Homewetbar Has New Features

Check Out the New Features Homewetbar Has to Offer

Welcome! We would like to extend an invitation to our returning guests to see what has changed since your last visit. We’ve been hard at work creating a new website layout that is optimal for your shopping experience. After all, finding the perfect gift can already feel hard enough, but with the new and improved Homewetbar.com website, it’ll be easier than ever for you to get that perfect gift. While things have improved, there have been a few small changes:

So, some of you may have noticed that we have created a new logo. While we loved the old one, it was time to update and create something more fitting of the luxury gift-giving brand we have become. A timeless design supported with bold black and enriched gold, we hope you love this new look as much as we do!

Homewetbar Logo


A great thing about a new website is that we are able to get the newest and best technology to help us create the best shopping experience possible. With our update, we have become just about as optimized as we can be. That means that this new website is significantly faster than our old one, and we hope that makes your experience with us even better. Less waiting means that you can find that perfect gift even faster.

Quantity Slider

When you find an item that you absolutely must have more than one of (which we totally understand by the way!) you have a very handy way of adding a few of them to your cart while also seeing the multiple item discount featured on so many of our products. Instead of adding the number in your cart that you want, there is a super handy gold bar slider that you can adjust to the desired amount. As you move the slider, you’ll see what your total cost, but more importantly, total savings adds up to.

Homewetbar Product Slider


Right under the “In Stock,” SKU, and shipping estimation, there is the selector for personalization. On a desktop, you’ll edit this and see your changes live on the product. For mobile, your customization will take you to a pull-out tab and once you hit save, you’ll be automatically brought back to the top of the page to see just how good your unique engraving will look.

Homewetbar Mobile Personalization Menu

Saved Items

Our wishlist feature has gotten a new name–Saved Items. You still interact with your Saved Items the same way you did before with the wishlist, but with a new term, we want to make sure that you know where to look to find those items you have saved for later. Also, a handy feature from the update is that if you add a personalization to an item and save it, the personalization saves too! How cool is that?


Checkout has been improved as well. Instead of the traditional drop-down cart, a new tab will appear in the upper right-hand corner showing the item you have added to your cart. And, to help show our appreciation for each life we have touched, you’ll get a thank you message after each successful checkout.

Homewetbar Add to Cart Function

Now that you know about our cool new features and have seen a sneak peek of our new color scheme, come swing on by Homewetbar.com and find the gift that will wow that special person in your life!