17 Great Gifts for Guys

Guys can be tough to shop for when it comes to gift-giving occasions. Every year, you struggle to find the perfect gift for your brother’s birthday, your best guy friend for Christmas, and even your anniversary with your boyfriend, but no longer! Great gifts for guy should be thoughtful, perfect for any occasion, and can even be personalized just for him! We scoured the web for the most unique gifts for guys that suit every occasion and any type of guy so that you have plenty of options to find the one that’s perfect for you to give to him. Looking for a unique gift for guy? Are you in search of something personalized just for him? Stuck on what to get the guy who says he wants nothing? Don’t worry, we found plenty of awesome and unique gifts for all of the guys in your life.

Great Gifts for Guy Who Likes Whiskey

Custom Whiskey Stone and Glass Set is a Unique Gift for Guy

When it comes to gifts for guys, you don’t have to track down something obscure and specific because the simplest gifts are the ones that mean the most. Any man who enjoys kicking back and relaxing with a glass of whiskey deserves to have his own custom glass and a set of whiskey stones to keep his drink perfectly chilled. This simple but thoughtful gift allows him to enjoy his drink of choice to the fullest, and is the ideal birthday or Christmas gift for any guy from your boyfriend to your coworker!

Unique Gift for Guy That Loves to Grill

Personalized Grilling Tools

Men and grilling go together like beer and pretzels: you just don’t see one without the other! The guy in your life enjoys BBQ as much as the next guy, and he’s always saying how he wished he could grill more often. Make his wish come true with this custom set of grilling tools! With the portable case, he can bring his trusty tools everywhere from his next road trip across the country to his buddy’s house! Any guy such as your husband, dad, or even your brother-in-law would be stoked to get such an awesome birthday or anniversary gift like this.

Make Him Feel Like a Legend

Manly Whiskey Ammo Can Whiskey Gift Set

Honestly, this ammo can gift set is almost too awesome to put into words. No matter who you give this set, he will feel more breathtakingly badass than Keanu Reeves himself! He’ll never want to drink out of any other glass besides his own custom old-fashioned glasses or even go to the shooting range without his legendary ammunition box at his side. This set is so cool, you may even want to give it as a set of just because gifts for him, after all, you know he deserves something this cool!

Must-Have Beer Mug Set

Engraved Beer Mug Box Set Great Gifts for Guy

There’s nothing sharing a cold one with a friend, and now the guy you’re trying to find a gift for will have his very own set of custom beer mugs! Just like the ones in his favorite pub, he will love using these large, hefty mugs for his favorite brews. Once he tries them out, he’ll never want to drink straight from the bottle or can again! These custom beer mugs are perfect for your husband to enjoy with you as an anniversary gift or even for your brother to share a cold one with dad on Christmas Day!


The Perfect Go-To Great Gifts for Guy

Customizable Flask and Knife Box Set

Whether you’re stumped on what to get the guy who says he doesn’t want anything or you’re not at all sure what to get a friend as a gift, you can’t go wrong with this customizable flask gift set! Not only are the flask, knife, and cigar gift box totally awesome, but you can completely personalize the set! You can tailor your gift to the guy and the occasion with up to three lines of text so that you can create a one-of-a-kind unique gift for guy that he will never expect!

The Ultimate Compact Multi Tool

Compact Multi Tool is a Unique Gift for Guy

When in doubt, tools are always great gifts for guy. Multi-tools are especially good because what guy doesn’t love having one tool with several functions? This handy little multi-tool is the ultimate compact multipurpose tool as it’s the size of a pen but can be a screwdriver, knife, glass breaker, bottle opener, and more! With nine interchangeable bits, your guy will be prepared for literally anything thanks to this tool. This practical gift is the perfect size to be a stocking stuffer or a Secret Santa gift for your brother, coworker, or boyfriend!

Essential Whiskey Gift Set

Personalized Whiskey Glass and Stones

When in doubt, get him something that’s personalized! Who doesn’t love getting gifts with their name on them? This custom whiskey glass and unique whiskey stones is a guaranteed win no matter who it’s for or even what occasion you’re giving it on because it’s cool and personalized just for him!

His Own Poker Set

Engraved Poker Chip Set

Does he like to play a classic game of Texas Hold ‘Em with the guys? With his very own poker set, he can host a weekly poker night for his bros! This set is even personalized and can be used for other games besides poker such as a family fun night of Go Fish or even Farkle. This thoughtful and unique gift for guy is something he’ll enjoy with his friends and family for years to come!

Manly Gifts for Guys

Monogrammed Beer Ammo Can Set

Make your guy feel like a manly man with this badass ammo can gift set! From the elegant engraving of his initials on the glasses and the ammo box to the awesome bullet bottle opener, everything in this set will make him feel manlier and cooler than Chuck Norris himself. Because of your awesome gift, he’ll never leave the house without his trusty new pocket knife, and he’ll be able to enjoy a cold one from his custom pint glasses every night, too!

Every Guy Needs a Decanter Set

Personalized Liquor Decanter Set Great Gifts for Guy

Decanter sets are as functional as they are decorative no matter what type of liquid they’re used to store, which is why they’re must-haves for any guy’s home! This stunning three piece decanter set will be the new centerpiece of his home bar, dining room, or even the living room! He will love that the entire set is custom engraved with his name, and especially the fact that he can enjoy storing anything he wants in the decanter and using the glasses for straight liquor or cocktails.


The Coolest Tech Gift

Bluetooth Radio Speaker

Inspired by antique radios, this handsome vintage-style speaker is more than it seems. The music-loving guy in your life can play his favorite music from every source: the local FM radio, Spotify, internet radio, and even Bluetooth from his phone! He can even customize the buttons to play his favorite stations or artists, and the digital screen displays an alarm clock and album art. Plus, it can be controlled via an app on his phone! Is there anything this incredible music player can’t do?

Make His Home Bar Official

Personalized Wood Bar Sign

Whether he’s already got a built-in home bar or plans on building one, every guy wants to have his own awesome home bar to hang out at with his friends. You can help out the aspiring bartender in your life by making his home bar an official place with this custom sign! He will love that you got him something so unique and personalized just for him, and it will look awesome hanging above his home bar. This unique sign would make an amazing housewarming present for any guy in your life such as your brother, best friend, or boss!

The Most Practical and Unique Gift for Guy

Engraved Wrench Multi Tool

What guy doesn’t love getting new tools as gifts? This awesome Swiss Army-style wrench multi-tool is the ultimate gift for a guy because he can use it to fix anything around the house from a leaky faucet to the broken leg on a dining chair, but it will also come in handy at work when he needs to open packages or put a project together! You can get creative with the two lines of text, and you can rest assured that this is one tool he will definitely never lose and use every day!

The Biggest Beer Mug He’s Ever Seen

Custom Giant Beer Mug

Like any guy, the man you’re shopping for enjoys kicking back with a cold beer after a long day. One of the biggest drawbacks of drinking beer from a can or a bottle is that, once it’s empty, he has to get up for a refill. Solve his problem with a giant beer mug that can hold up to three bottles’ worth! Finally, he can relax and enjoy an entire movie or whole football game without having to get up for a refill. Thanks to you, he won’t miss a second of his game or his movie and he can relax to the fullest!

The Coolest Gifts Any Guy Would Love

Personalized Whiskey Glasses and Hatchet Set of Great Gifts for Guy

When it comes to buying gifts for guys, the manlier and cooler the gift, the better. As soon as he sees this badass whiskey gift set that comes with a personalized hatchet, he’ll want to go on an outdoor adventure right away! This awesome gift set is the coolest and most unique gift for guy because not only can he enjoy his new hatchet the next time he goes backpacking, but his trusty new whiskey glasses and stones will be waiting for him at home to help him unwind. Your boyfriend or husband would absolutely love this incredible gift set whether you give it to him for your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or Father’s Day!

The Ultimate Grilling Spice Set

Barbecue Spice Collection

Help the guy in your life become a gourmet grill master with this complete set of grilling spices! Thanks to your thoughtful gift, his famous kabobs and steaks will be more flavorful and delicious than ever before. In fact, he’ll start hosting cookouts all the time just so that he can share his amazing BBQ with everyone in the neighborhood. Once he’s tried them all out, he will want a new set as a gift every year from now on so that he has a constant supply!

You Can’t Go Wrong with These Great Gifts for Guy

Personalized Knife with Cigar Accessories Great Gifts for Guy

You’ve made it this far and you’re still completely stumped on what to get him as a gift? Not to worry, this custom pocket knife set is the last on the list for a reason! Pocket knives are always appreciated, and this one is not only personalized, but it also has multiple features such as a rope cutter and a glass breaker built in. The little wooden box the knife and cigar accessories come in can be used to store a couple of his favorite stogies or other small keepsakes as the knife will be in his pocket at all times. You just can’t go wrong with such an awesome gift whether you give it to your coworker for Christmas or your best friend for his birthday!