17 Incredible Birthday Gifts for the Dad Who Has Everything

17 Incredible Birthday Gifts for the Dad Who Has Everything

UPDATED: Jan 18, 2023

Check Out These Awesome Birthday Gifts for the Dad Who Has Everything:

More often than not, dad is the kind of guy who is always hard to buy gifts for. His birthday is coming up and you want to get him something, but he insists that he doesn’t need anything! So what would be the best birthday gift for dad who has everything? Something unique, personal, and something he would never buy for himself. Don’t be afraid to go all out and get him something totally awesome, he’ll be super impressed with whatever you buy him! Looking for birthday gifts for the husband who has everything, too? You’re in the right place. Remember: it’s the thought that counts! His birthday will be the best one yet thanks to your amazing, unforgettable gift. So, sit back, relax, and scroll on as you check out these awesome birthday gifts for dad!

The Best Cigar-Themed Birthday Gifts for the Dad Who Has Everything

Cigar Birthday Gift for the Dad Who Has Everything

Dad is the kind of guy who enjoys a nice glass of scotch on the rocks and a freshly cut stogie after a long day at work. It’s been his routine throughout the work week for as long as you can remember, so much so that you associate the scent of cigars with him. He’s a classy guy, but you never know what to get him for his birthday. This year, instead of just a bottle of his favorite whiskey and a pack of stogies, you’re getting him the ultimate cigar birthday gift for dad who has everything! Combined with your usual gifts, he’ll also have an awesome monogrammed whiskey glass that holds his cigar, a set of whiskey stones to chill his scotch, and handy cigar accessories he always needs. He can use the monogrammed wooden gift box to store his cigars in, his watch collection, or anything else he wants! Thanks to your awe-inspiring birthday gift, he’ll be able to relax even better than ever before.

Now He Can Practice Golfing Anywhere

Portable Putter Set

During golf season, you always know where to find your dad: on the putting green. The rest of the year, you often hear him lament about how he wishes he could go golfing or have his own personal course so that he could enjoy his favorite hobby whenever he wanted to. You might not be able to get him an actual golf course, but you can certainly help him out! This portable golf set is by far one of the most impressive birthday gifts for the dad who has everything.  He can use the set in his office at work to practice his putts on his lunch break, take to his buddy’s house and they can take turns honing their skills, or just enjoy at home whenever he likes. He will become a better golfer than ever, and will certainly never be bored again thanks to this amazing gift!

The Manliest Birthday Gift for Dad Who Has Everything

Manly Birthday Gifts for the Dad Who Has Everything

Is your father an outdoorsy kind of guy? Whenever you don’t know where he is in the house, you can always find him out in the backyard tending the garden or out front pulling weeds. When it comes to getting him a birthday gift, you never know what to get him because he always claims that he has everything he needs. You try to get him a new tool or something decorative for the yard, but you want to get him something he’ll really enjoy. How about a manly ammo can set that comes with beer glasses, a hatchet, and a flask? Any outdoorsy dad would love this awesome gift set! The hatchet is sure to come in handy when he’s trimming trees, and he’ll never go outside without his trusty new flask that’s full of his favorite whiskey. When he’s done with yard work, he’ll come inside and enjoy a cold beer in his personalized pint glasses. He’ll love using the ammo can set to store his ammunition, tools, camping gear, or anything else he wants to keep safe and secure. All of the useful items in this set makes it one of the best birthday gifts for the dad who has everything!

A Fun Game He Can Play with the Family

Custom Wooden Cornhole Set

What do you get as a birthday gift for the husband who has everything? An experience with the ones he loves. Well, it’s a gift, too, but it’s best enjoyed with family and friends! Bean bag toss or Cornhole is a classic game that’s been around for years. Easy to play and fun for every occasion, he can bring this easily portable game to every family reunion, guys’ night, tailgating, parties at his friends’ houses, Christmas with the kids, and more! This versatile game is a timeless treat that he can share with everyone, creating fun new memories every time he plays it. Besides, it’s personalized with his name and initial! What’s not to love about that?

A Decanter Set Unlike Any Other

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

Does your husband enjoy the occasional glass of scotch or is he really into analyzing the liquor? Either way, he insists that he has everything he needs for his evening glass. If he doesn’t have a proper decanter set, his birthday is the perfect time to surprise him with one! Every whiskey drinker needs a nice decanter to display and serve his favorite or nicest whiskey. He’ll never expect you to get such a beautiful crystal decanter that highlights the amber colors of the color, that’s for sure. Plus, it’s even engraved with his name and initial! The matching glasses product the same effect, and are great for whiskey tasting. All around, this exquisite decanter set is one of the coolest and classiest birthday gifts for husband who has everything. He’ll never drink without using it again!


Experience the James Bond Movies in a Whole New Way

James Bond Archives

For as long as you can remember, your dad has been a huge fan of James Bond. He’s read all the books and seen all of the movies, has a formidable collection of memorabilia, and could easily win a trivia game about 007. Such a man insists that he doesn’t need anything for his birthday as he has plenty of stuff, especially Bond-related things. There’s no way he has this new Bond book! A complete guide to each movie, this collection will give him new insight into his favorite films that he’s never known before. It’s certain to become his new coffee table book for everyone to enjoy and admire!

For the Well Traveled Dad Who Has It All

Globe Decanter with Globe Glasses

Does your dad often travel for work or for fun? He’s seen it all, done it all, and has it all, except for this worldly decanter set! This impressive and unique birthday gift for dad who has everything is sure to render him speechless when you give it to him. He will love having this handsome decanter in his office, man cave, home bar, or in the living room and will want to enjoy a drink from it every evening from now on.

The Coolest Bar Cart He’s Ever Seen

Vintage Italian Globe Bar Cart

The man who has everything surely has a home bar or a bar cart, right? If not, then you finally have the perfect birthday gift for a husband who has everything! This incredibly awesome bar cart looks like a decorative antique globe at first glance, but the top part actually opens up to reveal a nifty storage for glasses and liquor! How cool is that? He’s got storage inside the globe as well as on the bottom of the cart so that he has all of the glasses and bottles he needs. He will love showing off his fancy new bar cart to all of his friends when they visit, especially once he reveals the secret storage area.

Give Him the Ultimate Beer Tasting Experience for His Birthday

Beer Tasting Glasses are Birthday Gifts for the Dad Who Has Everything

Every time you ask your father or husband what he wants for his birthday, he says “I don’t need anything” or “I have everything I could possibly need” or even “I don’t want anything.” Every year, you get him a gift anyway, whether it’s a gift card to his favorite brewery or just a case of his favorite beer. He’s probably got a set of classic pint glasses, but does he have all of the proper beer glasses for the various types of beer? Well, this year for his birthday you should get him this ultimate beer tasting set! He can finally enjoy every IPA, craft beer, English brew, and pilsner he likes in their proper glasses. Each glass is specially designed to enhance the flavors and aromas of each type of beer so that he enjoys his beers to the fullest. Thanks to your thoughtful birthday gift, he’ll become a beer expert in no time. Talk about a great set of birthday gifts for husband who has everything!

Make His Cigar Lounge Official

Personalized Cigar Lounge Sign

Does your dad enjoy smoking cigars? He’s always dreamed of having his own lounge in the house so that he can enjoy them properly. Why not help him out by getting him an official cigar sign for his birthday? Whether he hangs it in his office or his actual cigar lounge, he is going to love it. The handsome color scheme and vintage-inspired design will look great wherever he displays it. He’ll especially love that it’s personalized just for him!

Let Him Race a Ferrari for His Birthday

Race a Ferrari

Since he’s insistent that you don’t get him anything for his birthday, the best gift you can give your dad or husband is an unforgettable experience! He’s always been into sports cars, and he vividly remembers when Ford made history by beating the undefeatable Ferrari in the legendary Le Mans race. One of the best birthday gifts for dads who have everything is the chance to race an actual Ferrari! That’s right, he’ll actually get to drive a Ferrari on an official track. He’ll be so excited, and will definitely talk about his amazing experience for years to come. His friends will all be so jealous!

The Coolest Decanter He’s Ever Seen

Ship in a Bottle Decanter

When shopping for a birthday gift for a man who either has it all or says he wants nothing, you’ve got to think outside the box. For example, your dad certainly doesn’t have this incredible ship in a bottle decanter! It will become the center of attention in his office or home bar, and is sure to impress any of his coworkers or clients! Is this one of the coolest birthday gifts for dad who has everything or what?

Give His Drinks a Whole New Flavor

Smoke Box System is a Birthday Gift for the Dad Who Has Everything

When he says he has everything and wants nothing, he means it. However, you’re determined to get him something great for his birthday! If you can’t get him something he needs, how about getting him a gift that gives him a new way to enjoy his favorite pastime? He loves drinking whiskey every evening after dinner, but with the smoke box system you can make it even more enjoyable. The smoke box system will actually infuse a delicious smoky flavor into his drink, giving it a whole new taste! He’ll love using the system to try out different smoky flavors with different types of liquor to figure out which ones best complement each other. He’ll want to show this nifty gadget off to all of his friends, and might even host a couple of whiskey tastings with them! This unique gadget is by far one of the most useful and impressive birthday gifts for a dad who has everything.

Give Him a New Hobby to Start

Custom Funny Cigar Band Shadow Box

The best kind of birthday gift for dad who has everything is something practical and interactive, like something that will inspire a new hobby! This fun shadow box is ideal for the husband or father who enjoys the occasional cigar or has always wanted to get into the sophisticated activity. You could pair this shadow box with a pack of stogies so that he can get started on collecting cigar bands right away on his birthday!

The Perfect Piece for His Office

Engraved Whiskey Decanter Set

Every gentleman needs a decanter set in his office, especially your dad or husband. He might not know it, but a decanter set gives the room a luxurious, official touch that will make him look even more important and wealthy. What man wouldn’t want that? This handsome crystal decanter set is one of the coolest birthday gifts husband who has everything, but it would also be a great gift for your dad or your boss on their birthdays. The entire set is personalized with his name, which is both classy and cool. He will want to display the set front-and-center on his coffee table or side table and serve his clients a nice glass of whiskey whenever they come to talk business. They’re sure to be impressed!

Trace His Ancestry

23andMe DNA Health and Ancestry Kit

You’re starting to run out of ideas on what to get your dad for his birthday. He doesn’t want anything, and claims that he doesn’t need anything either. This year, you’ve got to think outside the box. One of the most interesting birthday gifts for him is a DNA test kit! With this awesome gift, he’ll learn all about his ancestry and the fine mechanics of his genetics that tell him where he’s from as well as what his DNA can mean for his health. He might even connect with family members he never knew he had thanks to the online platform that matches up relatives! How cool is that? He’ll be fascinated by all of the interesting facts he’ll learn about his genetics and ancestry.

The Classiest Birthday Gift for Dad Who Has Everything

Personalized Cigar and Whiskey Gift Set

Want to go all out for your dad’s birthday but you’re not sure what to get him as a gift? For the dad who indulges in the occasional glass of scotch and a stogie now and then, this spectacular gift set is the best birthday gift for dad who has everything! He will be amazed by each and every piece in this impressive gift set that he won’t know which one to try out first, so make sure you get him a nice bottle of his favorite whiskey and a couple of stogies to use the set with.


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