21 Unbelievable Groomsmen Wedding Gift Ideas – That Don’t Suck

Find Your Perfect Groomsmen Wedding Gift Ideas:

Thank your groomsmen for being by your side on the biggest day of your life by getting them an unbelievable gift! As a guy it can be hard to put your gratitude into words, so don’t try to say more than thank you, instead, just get them incredibly badass gifts! With these awesome suggestions you don’t even need to think of what kind of gift would your groomsmen actually use? Would personalized groomsmen gifts be a good idea? In fact, all you need to know is that the most impressive groomsmen wedding gift ideas are unique, manly gifts that are often customized to really show your closest friends how important they are to you. Still unsure what gift to give? We’re here to help you find the perfect groomsman wedding gift for each member of your wedding party.

Ammo Can Set of Groomsmen Wedding Gift Ideas

Ammo Can Set of Groomsmen Wedding Gift Ideas

There’s no chance your groomsmen won’t be crazy about this custom ammo can whiskey gift set! They’ll think it’s so awesome that their name is on an ammo can repurposed from the US military. One of their favorite memories from the whole day will be using the glasses to enjoy a drink at your wedding reception with you. You can even fill the ammo can with small bottles of their favorite liquor or snacks they enjoy to make the gift even better. There’s no chance they aren’t obsessed with this incredible set.

Awesome Flask for Liquor and Cigars

Engraved Leather Cigar Holder Flask

This engraved leather cigar flask is one of the best groomsmen wedding gift ideas out there. It’s perfect not only for keeping their favorite liquor in their pocket, but a cigar as well when they want to smoke a stogie and they’re out and about or at a friend’s house! At the bachelor party and wedding reception, this is the perfect way for them to celebrate your marriage with a drink and stogie before you tie the knot.

Custom Whiskey Gifts for all Your Groomsmen

Personalized Whiskey Groomsmen Gift Sets

Knock out all your groomsmen gift giving in one fell swoop with this set of five groomsmen whiskey gift sets! These unique  groomsmen gift sets are fantastic because they provide your groomsmen with their own customized glasses along with their own whiskey stone set to use to keep their whiskey ice cold. You can even set up the reception or afterparty with these sets so your groomsmen can use their custom gifts to celebrate you!

Coolest Beer Stein Ever

Traditional German Beer Stein

You can’t go wrong with a groomsman wedding gift as fantastic as this one! This personalized German beer stein will be the gift of your groomsmen’s dreams. Drinking their favorite beer from such a unique, vintage-looking stein will make them feel really cool, especially noticing their name on the front! They’ll be the perfect gifts for them to use to have a drink to celebrate you, and they also make great mementos from your wedding that they can keep on display on their mantle or bookshelf.

Groomsman Wedding Gift for Popping the Question

Flask and Glass Groomsman Wedding Gift Set

Asking your closest friends to be in your wedding party should be done right! They’ll definitely say, “Yes,” when you give them this groomsmen gift box set! The glass and flask make it easy for your groomsmen to enjoy a drink, whether they’re hanging out at home or at your wedding as well as when they’re on the go, like at your bachelor party. They’ll feel so honored to be asked to be a groomsman with such an impressive gift set! It’s simply the best way to pop that important question!


Chill Their Can in a Minute

Electronic Can Chiller

This groomsman wedding gift is so unique, they won’t even be able to believe it exists! This Chill-O-Matic fast drink chiller will make their beer or soda can cold in just 60 seconds! It’s perfect for having drinks outside or when they’ve just gotten back from the store with their beverage but want a cold one immediately. They can even bring them along to the bachelor party to make sure they always can have a cold drink!

Cutting Edge Groomsman Gift

Set of Five Personalized Knives

These personalized serrated knives make super unique and useful groomsmen wedding gift ideas! Your groomsmen will think these knives are awesome because they can fit in their pocket so they can use them whenever they need to open up a package or cut off a loose thread. They’ll treasure it for the rest of their lives because they’ll be big fans of their names being engraved into the handle of these knives!

For All the Coffee They Need

Personalized Stainless Steel Tumbler for Groomsmen

They’re going to need lots of coffee the day after the bachelor party and wedding after staying up late, partying so hard! Give your groomsmen a personalized insulated tumbler to help them stay caffeinated! You simply won’t know how much your groomsmen will appreciate such a sleek, handsome tumbler that has stainless steel walls to keep their coffee piping hot for hours. A whole set of these unique groomsmen gifts will definitely come in handy after they’ve been celebrating you all night long!

Etched Liquor Bottle Box

Etched Liquor Bottle Box

Want to go above and beyond with your groomsman wedding gift? While a bottle of liquor seems like the answer, if you’re here on this blog you know there is more you could do. Spice up that gift with an engraved wooden liquor bottle box! Each of your groomsmen will feel incredibly special knowing you went to the trouble to customize a handsome black box just for them! They can even use the box to store mementos from your wedding or save a bottle of liquor for a special occasion.

Groomsman Wedding Gift for Telling Time

Monogram Watch is a Groomsman Wedding Gift

Being a groomsman is an honor, but it also comes with responsibilities. Make sure they’re on time for every event and part of the big day with a monogrammed wooden watch! They’ll feel like studs with these handsome watches on their wrists, especially with their initials being engraved into it. Not to mention that they’ll appreciate the help with being on time!

Duffle Bag for Groomsmen

Canvas Duffle Bag

One of the best groomsmen wedding gift ideas is something that’ll really help them out during your bachelor party and wedding. This canvas duffle bag is a great gift because they can use it when going on the bachelor party trip. Even for the wedding it’ll come in handy to keep extra clothes, shoes, and other things. Plus, they can use it for any travels for years to come!

Set of Five Leather Flasks

Set of 5 Flasks are Groomsmen Wedding Gift Ideas

These personalized brown leather flasks are fantastic groomsmen wedding gift ideas when they need to sneak a quick drink in! These flasks are incredible because they fit right into their pockets at the bachelor party or at the wedding so they can take a drink of their favorite spirits whenever they want! Talk about a practical groomsmen gift!

Ultimate Beer Mug Set

Personalized Beer Mug Set

A beer mug gift set as impressive as this one will be a gift your groomsmen will never forget! These mugs will be perfect for doing several toasts to you, the groom! They’ll think the personalized mug is really special and functions as a terrific keepsake from your wedding. Make it an even more spectacular groomsman wedding gift by including a bottle of their favorite beer so they can use their new bottle opener and mug right away!

Super Sophisticated Gift Box Set

Classy Custom Box Set of Groomsmen Wedding Gift Ideas

This handsome box set of groomsmen wedding gift ideas will be one of the classiest gifts they’ve ever been given! Thanks to the classic black bowtie, you know they’ll be dressed to impress at your wedding while the flask ensures they can calm any nerves they have on your big day. When they’re toasting to you at your bachelor party or wedding using these awesome, engraved glasses will be a must!

Amazing Ammo Can Beer Set

Custom Ammo Can Pint Glass Set

This ammo can pint glass set is absolutely perfect for your groomsmen because not only is it really cool and personalized, but you can include other things inside the ammo can you know they’ll love! Whether that’s some of their favorite beer, snacks you know they really like, or any other small items that complement the cool pint glasses, they’ll be a huge fan!


Their Own Custom Football

Custom Football Gift for Groomsmen

You have fond memories of watching various football games with your closest friends. That’s why you know a personalized football is one of the greatest groomsmen wedding gift ideas! Not only does it function as a really cool keepsake from your big day, but if you give these footballs to them at the bachelor party, you can play some football with them!

Legendary Groomsmen Wedding Gift Ideas

Personalized Groomsmen Gift Set

Make your groomsmen feel absolutely legendary! This matte black gift set is a cool, manly gift that each of your groomsmen will think is fantastic. Both the flask and the tumbler provide them with plenty of their necessary beverages, whether that’s their favorite spirit in their pocket during the wedding or some nice hot coffee the morning after a late night. But don’t forget about the knife! Whether they’ve got this whole set with them while they’re camping and use the knife to survive or simply have it trim a few loose threads before the wedding, you can be sure they’ll get plenty of use out of this awesome gift set!

Classy Decanter Set for Groomsmen

Engraved Whiskey Decanter Box Set

There’s no chance this groomsman wedding gift doesn’t make your groomsmen feel like the most sophisticated gentlemen ever. This etched decanter and glasses box set is an incredible gift that your groomsmen will love using to have a drink with you at your bachelor party or wedding. After the wedding, it’ll sit in their home on their home bar or dining room table, and they’ll love having such a fancy, classy memento from your wedding that they can use to enjoy a drink once in a while!

Bamboo Sunglasses That are Super Cool

Personalized Sunglasses are a Great Groomsman Wedding Gift

Let everyone on earth know how cool you and your groomsmen are by getting them these custom bamboo shades! These unique sunglasses will look awesome on your groomsmen, and all of them will love rolling into the club for your bachelor party sporting them. Be sure to remind them to bring them to the wedding for some legendary photo ops!

Equip Them for Any Mini-Emergency

Mini Emergency Kit

Make sure your groomsmen are well-equipped for the wedding with these groom and groomsmen mini-emergency kits! They’ll be very appreciative of the nail clippers, extra buttons, breath fresheners, and every other useful item in this set. They’ll feel so more confident and calm on the big day!

For A Drink and a Keepsake

Set of Five Personalized Whiskey Glasses for Groomsmen

Give your groomsmen a way to fully enjoy their favorite beverages at the bachelor party! This set of custom whiskey glasses is an excellent groomsman wedding gift because not only are they perfect for using to have some whiskey or a cocktail, but they make wonderful keepsakes from your wedding that they’ll always use and treasure forever.