19 Classy Groom Gift Ideas for Dapper Men

Enjoy Our Curation of Top Notch Groom Gift Ideas!

While the wedding day traditionally has a lot of focus on the bride, the groom is just as important. After all, he is her better half, and without the two of them joining their union, there would be no wedding. That is why you must find groom gift ideas that celebrate his passions, hobbies or help him set the house up how he would like it to. But that still makes you wonder, what do you give a groom as a wedding gift? Is it just the wedding party or does the bride get the groom a gift? Fear not! We’ve curated the best groom gifts available to fit every man who deserves a fantastic gift!

Smokin’ Hot Groom Gift Ideas

Cigar and Decanter Set of Groom Gift Ideas

Start your search off for the ultimate set of groom gift ideas off right with this custom cigar and whiskey decanter gift set. He’ll have never seen such a unique set of gifts before. After all, it isn’t every day that someone sees a set that not only has his name on it but one that comes with glasses that make it a breeze to enjoy both a cigar and a glass of whiskey with one hand. Better still, thanks to the fact that it comes with two glasses and he is sure to share a drink with you for getting him such an awesome gift. This is a gift set the groom will surely love!

The World’s Greatest Groom Gift

Vintage Globe Bar Cart

Give a timeless wedding gift to the new husband with this vintage globe bar cart. Although a new gift, it’ll look like he has gotten his long-awaited family heirloom! Now, going room to room with all of his glassware, liquor, and mixers will never be easier or classier!

The Most Unique Gift for the Groom on His Wedding Day

Personalized Groom Gift Set of Beer Gifts

Give the groom the most dapper way to indulge in a drink after he just tied the knot with this luxury set of gifts for a husband on his wedding day. This personalized beer mug set will have him feeling manlier than Chuck Norris standing on a tank while he holds a rifle. Each time he goes for a sip, he’ll have to grab the handle and embrace all the masculinity this awesome gift set holds!

Custom Ammo Can for the New Husband

Custom Manly Ammo Can for Grooms

Speaking of getting manly groom gifts, look no further than a custom ammo can gift set that is filled with badass gifts. Not every man needs a scotch, pomade, and tux to feel dapper. Some feel their classiest when they are embracing their most masculine qualities. For the natural manly man, this hatchet, cigar flask, and folding knife will be the most fitting gift you can get him.

A Box Set of Traditional Wedding Gifts for the Groom

Personalized Cigar and Whiskey Box Set for Grooms

Not everyone who gets a groom a gift on his wedding day is family. In fact, this engraved cigar and whiskey set is a fantastic set of gifts for the groom from the best man! After all, he is your best friend and the two of you have been friends for years. Make sure your guy feels like he is as classy as Don Draper each time he wants to indulge himself or celebrate with this unique box set!


Time for a Modern Husband Gift Idea

MVMT Watch

If there is one thing that a man can never have too many of in his life, it is watches. Whether he has only been using his phone for the last few years or he already has a startling watch collection, get him this gorgeous MVMT watch to ensure he not only looks his best on his wedding day but that he is on time, too.

A Lovely Groom Gift

Acrylic Block with Custom Photo

Give the groom one of the most sentimental gifts imaginable with an acrylic block that has a photo of him and his lovely bride on it! Whether you take one of their treasured photos before the wedding, an engagement picture, or give this gift after the wedding, he is sure to place this somewhere he can see it every day.

Dapper Decanter Gift Set

Custom Whiskey Presentation Groom Gift Set

Keep your streak of finding incredibly classy groom gift ideas alive with this personalized presentation gift set. What man won’t feel classy when he is using a whiskey set that has his name on everything from the glasses to the decanter to even the tray. Add in a bottle of whiskey and you’ll have given him his most memorable wedding gift!

A Manly Groom Gift Idea for Beer Lovers

Engraved Beer Mug Box Set with 2 Mugs

While earlier there was the option to get a personalized beer gift for the groom, this set doubles the excitement by giving him two mugs! Whether you’re the father of the groom, a brother, best man, or his newlywed wife, he will want to fill these awesome mugs as soon as he gets them and toast you for getting him the gift he never knew he wanted on his wedding day!

Give Him the World

Custom Globe Decanter with Glencairn Glasses

While you may not be able to afford to send him and his bride around the world on their honeymoon, this whiskey decanter set in the shape of the Earth is a good second choice! After all, now he can plan his honeymoon while looking at the globe and enjoying a tasty drink, thanks to the engraved Glencairn glasses.

He’ll Like the Sound of This Groom Gift

Bose Home Theater Sound System

Many grooms want to get a television on their wedding day to make up for the lack of home decor picked out just for them. Since you know someone else likely already has that covered, make sure his new T.V. comes in loud and clear with a Bose home theater speaker system! Whether he is a sports fan, cinephile, or gamer, he won’t be able to wait to plug in this system and hear the difference of what a quality speaker set brings to his media experience!

Creative, Classic, Cognac Set

Cognac Box Set of Groom Gift Ideas

If there is a single drink that makes a guy feel like they’re the most sophisticated man in the world, it has got to be cognac. And you know for a fact, that he doesn’t have his own custom cognac gift set. Make sure that he can be swirling his drink in style in no time when you get him his own custom cognac and cigar box set of groom gifts!

Arm Him With the Best Beer Set

Custom Pint Glass Ammo Can Set for Grooms

On his wedding day, he is already going to feel like one of the most dapper gentlemen out there; however, he will be able to celebrate like one once he gets this gift box for grooms! Made out of a real United States military ammo can, this pint glass gift box is going to be one of the most memorable presents he gets at his wedding. Don’t be surprised when he takes one of the glasses and uses it right away at the reception!


Monogrammed Poker Set

Monogrammed Poker Set of Groom Gift Ideas with Whiskey Cigar Glass

Groom gift ideas don’t need to be things that he has to use to celebrate his nuptials right away. Get him a gift that he will love using a few weeks later (and for years after that, too) with this awesome monogrammed poker set with a cigar whiskey glass. He’ll feel like a true card shark every time he sits at the table to play his weekly poker game with his friends!

Swing Away With This Awesome Groom Gift Idea

Decanter Baseball Set

Take a swing at getting the groom a unique gift with this baseball decanter set. For the guy who loves sports, is a massive baseball fan, or even simply likes to crack a few hits in his local softball league, this decanter will be a fantastic gift! Not only will he love the novelty of it, but he’ll love that he can drink with this gift too!

Give a Classic Sounding Gift

Vinyl Record Player for Grooms

Give him a retro throwback gift with this non-traditional wedding gift with a high-tech record player. Vinyl has been making a huge comeback and this is the most up-to-date way for him to listen to everything from modern hits to classic vinyl pressings!

Present Him the Best Wine Gift

Personalized Wine Groom Gift Box

Wine is a traditional wedding gift that is perfect for just about anyone, including the groom! Make him feel like the classiest man alive when he enjoys his bottle of vino when you put it inside this presentation box. Aside from the tools in the lid, he’ll love the presentation of the bottle, making this one of the most practical and classy groom gifts!

Take a Shot at a Great Groom Gift

Custom Bullet Beer and Whiskey Gift Set

Take a shot at giving the manliest gifts for the most badass groom out there with this custom bullet whiskey stone gift set. Aside from his name being on almost every part of this set, he will be blown away at getting a gift that celebrates his love for guns, action movies, or simply the fact that this is the manliest gift idea for a groom he has ever seen!

Classic Gift Ideas for Husbands

Unique Groom Present of Cigar and Whiskey Gifts

Stand out as the only person to get the groom the most luxurious gift possible when you give him a custom crystal whiskey glass and cigar gift set. After all, what better way could there be to celebrate the most important day of his life than with a drink and a cigar from his fanciest gift box?