19 Good Birthday Gifts for Husbands

19 Good Birthday Gifts for Husbands

UPDATED: Jan 17, 2023

Good Birthday Gifts for Husband are Just a Few Scrolls Away!

Every year you try to outdo yourself from the year prior. But getting good birthday gifts for husband seems to get harder and harder as each year goes by. You want to get him something unique, memorable, and of course, a gift that he will use! It doesn’t matter how cool a gift is if he doesn’t use it, after all. So make the most out of this opportunity with our help! After you take a look at these great birthday gifts for husband, you won’t be wondering, “What should I gift my husband on his birthday?” or How can I surprise my husband on his birthday?” Instead, you’ll know that you got him the best gift ever for his birthday!

 A Luxury Cocktail Set for Your Husband

Cocktail Smoker Set of Good Birthday Gifts for Husband

A custom cocktail smoker set is a great birthday gift for husband because not only is it luxurious but it also allows him to be even more creative with his cocktails. Instead of playing with different liquors and mixers, he now has a third element to add to the mix–smoke. Infusing each drink with smoke, he has tons of new flavor combinations to enjoy; especially on his birthday, you can be sure he’ll begin experimenting as soon as possible.

Make His Home a Pub

Custom English Pub Sign

Turn his man cave, garage, or his actual wet bar into the pub he has always dreamed of on his birthday! This English pub sign is a fantastic birthday present for your husband that you can even mount for him too! The look on his face when you walk him into his favorite spot for a beer and he sees he is officially a pub–it will be priceless!

Good Birthday Gifts for Husband Who Loves Beer

Custom Beer Set of Great Birthday Gifts for Husband

Speaking of pubs, no rightful pub would be complete without an epic beer gift set! These custom mugs are just what you need in your search for great birthday gifts for husband. After all, few beers taste as good as when they come from a mug, let alone when those beer mugs have been customized with your husband’s name. Talk about an epic husband birthday gift!

Custom Decanter and Cigar Box Set

Engraved Cigar and Decanter Whiskey Box Set

Use this custom cigar glass and decanter gift set for your husband to feel the most regal he ever has felt on his birthday. With this gift, he’d rather spend the night at home with you enjoying drinks and some stogies using this custom glassware gift set than go to any bar. Just make sure that this decanter set is ready to go by having some of his favorite whiskey and cigars as presents too!

Monogrammed Poker Set for Him

Monogrammed Poker Set of Good Birthday Gifts for Husband

Your husband has had a game night going with his buddies from college or high school for years now. Make him the card shark he deserves to be with this monogrammed gift set. He’ll be the house everyone wants to play at with his high-end poker set and he’ll love being a dealer as he hands out cards while still holding his whiskey and cigar in his custom glass. This is an epic husband birthday gift he’ll be using for years.


Great Birthday Gifts for Husband are Beer Flights

Beer Flights are Great Birthday Gifts for Husband

Engraved beer flights make good birthday gifts for husbands who love beer. After all, sometimes the only stress of the day is actually getting to the brewery. Instead of fighting for parking or looking for a seat at the bar, he can enjoy a flight of craft beer from the comfort of his own home. What an awesome way for any husband to spend his birthday!

An American Beer Map

United States Beer Cap Map

Give your husband a fun and interactive gift with this United States beer cap map. Not only is it a great decoration for his man cave or home bar but it also allows him to show off his love for beer and country! He can fill each beer cap slot with his go-to brew or with craft beers from the area of the country, the choice is all his!

AK-47 Rifle Whiskey Decanter Set for Husbands

AK-47 Whiskey Decanter Set with Whiskey Glasses

Take your best shot at getting great birthday gifts for husband with this epic AK-47 decanter gift set. Every husband will love this! After all, he is a dude. That means he either shoots guns, plays video games with guns, or has watched action movies for years. He’ll always have this decanter fully loaded and on display. Just be ready for drinks from the awesome bullet glasses as soon as he opens his gift; this way, he can celebrate his birthday right away!

Engraved Beer Stein

Engraved Beer Stein

Give your husband a birthday gift he can both use and display with pride with a custom beer stein. These are classy ways to drink beer, no doubt. However, they can also use this awesome piece of glassware as a gorgeous display piece when it isn’t in his hands filled with beer. This stein is just like his fine China, he’ll have it on display inside a glass case, on the bar, or on the mantle.

Arm Him with Good Birthday Gifts for Husband Who Loves Whiskey

Custom Ammo Can Whiskey Set of Good Birthday Gifts for Husband

Arm your beloved with good birthday gifts for husband. This engraved ammo can set is one of the coolest birthday ideas for a guy ever. He’ll feel like a badass and like a kid version of himself at the same time when he gets whiskey and cigars inside of a real United States ammo can. Just have some whiskey and cigars ready so he can get the party started with his favorite birthday gift ever.

Coolest Custom Coffee Set

Personalized Coffee Box Set

Do you have a husband who is into caffeine? Or for some, this may be an obvious question with how much their husband already enjoys a good roast. Enhance their mornings from now on with a personalized coffee tumbler along with a fresh gourmet blend for them to try out! They’ll love having a new flavor to enjoy as they get their daily dose of caffeine!

Personalized Cigar Glass and Damascus Knife

Great Birthday Gifts for Husband are Knife and Whiskey Sets

These great birthday gifts for husband are some of the most practical and badass around. A custom cigar glass along with a Damascus knife makes for an incredibly unique gift that he can use to celebrate or unwind with; along with the knife, which he can easily keep on his person all the time!

Monogrammed Travel Growler

Monogrammed Beer Growler

Still wanting to give that practical gift? Want good birthday gifts for husband? How about a monogrammed beer growler? Wait, this isn’t just any growler though. Unlike amber glass growlers, this one is made from stainless steel. So, it is not only stronger but also insulates his beverage. That means your husband can take his craft beer on a hike, camping, or really anywhere and it’ll still be cold.

Tap Into What Your Husband Loves

Custom Beer Tap Handle for Husband

Have his home bar feeling like the brewery he’s always dreamed of opening with his own personalized beer tap handle. Add in the chalkboard in the middle, and now he can show which unique craft beer he has on tap at the moment. For the aspiring home bar owner or the one who needs a finishing touch, this gift idea for your husband is simply one of the best birthday gifts possible!

Luxury Decanter Set for Him

Luxury Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set

A decanter set that looks good? He’ll wonder what he did throughout the year to deserve such an amazing birthday gift! This custom decanter box set will have him feeling like a king each time he takes a drink of his go-to whiskey on his birthday. Plus, this set has four glasses, so that means you and some friends can toast him a “Happy Birthday!” using his new gift.

Engraved Grill Tool Set

Engraved Rosewood Grill Tools

Some men find grilling to be the ultimate passion, and although your husband has gotten himself all the tools for cooking he could ever need, this grill tool set will become his instant favorite. Personalized with his name and with rosewood handles, it’ll be like he finally made it as a pitmaster with these amazingly good birthday gifts for husband!

A Set of Great Birthday Gifts for Husbands Who Love Wine

Great Birthday Gifts for Husband are Luxury Wine Sets

Nothing is more rewarding at the end of the day than a delicious glass of wine for a true wine-lover. Make each sip feel like it is his birthday with this custom wine glass box set. Engraved with his name and initial, it is a fantastically unique birthday gift, the likes of which your husband will never forget!

Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized Butcher Block

Your husband is quite literally fire on his grill. Well, without a quality cutting board, his food would be nothing. After all, where would he season and cut his food before throwing it on the smoker or grill? Give him a personalized cutting board! These are great birthday gifts for husband because he will use it every time he wants to make some fresh BBQ. He can even use the gorgeous bamboo board to serve some of his favorite gourmet meals!

Ultimate Whiskey Tasting Set for Husbands

Good Birthday Gifts for Husband are Whiskey Tasting Sets

Bring your husband the gift of unlimited flavor with this amazing whiskey lover’s gift box set. Engraved with his initials, this will be the most personal and intimate gift idea he could ever think of. With two tasting glasses, two rocks glasses, and two Glencairns he is ready for everything from luxury whiskey tastings to cocktails with a friend. Make his birthday memorable with a birthday gift box full of glassware for his favorite drink–whiskey!


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