21 Impeccable Wedding Gift Ideas for Friends

Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas for Friends They’ll Never Forget

You want to buy your friend the best gift you can get for their wedding. However, their registry has already been picked through and you can’t get them the awesome gift you wanted, or so it seems. The best wedding gift ideas for your friend’s wedding are items that are going to be unique and memorable, they won’t be the leftovers from a registry. You want your wedding gift to stand out among all the other gifts they are getting on their big day. Be the awesome friend that you know you are and get the best, unique wedding gift for your friend you can with these amazing selections!

A Classy Whiskey Wedding Gift Idea for Friends

Personalized Decanter Best Wedding Gift for Friends Box Set

A personalized decanter gift set is the perfect gift for any friend at their wedding. Not only will it stand out from all the other presents they have gotten, but the engraving will add a personal touch to your wedding gift; especially since you can have their newly shared last name put on the whole set. This decanter set is the wedding gift for your friends that will last for years to come too! Not only will they be able to enjoy this gift for celebrations and milestone anniversaries but they can also use this whole set as a fantastic display piece. The glassware is great for any table or counter, while the keepsake becomes the ideal place for them to keep their mementos.

Personalized Wine Gift Set for Newlyweds

Engraved Stemless Wine Decanter Set

Celebrating with wine is traditional at weddings, so what could be more fitting than a new wine glass set? How about this matching glassware set that they simply won’t be able to wait to use! Unlike fancy china, this fantastic gift will never sit behind glass doors. You know when they’re writing thank you cards for gifts or unwinding after a long day, they’ll be topping off their engraved glasses and thanking you for getting the perfect wedding gift!

A Unique Set of Wedding Gift Ideas for Friends

Shadow Box Set of Wedding Gift Ideas for Friend

Help your friends remember every moment from their wedding with this engraved shadow box gift set. Perfect for storing things like her wedding bouquet or a wine cork from each table at the reception, the shadow box is a great gift that they can reflect on each time they sit back to have a glass on their date night or anniversary from their matching glasses. Engraved with their wedding date, you can be sure these unique wedding gift ideas for friend will become one of the most sentimental and important gifts they’ll have gotten!

The Coolest Wedding Gift for a Couple

Wine Chiller Luxury Wedding Gift

Stumped on what you can give your friend as a wedding gift? An engraved wine chiller is one of the best wedding gifts for friends. These not only look great, but they’re functional too! On their wedding night, anniversary, or even if they just feel like it, the couple can throw a bottle inside the marble chiller to have a perfectly chilled bottle of wine every time. Plus, with their newly-shared last name on it, this will make for one of the most fantastic and unique centerpieces they own!

A Monogrammed Set of the Best Wedding Gifts for Friends

Presentation Set of the Best Wedding Gifts for Friends

Give one of the best wedding gifts ever with a monogrammed presentation set. Much like how a ring is a symbol of their marriage, so too are the engraved initials on each piece of this set. The initials are an easy and classy way to establish their new marriage, with their first initials on the sides and their newly-shared last initial in the middle. This set is also great for them to have a toast toward their marriage or for them to use with friends and family for years! There is nothing like a present that will last the length of their whole marriage, like this presentation set, for when you’re searching for the best wedding gifts possible!


Sounds Like a Good Gift

Marshal Speaker Wedding Gift Idea for Friend

Does the happy couple love their tunes? Give them a Bluetooth speaker to jam out to their favorite artists with the classically inspired styling of Marshall amps. They may have tied the knot, but that doesn’t mean they want to have any cords attached. With Bluetooth technology they can bring the music they just can’t live without to everything from the reception, to picnics, to even just hanging out with friends at the house!

A Wine Box of Unforgettable Wedding Gifts

Unique Wine Gift Box for Friends Wedding

When you are getting wedding gift ideas for friends, it is important to take into consideration all the other gifts that they are getting during their wedding. For instance, you know that they’ll be getting an absurd amount of wine (not that it is a bad gift). In fact, wine is going to be part of your gift too! You’re just going to give it better! Inside this presentation box, your bottle of wine will rest among all the tools they’ll need to enjoy their gift. It even can be engraved with their name on the lid, you know this will be the standout wine gift at your friends’ wedding!

For Whiskey Loving Couples

Glencairn Set of Unforgettable Wedding Gifts

If your friends are whiskey aficionados or aspiring connoisseurs of liquor, there are few gifts you could get that are better than this personalized Glencairn gift set. They’ve just tasted marital bliss, but for the rest of their lives, they’ll be tasting the finer notes of scotch, whiskey, and bourbon each time they use this awesome whiskey gift set!

Uncorked Across the Aisle

Personalized Wine Tumbler Set

Matching wine glasses are always a win for newlywed couples! You know that your friends love spending time together (I mean they are marrying each other) and whether it’s a good book, board games, or a movie, they’ll spend a night in to do their date nights. Shopping around for wedding gift ideas for friends like this can be hard, but you’ve got the edge, you can make their at-home date night more awesome with their very own personalized wine glasses. The double-walled stainless steel is guaranteed to keep the wine chilled while the corkscrew multi-tool is sure to keep the wine flowing!

A Bubbly Bar Sign

Personalized Mimosa Bar Sign

You know your friends are going to have an early wedding, which means Mimosas! Take this opportunity to give them a pre-wedding gift. You’ll have made their lives so much easier by taking care of their brunch sign. Not only is the sign perfect but it is also another detail of the wedding that they don’t have to worry about. This will become a great keepsake that they can keep in the house as another reminder of how much fun the reception was!

Coffee Gift Set for Newlyweds

Coffee Gift Set of Wedding Gift Idea for Friends

Your friends have been planning their wedding for months and you’ve watched all the stress of venue, food, and seating take a toll on them. They’re seemingly running on fumes. Reenergize them with a personalized coffee gift set! Celebrating their marriage with the custom design, they’ll love that they can use these portable tumblers at any of their events or meetings. Add in that they also get a bag of coffee and this is truly the ultimate gift set for newlyweds in need of some caffeine!

A Bouquet of Bourbon

Set of 4 Rocks Glasses for Friends Wedding

Your friends love a good whiskey. They’ll go for bourbons, ryes, malts, scotch, you name it and they love it. But they’ve never gotten around to getting a dedicated set of drinking glasses. For your wedding gift ideas for your friends, you need to get them a set of quality glassware for their hobby! While you’re at it, add a personalized touch by adding a monogram engraving to the set. Put their shared last name in the middle and then the bride and grooms’ initials, this sort of personalization toward their favorite hobby will surely be a stand out gift!

A Personalized Gift Box for Your Friend’s Wedding

Engraved Luxury Wedding Gift Box

Think you’ve got some of the best wedding gift ideas for friends already? Then you have to make sure you present them in the best way possible! This personalized gift box will add another layer of class to your gift, no matter what is inside! Photos, home-made gifts, or cards will all look even better than you could have ever imagined when they’re presented inside this classy gift box!

The Most Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for Winos

Engraved Copper Wine Glass Gift Set

Be unique with your choice of a wedding gift, with these copper wine glasses. This custom set makes for an unforgettable wedding gift that they will use every time they want to have a chilled drink. The insulated glasses will even keep drinks just as cool as they look. Plus, considering these glasses have their last initial engraved, you can be sure their old wine glasses will never leave the cupboard again!

Cut to The Good Gifts

Wedding Cutting Board Gift Idea for Friends

You’ve had some good wedding gift ideas but only for either the bride or the groom. You really want to get something they can enjoy together, which are usually the very best wedding gift ideas for friends. To do so, get them something they’ll use every day. They’re moving forward in life and have gotten rid of their cheap cutting boards and need something of quality. Get them an acacia wood cutting board! Acacia cutting boards will last for years, especially when they are regularly treated with mineral oil and butchers wax! This board will give you the edge over other gifts because they’ll get to use it every day and see the time you took to have it engraved with their names and anniversary date!

Best Beer Gift for Newlyweds

Brewery Beer Gift Box Set with 4 Glasses

For the couple who loves beer, you need look no further for the perfect gift. Make their home feel like a brewery by gifting these engraved glasses and box set. This set will make any recently married couple hop for joy (get it, “hop–hops?”)! For their wedding they’ll enjoy the personalization of each piece, especially the box. They’ll be able to use that to store all of their beer stuff or anything else they want, while making looking classy. But when they get home, they’re sure to enjoy the glasses as they relax from their big day!


In SodaStream and in Health

Soda Stream Wedding Gift for Friends

Your friends love to drink soda but are tired of all of the sugar that comes with it. A great wedding gift is to allow them to make their own soda with this at-home kit. Instead of endless amounts of sugary Mountain Dew or Coke, they can make their own sugar free versions. While they’re at it, the carbonated water and flavoring could be very useful in making sugar free variations of their favorite cocktails!

Win Them Over with Wine

Custom Wine Glasses Wedding Gift Ideas for Friends

You know for sure that after the wedding the bride and groom are going to have an abundance of wine. One of the best wedding gifts for your friends with that kind of knowledge is a special set of glasses to drink from! A personalized stemless wine glass set will surely be of use to them. They’ll be able to have a nice drink together while they go through all of the cards and bags from the wedding, which coincidentally will make writing the mountain of thank you cards that much easier to write. They love all their gifts, but writing that much sometimes requires a little bit of liquid inspiration!

Cheers & Beers

Engraved Beer Tap Handle with Pilsner Glasses

The best wedding gifts for friends who love their beer can be as simple as a great set of pint glasses and their very own tap handle! The customizable chalkboard handle is perfect for them to write whatever kind of beer their drinking on. The matching pint glasses that come with will look great when they have their handle installed and are letting the beers flow! Whether they love their IPA’s, pilsners, or have their go-to macro beers, these glasses are sure to impress!

Wedding Time

Custom Wine Barrel Clock

Well, it’s wedding time again. Okay, bad jokes aside this unique clock is a fantastic gift for any wine-loving couple. The entire thing is made to look like a freaking wine barrel! And who doesn’t need a clock in their house? The advent of cellphones has dropped that, but let’s be honest, looking at a clock is a lot more aesthetic than looking at your phone. So, make their home look better and embrace what they love with this wine cask clock!

Ultimate Whiskey Wedding Gift Set

Whiskey Set of Wedding Gift Ideas for Friends

Kick the couple’s celebration off in class with some whiskey glasses! A gift box is a great way to ensure that you have one of the best wedding gifts for your friends at the reception! You know they’re already getting plenty of things to drink, but you’ll be the one that gives them a high-end gift box to store both the glasses you’ve gotten them along with an awesome set of whiskey stones which will keep their drinks chilled to perfection!