13 Hippest Hip Flasks for Your Liquor List

Flasks, they’re the cool item you always want to have on your person for when that impromptu drinking situation hits. After all, no one wants to be without their go-to liquor when a perfectly good celebratory toast, rewarding drink, or any other reason for a sip of alcohol comes up, right? The hip flask is the perfect way to carry alcohol on you, they are sleek, low-profile, unique, and best of all—alcohol containers! Flasks have a unique history as a way to sneak alcohol into areas it shouldn’t be. While the cool taboo of prohibition drinking may be long past, you will still feel a sense of being the coolest person in the room when you’ve got your liquor with you for the exact moment you need it!

The Best Flask Set on the Market

Engraved Hip Flask Box Set

When you’re looking to add a flask to your liquor arsenal, do more than just a hip flask. Instead, get this awesome engraved box set! The gorgeous case is a fantastic piece to keep on your bar top or counter. Better still, this box set comes with shot glasses, meaning you can even share a few nips from your flask if you’re at home!

Leather-Wrapped & Embossed Flask

Embossed Leather Wrapped Flask

Get the best flask that comes in a timeless style with this leather-wrapped and embossed flask. Sleek enough for your jacket or pants pocket, this is a great way for you to bring scotch, whiskey, bourbon, or vodka with you in style!

Royal Cigar and Whiskey Hip Flask

Regal Crested Cigar and Whiskey Hip Flask

Want to do more with your hip flask than just have something to drink? This regal flask comes with an extra compartment just for your go-to stogie! As both a cigar case as well as a flask enjoying a celebratory cigar and whiskey will now be just as easy as reaching into your jacket pocket!

Leather Window Flask

Set of 2 Window Flasks

What is better than one container on the go? How about a two flask gift set? This set comes with a 100mL and a 240mL flask which are both great for enjoying a shot of whiskey whether you are at a wedding or sitting around a campfire. These cool flasks even have a window on the side to make it easy for seeing how much you have left!

Embossed Flask Box Set

Best Flask Box Set

Keep things feeling classic when you break your flask out with this leather-wrapped box set that comes with shot glasses. So, whether you need a pre-wedding bout of courage or a nip between bars, this hip flask set is the one for you!


Custom Shot Glass Hip Flask

Shot Glass Hip Flask Set

While some flask sets come with shot glasses you can enjoy from home, this one has one built right into it! Pouring shots into the collapsible glass is the perfect way for you to take a nip and share a shot with a new or lifelong friend!

The Best Flask for Incognito Mode

Phone Flask

Smuggle your booze into any situation with a phone flask that no one will suspect. Looking like a modern smartphone, you can easily leave this in a bag or pocket to carry a little bit of whiskey with you to even the most exclusive of events.

Classic Matte Black Flask

Matte Black Engraved Flask

Nothing beats a traditional flat black flask. A matte black flask is one of the sleekest containers to keep in a tux, business blazer, or pants pocket. Perfect for the incognito celebratory swig, you can’t do better than a custom matte black flask!

High-Class Flask Gift Set

Best Flask Gift Set

Get yourself a flask set that can do it all with this gentleman flask set! Not only does it have a gorgeously wrapped flask, but it also has one for your keychain as well as a tobacco pipe. You’ll feel like an explorer everywhere you go with this unique set!

Take Shots!

Engraved Shotgun Flask

Take a shot at getting the best flask for a gun-lover with this shotgun shell-shaped flask! Whether they take it with them to celebrate bagging the buck they’ve been wanting or on the town, you can be sure they’ll love having such a unique way to get a quick nip of scotch!

For Pairing Cigars and Stogies

Etched Cigar and Whiskey Flask

Never be short on either of your vices again with an engraved cigar and whiskey flask. With room for two cigars and liquor, this is perfect for celebrating when your quarter went as planned or when your best friend just got engaged!

A Different Take on a Hip Flask

Cane Flask

These over flasks don’t have a leg to stand on when you compare them to this cane flask! Quite literally at your hip, this flask is hidden inside the cane, so anywhere you can walk to you can easily bring your trusty liquor along too!

A Colossal Flask

Custom Colossal Flask

Don’t care so much about being incognito mode? Then this novelty-sized flask is the one for you! Unlike other flasks that only hold a few ounces, this one carries a whole 64 ounces, meaning no matter where you take it, you’ll have plenty of booze for yourself and all your friends!