Have a Splash of a Day!

UPDATED: Nov 3, 2021

Pool parties are one of the most fun party types. It doesn’t even need to be sweltering hot and sunny for you to organize a fun pool side party with family and friends. It just serves as the best reason to gather around the pool and have a blast!

One of the absolute best themes for a pool party is the beach-side theme. This way you can get in a barbecue, have everybody in swimsuits and flip flops, and serve umbrella drinks. Don’t forget to stock up on pool party accessories to really get your pool party rolling. But before you take on the responsibility of organizing such a party, you must also make sure that it would be safe. A pool party can end up being disastrous and dangerous because of children or non-swimmers, and thus the following safety precautions must be taken before the rest of the planning.

Firstly, there should be some sort of minimal fencing around the pool to keep those who do not know how to swim safe from the danger of accidentally falling. For swimmers, ropes and float lines must be placed and should be clearly visible to mark the varying depths of the pool. All rescue equipment must be considered and on hand, including the life ring and the first aid kit; these items must be kept close to the pool in case of emergencies. Once these preliminaries are taken care of, you can happily go ahead with the planning the fun part.

Party Invitations

The first thing to be taken care of are the invitations. They should match the overall theme for the party. Make them appealing and interesting. If your invitations look boring and uninviting, guests might actually un-invite themselves! (And no one wants that to happen!) So get your guests to want to come by sending out attractive and thematic invites. The easiest invitations you could send out is by cutting out blue postcard in the shape of bubbles and ovals and writing the party info, or you could inflate a beach ball and write on it with permanent marker and then hand deliver it to your guests. Of course, request that they bring their beach ball back to your house for some fun! Once the invitations are taken care of, you have to deal with the food planning.

Pool Party Menu

The menu for a pool party must be light and easy. Serve lots of liquids since the sun would be eating up a lot of the energy. Be sure to serve lots of tropical fruits to keep everybody refreshed and cool. Hamburgers and hot dogs are a huge hit with other light snacks. They are not too heavy for swimming and easy to make. You could also go for a completely different theme and try tortillas and salsa sauce and other light finger foods—especially if your grill isn’t quite ready yet.

Watermelons and mangoes are a must! You can use them to make fresh juices or just cut them up and serve them fresh. Another great idea is to use new and clean beach pails and fill them up with punch or salad and use it to serve for the guests.

Whatever you do, don’t forget the ice cream and soft drinks. Get a variety of flavors for the guests to choose from and substitute the soda for lemonade. You could also make your own snow cones if you purchase a snow cone making machine. Cool drinks and snacks are always a huge hit at a pool party.


For the guests to lounge around, remove the plastic pool chairs please. You can always rent or buy chaise lounges and place them around the pool; you could even cover them with colorful and bright towels. Hammocks and other relaxing seating could be used as well. Plastic pool chairs often get too hot and can cause burning.

The tables will be minimally decorated by the foods you serve. Cover them with brightly colored table cloths or glass tops. Cover tables with shiny sand and shells to create the perfect table for a pool side party.

While decorating, don’t forget the pool. You could do fun things with the pool itself, like surrounding it completely with pots of palm trees and plants and mixing with them Hawaiian themed Tiki statues and masks. Keep some rubber toys and colorful floating chairs and balloons afloat on the water for a fun look, and when the sun begins to set, put out floating candles or turn on the underwater lights to brighten up the area.

Activities and Games

Of course, to keep your guest from falling asleep in the beautiful surroundings and great food, you must also be ready for some fun activities and party games. For children, keep some rubber tubes and foam noodles handy with which they can safely play in the water. You could also arrange for some pool side games, for example like the classic Marco Polo or Water tag or divide the guests into teams and enjoy some good old fashioned pool volleyball or water polo. You might want to set up a fashion show for swim-wear and use your diving board as a small runway, and dive competitions are always a hit for those swimmers who have mastered the swan dive! (Make sure to provide gifts for the winners!)

Pool parties are always fun. It’s easy to be a responsible host, and to cater to the needs of your guests. Remain prepared with extra pairs of flip flops and sun screen, and use poolside essentials like towels, umbrellas, sunglasses and hats with bills as functional decorations. Now go ahead, make a splash!!

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