket for men one of the most unique but easily gifted presents you can find! Complete with all the tools needed to enjoy a good Merlot or Cabernet, this wine toolbox only needs the bottle and your gift is good to go! Make giving a gift to the man you care about a breeze with a set that is personal but requires little effort!


A Gift for the Classiest of Men

Classy Mens Gift Baskets

Mens gift baskets should be about going above and beyond for the guy you are shopping for. Whether this is a gift for a major anniversary or even his birthday, you should really make sure your gift basket spoils him. There simply isn’t a better way to give him a little bit of everything with one gift that this classy man’s gift box set! It has snacks, coasters, a catchall, pens, even paintbrushes! The box would burst if you tried adding anything more to this gift!

A Fully Immersive Experience Mens Gift Basket

Custom Whiskey Glass Gift Basket for Men

Open this man up to a whole new world of whiskey tasting when you hook him up with one of the coolest mens gift baskets he’ll have seen, let alone owned! With his name engraved on each piece, you’ll have to pick his jaw off the floor when he sees that he has every kind of whiskey glass he could ever want! Now, whether he wants an old-fashioned, a neat glass of scotch, a drink on the rocks, or even some cognac on a cold night, he’s got it! Whether he was a whiskey novice before or had aspirations of becoming an aficionado, with this set, he’ll be on the fast track to becoming the local expert!

For Any and All of His Vices

Whiskey and Cigar Custom Ammo Can Gift Basket

A collection of gifts that he can enjoy at any time and anywhere always makes for a great gift basket. This ammo can is one of the manliest, most badass gift baskets he could ever imagine getting. Thanks to the custom ammo can, he can even enjoy this gift when he is on the move too. He can fill it with rounds for the range, use it as a tackle when he goes fishing, or even as a place to store his cigars when he’s home. What other gift basket is that versatile?

A Sentimental Sophisticated Gift

Custom Whiskey Stone Set for Men

Make your upcoming occasion special with a gift basket for him he’ll absolutely love. Whether it is just because or you have an anniversary, he won’t be able to wait to toast you once he unwraps his new favorite gift basket ever! This whiskey stone set comes with everything he needs to have a perfectly chilled-drink at the end of the day, or with you at the end of a marvelous date night!

A Basket for His Beer

Custom Growler Gift Basket with Pint Glasses

Got a guy who simply can’t get enough of beer? While a set of his favorite beer or a few craft brews may be cool, a full growler gift basket for men is a way cooler gift. Now, he will never run out of his microbrews when he is at home! You can even top off his growler with his favorite local brew, this way he gets to enjoy how awesome this gift truly is as soon as he gets it!

The Obvious Gift for His Office

Office Gift Basket

Not every gift needs to be about relaxing and unwinding. In fact, this gift set is all about making him more efficient and more comfortable in the office. So, what’s so great about a work gift? He gets to use this set at least 5 days a week! He’ll be able to see your gift each time he takes a sip from his tumbler, enjoys his chocolate, or even enjoys some gum while he is at his desk. Be unique with a gift he will never see coming with this desk gift basket!

One of the Rarest Mens Gift Baskets

Whiskey Stone Mens Gifts Baskets

Men love to feel unique, and the only thing that makes them feel more unique than being declared “Ultra Rare.” Share a drink out of his new favorite gift set as a way to have a toast toward his awesomeness! Can a gift basket for men really get cooler than this? Make Father’s Day or his birthday one to remember when you give him a gift that is just so good!

Bring Him His Brewery

Custom Brewery Pint Glass Gift Basket

A dream of many men is to own their own brewery someday. They can’t wait to spend hours smelling, mixing, and mashing hops to create the ultimate beer, just for them. Now, while for some this may come true, not everyone has the time. So give him the next best thing with a mens gift baskets that make him feel like he is the head of his own craft brewery! Who knows, this may even be the first step toward him brewing his own beer at home!

For the On the Move Man

Engaved Gift Basket for Men on the Move

Not in the market for a giant gift basket for men? How about something neat and cool that lets him bring his gifts with him everywhere he goes? This gift set is perfect for the traveling man who could use a little pick me up when he is out on the road or deep in the woods!

Beer-Lover Gift Basket for Men

Personalized Beer Gift Basket for Men

The opposite of the previous gift, this gift basket goes all out! It ensures that the man who loves beer has everything he could ever need to enjoy a brew when the time comes! Outfit him with a gift basket that ensures when he cracks a beer open he is ready to go! Snacks, check. Glasses, check. Bottle opener, check. Just add beer and you’ve got a gift that no man can refuse!

A Basket for His Beard

Shaving Gift Basket

A clean shave can never be overrated. Replace his boring shaving cream and balms with an old-school set up that is sure to have his face silky smooth after each use! With shaving oils, creams, and aftercare, he has everything he’ll need to look good for his date night with you or to look sharp for that big meeting with his boss!

DIY Gift Basket for Him

Custom Gift Box

You’re still here? You didn’t quite find the gift basket you were looking for? Then use this personalized gift box to create your own! Using this awesome wooden box allows you to create the coolest, manliest gift basket for him that is filled with all of his favorite stuff! You could fill this up with some sports gifts, video games, or anything else he may love!