Host a Fantastic Fourth of July Party

UPDATED: Nov 3, 2021


So you’re feeling patriotic and want to host a picnic party? Achieve easy success by following a few simple, yet unique ideas to make your Independence Day celebration memorable for everyone. Remember: decorations, food, drinks and party games should all follow a specific party theme.

The first step may seem a given but choose your theme carefully. Decorations of red, white and blue will be readily available, but don’t stop there. Take the time to think of a specific theme, and you will be offering your guests a memorable July celebration.

There are all sorts of patriotic emblems of our nation Uncle Sam, The Armed Forces, the American Flag or Lady Liberty are a few of the patriotic party themes you could use. Add patriotic confetti, streamers, and other party favors to whatever theme you choose.

Putting Your Patriotic Theme to Work

Decide on a Fourth of July party theme and choose your party decorations accordingly. For example if you choose the American Flag as your theme, make or purchase invitations with the flag on them. Put a little red, white and blue confetti inside the envelope or seal it with a patriotic sticker that matches your party theme.

Since you’re hosting your picnic party outside, odds are you’re not going to be at the entrance to greet every guest. Take the time to decorate your entry way with red, white, and blue balloons and a personalized “Welcome” sign.

Cornbread and muffins on 4th of July in patriotic theme

Cornbread and muffins on 4th of July in patriotic theme

What You Should Serve

Since this is an outdoor event you want to make certain to serve foods that won’t spoil easily such as corn on the cob, baked beans, and fruit salad. Nothing says “All American” better than burgers and hotdogs; and they stay fresh longer than many other food types. It’s valuable and essential to know that your menu can be served at any temperature.

Toss new potatoes in herb vinaigrette as an alternative to potato salad, which may contain mayonnaise and could spoil quickly. Raw fruits and vegetables with dip are very colorful and healthy alternatives to chips and dip. Serve any variety of foods in decorative plates, bowls or serving sets.

Pasta salad tossed in an Italian dressing with tomatoes doesn’t spoil easily. Pasta salad is a cool, refreshing addition to the usual side dishes. Avoid mayonnaise based sides if you’re outdoors for very long with no way to keep a dish the required temperature for freshness.

Fun Activities to Go Beyond Food

A Fourth of July Celebration outdoors wouldn’t be the same without a few fun activities. Stay focused with a theme you could play Pin the Hat on Uncle Sam, or Pin the Torch on Lady Liberty. You can also set out chalk if you have a nearby sidewalk, driveway or fence and have your guests draw a patriotic mural. Take photos with all the guests around it and give it as a party favor.

Tag football, baseball and volleyball are always fun outdoor games. These are certainly a part of most Americans outdoor events and everyone can get involved. Don’t forget America’s Favorite Pastime: Baseball.

The theme is chosen, invitations have been sent, and food and decorations are completed. Now you, the patriotic host (or hostess), get to stand back and watch your guests enjoy themselves. It’s always nice to take the time to watch the people you love have fun. Nothing matches the feeling of reward for all the effort you put in to compose an incredible Fourth of July party.

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