27 Incredibly Fun Groomsman Gifts

27 Incredibly Fun Groomsman Gifts

UPDATED: Jan 5, 2023

Check Out These Fun Groomsman Gifts:

The wedding is such a fun time for the groom, after all, his dreams are coming true! He is getting a beautiful ceremony, delicious food, a fantastic honeymoon. However, he would never have made it to the altar without the help of his groomsmen. So, make the groomsman gifts something unforgettable! These are items to make the bachelor party fun, useful items for the reception, or keepsakes they’ll want to hold onto forever. Don’t just make your wedding memorable for yourself, make your groomsmen feel just as special as the bride with any of these amazing groomsmen gifts!

Every Groomsman Needs a Whiskey Glass

Groomsmen Whiskey Glass

Start things off with what has to be one of the most universally accepted groomsman gifts out there, a personalized whiskey glass! After all, if you know your groomsmen like you know you do, there are going to be endless toasts between the bachelor party until you finally say, “I do,” on the altar (and there will definitely be more at the reception). So, no matter when you decide to give your best friends one of these awesome engraved glasses, you can be sure they are going to get a ton of use out of it.

Fun Groomsman Gifts for Grilling

BBQ Tools are Fun Groomsman Gifts

Because groomsmen are men, after all, there is no way each one won’t be stunned when they get their hands on a custom set of bamboo grill tools. Whether you’ve got a BBQ-themed bachelor party, an army of groomsmen who plan on cooking for your reception, or you simply know they will love using these at home after the ceremonies are all of a sudden done.

Top-Shelf Beer Mug Box Set

Custom Beer Mug Set of Groomsman Gifts

There is no manlier way for you to be congratulated on being married than with a toast from a beer mug. However, you can do better than just a single mug as a gift. Instead, make sure your groomsman gifts are just as classy looking as they are in their tuxes with this gorgeously engraved beer mug box set. Aside from feeling like a bunch of Vikings each time they clink their glasses together, they’ll also have this gift box which is perfect for storing mementos or photos from the bachelor party or wedding. Talk about a great groomsmen gift!

Explosive Groomsman Gifts

Grenade Bottle Opener for Groomsmen

Pull the pin on giving fun groomsman gifts with these custom bottle opener frag grenades! There is no guy out there who won’t have a blast popping the top off a few cold ones with these unique bottle openers. Just be prepared for a night of explosive grenade puns!

Custom Groomsman Gift Box

Custom Groomsman Gift Box Set

Sometimes, it is just as hard to ask someone to be your groomsmen as it is to find the ultimate gift. So, why not kill two birds with one stone? This personalized groomsmen gift box not only asks them to be in your wedding party with a classy card, but it also gives them everything they’ll need to be the best groomsman ever! Thanks to the flask and rocks glass, toasting the groom will be as easy as putting on their included bow tie before the wedding!

Map Out Your Groomsmen’s Adventure

USA Beer Cap Map Gift for Groomsmen

Groomsmen do not always live in the same city or even the same state. Have your groomsmen walk away from your wedding with an incredibly unique gift with this beer cap map of the United States! While they could fill it with any beer caps they want, you could have each groomsman bring a six-pack of microbrews from their region of the country so everyone can fill out a map with beer from unique breweries each representing a groomsman.

Arm Them with the Most Fun Groomsman Gifts

Engraved Ammo Can Set of Groomsman Gifts

You wouldn’t send a troop of soldiers into battle without their rifles, ammo, food, and water would you? So, why would you do that to your best friends? Make sure your groomsmen are ready for anything that comes their way with this personalized United States military ammo can that has everything they could ever need as groomsmen. A cigar flask, whiskey glasses, even a cigar cutter. With these gifts in tow, there is nothing that could stop them from having a legendarily good time!


A Gift to Steer Them in the Right Direction

Etched Compass Gift Box

Give a memorable, yet fun, groomsman gift with an etched compass gift box. These sentimental items are perfect keepsakes that they can keep in their office, man cave, or on their mantle but are also functional! Have a groomsman scavenger hunt, hike, or take them anywhere and they’ll be able to find their way home!

Engraved Rocks Glass Gift Set

Custom Whiskey Sphere Rocks Glass

Remember earlier when there was this badass glass suggested for your groomsmen? Yeah, if you liked that check out this whiskey sphere that comes with an equally cool glass! Now though, when handing out awesome gifts to your groomsmen, they’ll also be able to keep their drinks perfectly chilled without being diluted like when an ice cube melts. These are perfect for the bachelor party or the reception since your groomsmen may set their drink down for a while and no one wants to come back to a watery drink.

The Toughest Tumbler Set for Groomsmen

Wine Tumbler Set of Fun Groomsman Gifts

You’ve enlisted the help of your groomsmen because they’re some of the toughest guys you know, right? Well, make sure that your gifts are just as tough with these personalized stainless steel wine tumblers. Aside from being nearly indestructible, they’re also great at keeping their drinks chill for hours while looking badass thanks to their blackout style!

For the Love of the Game

Custom Football for Groomsmen

There will be no better way to ask a guy to be in your wedding party than with footballs as one of the most fun groomsman gifts! Simply take them out back for a game of catch or start tossing these personalized footballs out during a game of 500, this way you can ask your groomsmen in a fun and memorable way.

Take a Shot with Flask Groomsman Gifts

Shotgun Shell Flask is Unique Groomsmen Gift

Give them the coolest way to enjoy a shot of whiskey at the wedding for a bit of celebration or as liquid courage with an engraved shotgun shell flask! While the novelty of these is awesome, they’ll be super appreciative of such a useful groomsmen gift, especially when you hand them out already topped off with some premium liquor inside!

Everything a Groomsman Could Need

Decanter and Sign Groomsman Gifts Set

Want to truly hook your best friends up? Look no further than this custom, ultimate decanter gift set! What makes it so good? Well, aside from the sign, decanter, and glasses, you’re also making it look like they’ve got their own whiskey brand thanks to the custom design. This is a gift they’ll surely never forget since they’ll use this set to decorate their man cave or living room!

They’re You’re Super Heroes

Avengers Socks are Fun Groomsman Gifts

Groomsmen assemble! Make your wedding day a lot more fun with these creative Avengers socks that take a little bit of the seriousness off of your big day while still having all your groomsmen look as classy as ever.

A Box Set of Fun Groomsman Gifts

Engraved Beer Mug and Watch Case Gift Set

Ensure that your groomsmen are both equipped to look their best for pictures as well as ready to celebrate with you when you get them this beer mug and watch case gift set. From the awesome mug to the custom sunglasses, these fun groomsmen gifts will have them feeling like you’ve gotten them everything but a tux to have them ready for the wedding!


Personalized Bullet Bottle Openers

Custom Bullet Bottle Openers for Groomsmen

Want something a little bit more simple than these larger groomsman gifts? Get creative with these engraved .50 caliber beer bottle openers. These are made out of actual bullets giving them an authentic feel. But your groomsmen will love having these unique groomsman gifts in their pockets and showing them off the next time they need to crack open a cold one.

Fine Time for a Groomsman Beer Stein

Classy Groomsman Beer Stein

There are few groomsman gifts out there as time-honored as a beer stein. These custom gifts are a fantastic way to not only give them something that helps them celebrate with you but also a keepsake. Steins are one of the classiest manliest looking gifts that they can show off on their mantle or home bar but still easily use the next time they’re feeling the need for a drink of their favorite brew.

The Coolest Beer Bottle Opener

Butterfly Knife Bottle Opener

Never have them without a bottle opener again by getting them a sweet butterfly knife beer bottle opener. Just as functional as a regular butterfly knife, they can even learn the sweet and flashy tricks balisong knives are famous for but without the risk of cutting themselves.

Mark Their Spot in the House

Rustic Wooden Man Cave Sign

While gifts that help them party with you at the bachelor party or at the reception are great, a personalized man cave sign is a gift they’ll never forget. With the year of your wedding as the date, each time they look up from the games they’re playing or project they’re working on, they’ll think about the great time they had as your groomsman!

A Badass Groomsman Gift

Skull Decanter Groomsmen Gift Idea

Get ahead of the game of giving awesome groomsmen gifts with this epic skull decanter! What guy wouldn’t love having this in their living room or home bar to show off their favorite liquor? Whether they’re a sucker for Halloween-themed gifts or just love badass decor, you know you simply can’t go wrong with this decanter as a way to get your groomsmen’s “heads,” in the game!

Legendary Groomsmen Gift Set

Hatchet Whiskey Groomsmen Gift Box

The men you have chosen to be there next to you on your big day are of course legendary. They’ve done the smallest of favors and as well as the largest of honors. Do the best you can to thank them for always being the badasses they are with this mythically good whiskey hatchet box set. Engraved with their name, they’ll know you went to a lot of trouble to get them a functional as well as a sentimental groomsmen gift!

Bet on These Poker Gifts

Embossed Poker Groomsman Gifts Set

Getting your groomsmen in a good mood isn’t all fun and games, wait it sort of is . . . Instead of sweating how well the party will go, simply hand out these embossed poker gift sets as your groomsman gifts and you’ll be blown away at how fast they all start a massive game of Texas Hold ’Em or Blackjack!

Take a Shot at These Fun Groomsman Gifts

Rifle Decanter Whiskey Set for Groomsmen

Take a shot at your best friends with this awesome set of fun groomsman gifts! They’ll love the bullet whiskey glasses as well as the rifle decanter. What better way will there be for them to remember your wedding than each time they take a shot? It’ll be like they’re toasting you and your bride each time they use this gift, even years later!

The DOPP Bag They’ve Always Needed

Leather DOPP Kit

Ensure that your groomsmen are ready to go the day of your wedding with a monogrammed DOPP kit. Whether you just hand them the bag or you fill it up with a few razors, pomades, waxes, or deodorants, these bags will be a great way for them to have everything they need to look their best when they stand beside you on the aisle.

Golf Groomsman Gifts

Golf Gifts for Groomsmen

While getting custom golf balls or a few free rounds on the green may seem like the ultimate groomsmen gift, this custom sign with golf accessories is truly the set of groomsman gifts you are looking for. Hand these out before tee-off so they can put the signs in the car before hanging them up but they’ll immediately take the tag and divot tool out on the green with them. Better still, if a few of the groomsmen don’t know each other, what better way is there for them to get to know one another than a game of golf?

Beer Holster

Leather Beer Bottle Holster

Keep your groomsmen fast on the draw with this leather beer bottle holster. Whether they place their open beer here ready for an immediate sip of their favorite brew or they have the safety on (the cap still on the bottle), they’ll be ready for an impromptu beer at any moment!

A Shaker for Endless Cocktails

Giant Cocktail Shaker

Have all your groomsmen laughing maniacally when you hand each one a massively oversized cocktail shaker! While it may seem like it is all fun and games, these make fantastic groomsmen gifts. After all, what is better than making one cocktail and being good to drink for the next 110 ounces without having to mix another drink?


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