39 Golden 50th Anniversary Gifts

Make Your Anniversary Feel Golden with These 50th Anniversary Gifts!

Five whole decades of marriage is no small feat and it is definitely something to celebrate! You want to get your long time love something incredible to commemorate the occasion, but you’re not really sure what would be a good gift. 50th anniversary gifts should be items that show your significant other how much you still love and appreciate them after all this time together such as a gift they’ve always wanted, something nice that they can display in their office or at home, or even a gift you can both enjoy together. The traditional and modern theme of the 50th anniversary is gold, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to gold jewelry or anything that’s gold-plated. From luxurious to simple and sweet custom anniversary gifts, we have found some of the best 50th wedding anniversary gifts both traditional and non-traditional that anyone would love!

Stunning Crystal 50th Anniversary Gifts

Engraved Crystal Decanter Set of 50th Anniversary Gifts

Since it’s your 50th anniversary, your wife or husband deserves a gift that’s as incredible and impressive as they are. Look no further than this absolutely amazing decanter set! Each and every item in this six piece set is custom engraved with your shared last name and initial as an everlasting testament to your many years of marriage. This set looks gorgeous on display, but it’s also perfect for having romantic anniversary drinks together or serving cocktails when you have company over!

Not Your Average Golden Anniversary Gift

Custom Wooden Sign

Looking for traditional 50th wedding anniversary gifts that are unique? Surprise your longtime love with a custom wooden sign for your home! They will love the art deco style and beautiful gold accents on this cool decor. Whether you design it to be something special for their office or a fun sign to decorate the entryway with, your partner will absolutely adore this gorgeous sign and how you made it unique just for them.

Toast To Your 50th Anniversary Together

Personalized Champagne Flute Box Set

Remember those lovely champagne flutes you and your sweetheart used for your wedding toast? Relive that special moment by getting this gorgeous personalized champagne set as your 50th anniversary gifts to your spouse! Each flute is personalized with your names and the beautiful wooden gift box can be customized to your liking, creating a totally unique gift set that is special to you and your partner. You two can toast to your 50th anniversary and every future special occasion together using this gorgeous champagne flute set!

The Coolest Golden Anniversary Gift

Antique Globe Bar Set of 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Talk about an awesome golden anniversary gift! This gorgeous globe bar cart is reminiscent of a priceless antique, but it’s fully functional as a bar once you open up the globe. Your partner will be amazed at this luxurious gift and will be so excited to show it off the next time you two have friends over! Definitely one of the coolest 50th wedding anniversary gifts, this bar cart is sure to be the site of celebrating many special occasions and gatherings with friends and family.

Anniversary Gifts They’ll Treasure Forever

Engraved Decanter Set with Gift Box

Want to give an anniversary gift that will last a lifetime? Get your partner a personalized decanter set! This beautiful set is perfect for sharing a drink together in celebration of your many years of marriage as well as having cocktails with friends. The decanter set is ideal for displaying in your dining room, kitchen, or home bar and your partner can even use the handsome gift box to store keepsakes and mementos! Each and every piece is designed to last forever, which means you two can pass down this stunning 50th wedding anniversary gift set someday to your kids.


The Ultimate Golden Anniversary Gift

Gold Diamond Wedding Band Set

After 50 years of marriage, it’s about time for a new set of wedding bands. After all, there’s nothing like gold rings for your 50th anniversary gifts! Your partner will be in awe of this spectacular diamond trio that is so dazzling it will sparkle for the rest of your lives! These gorgeous rings represent a whole new phase of your marriage where you two can watch your children and grandchildren grow up as you retire and cherish all of your free time with your loved ones.

Fun Wine Glasses You’ll Never Get Tired Of

50th Anniversary Gifts Custom Stemmed Wine Glasses

Are you in search of 50th wedding anniversary gifts that appeal to your partner’s sense of humor? These fun wine glasses are sure to make them smile every time they use them! The design pokes fun at you two becoming “vintage,” as you grow older like fine wine, and the glasses are perfect for enjoying a nice glass of merlot or chardonnay together on your anniversary. Of course, don’t forget to pick up a bottle of wine that’s 50 years old so that you can enjoy a wine that’s aged as well as your marriage!

Lovely Cutting Board

Custom Acacia Cutting Board

Sure, you probably got a custom cutting board or two when the two of you got married all those years ago, but it’s likely long gone by now. Make your sweetheart feel like a newlywed again by surprising them with a new beautifully engraved cutting board for your 50th anniversary! This gorgeous acacia cutting board features your last name and wedding date, reminding your partner of the day you two declared your love for one another in front of all of your friends and family. Such a sweet anniversary present is sure to be enjoyed for many years to come!

50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts to Represent Your Travels

Etched Globe Decanter Set

You and your partner have been together for half a century and have traveled all over the world, so it’s only fitting that you get them a gift that shows how far you’ve gone together! This lovely etched decanter set is so incredibly beautiful that they’ll want it front-and-center in your home for all to admire. You two can enjoy a couple of romantic drinks after dinner every evening, to celebrate special occasions, or even just to relax after a long day using this elegant set. You can even use this set to plan your next trip together!

You’re Never Too Old For Cute Anniversary Gifts

Personalized Home Sign 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

How sweet is this personalized sign? Your husband or wife can’t help but say “Aww!” when you give them this heartfelt décor on your 50th anniversary. Perfect for hanging anywhere in your home from your entryway to your bedroom, this lovely sign will remind them that no matter where you are, you will always be home with one another. This touching gift is especially ideal if you or your partner often have to move due to an occupation or even if the two of you just like to travel!

A Gift That They Will Cherish Forever

Gold Family Tree Plaque

Are you in search of 50th wedding anniversary gifts that will last forever? This unique family tree is a thoughtful gift that you can pass down to your children and grandchildren! Starting with the two of you, this beautiful decoration shows your loved ones and how they’re all connected to each other. You can even customize the tags with pictures, birthstones, and more to make it special for your family. Your partner will love seeing this gorgeous family tree plaque hanging in your home every day and showing the grandkids where they are on the branches. Plus, this lovely gift doubles as a traditional golden anniversary present!

Treat Them to The Best Whiskey They’ve Ever Had

Custom Glencairn Glasses Box Set

It doesn’t matter what kind of whiskey your significant other enjoys because any whiskey tastes ten times better in a Glencairn glass! Even after 50+ years of drinking their tried and true blend, it’ll taste completely new to them thanks to this amazing set. They will want to try all of their favorite whiskeys in these Glencairn glasses and might even be inspired to take up whiskey tasting as a new hobby thanks to your thoughtful anniversary gift!

A New Piece of Décor

Personalized Wine Sign 50th Anniversary Gifts

Getting new furniture or décor is always fun, but your 50th anniversary is a once in a lifetime occasion that should be marked with something extra special. This customizable wooden sign is the perfect gift for your sweetheart because not only can you choose the color scheme, you can personalize the two lines of text and year as well. With endless combinations, your partner will end up with a truly one-of-a-kind work of art that’s both a testament to your love for them and a beautiful new decoration for your home.

The Coolest New Gadget

Smoke Box Kit with Engraved Whiskey Glasses

You know that your partner has a go-to drink and sticks to it, but what if they could try it for the first time all over again? With a smoke box system, they can infuse their favorite drink with a delicious smoky flavor and it will taste brand new! They will love experimenting with the different types of wood chips and which flavors go best with which liquors to discover a whole new type of concoction that might even become their new favorite. The two of you are sure to have a lot of fun with this nifty gadget on your 50th anniversary!


A Gift They’ll Never Expect

Custom Wood Coasters

After 50 years, your coasters are probably looking a little worse for wear. Surprise your partner with a beautiful new set of personalized coasters as your unique 50th anniversary gifts! Especially perfect for the significant other who doesn’t want anything, these coasters are as decorative as they are practical. The regal engraving of your last name initial in the calligraphy style is classy and unique, and it definitely adds a touch of luxury to any room you use them in.

Create a Unique Book

Customizable Anniversary Book from Heartfelt Books

Looking for something heartfelt to give your true love on your anniversary? Create a custom book for them! Filled with your favorite photos and pages of your responses to the sweet prompts like a super romantic madlibs, this custom book is one of the sweetest 50th anniversary gifts ever. You and your spouse will love flipping through it together on your anniversary and in the future as a sweet keepsake from this milestone occasion!

Romantic 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Engraved Shadow Box and Wine Glass Set

Even after half a century together, you and your sweetheart still adore one another. Show them that you would gladly say, “I Do,” all over again with this lovely wine gift set! Featuring your wedding date and shared last name, these touching 50th anniversary gifts will remind them of your wedding day every time they see the shadow box or use one of the matching wine glasses. You two can start filling up the shadow box by opening a nice bottle of wine on your 50th anniversary and try out the beautiful wine glasses!

An Elegant Gift You Can Share

Whiskey Glass Set with Custom Gift Box 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

What do you give the partner of 50 years who wants nothing? Something simple, but still thoughtful, like this custom whiskey box set! They will be touched by the personalized wooden gift box and that you two can enjoy a couple of romantic drinks together using the beautiful crystal glasses and whiskey stones. The lovely gift box will definitely be on display and can store the whiskey set or even be repurposed to store keepsakes! As far as 50th wedding anniversary gifts go, this set is a guaranteed win.

Adorable Décor for the Partner Who Loves Coffee

Personalized Coffee Bar Sign

Does your husband or wife love coffee almost as much as they love you? Turn your dining room into their own personal coffee bar with this adorable custom sign on your anniversary! You can customize virtually every aspect of this cute sign to make it totally unique just for your partner and it will make them feel like they’re in a comfy coffee shop instead of the dining room or kitchen. Of course, don’t forget to pick up some of their favorite coffee to go with this super cute sign!

Treat Them to a Luxurious Anniversary

Personalized Cognac Box Set of 50th Anniversary Gifts

Want to go all out for your 50th anniversary and get your partner something that shows them how much you appreciate them and that they deserve the world? Go above and beyond with this luxurious cognac set! Cognac is a high-end spirit and is best enjoyed in a cognac snifter, so this set ensures your partner has everything they need to enjoy it to the fullest. The two of you can enjoy the set together by the fire as you toast to your 50th anniversary, puffing on cigars, and remembering your wedding day like it was yesterday.

Not Your Average Anniversary Gift

Golden Gate Ficus Bonsai Outlet

Show your partner that your love for them continues to grow and expand just like a beautiful tree by giving them their very own bonsai for your 50th anniversary! This Golden Gate Tiger Bark Ficus is a beautiful, mature bonsai that is over 20 years old and will look lovely in your partner’s office. They can let it grow and get bigger or keep it trimmed down depending on how they prefer to prune this little tree, but either way it will grow old with the two of you and can even be given to your kids one day because they last for decades!

Something They’ve Always Wanted

Customizable Liquor Bottle Gift Box

Your anniversary is the perfect time to get them that nice bottle of whiskey they’ve been admiring at the liquor store for a while, and this custom gift box will make it all the more special! Whether it’s a 50 year old Macallan or a limited edition of Woodford Reserve, this handsome gift box is the ideal way to present your thoughtful anniversary gift. They can keep the bottle in the box in between drinks for safekeeping or just use the box to display the rare liquor in. As far as 50th anniversary gifts go, this one is simple but so thoughtful!

A Gift The Whole Family Can Enjoy

Personalized Cornhole Set 50th Anniversary Gifts

There’s nothing like a classic game of cornhole with friends and family at the local diner or restaurant, but it would be even better if you and your partner could enjoy it with your loved ones whenever you like. With a personalized cornhole set, you and your long time love can play this fun game on your 50th anniversary, at Christmas with the kids and grandkids, with your friends when they come to visit, and every family reunion!

Creative 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Engraved Wine Glass Box Set

You want to get something really special for your partner on your 50th anniversary, but you’re not really sure what kind of gift to get. How about a personalized wine gift set? You can choose the text on all three lines in your choice of four unique fonts to create a one-of-a-kind gift that comes straight from your heart! No matter what you choose to have engraved on this lovely set, they will be so touched by your creativity and thoughtfulness as you use the new wine glasses to toast to your milestone anniversary.

A Simple But Elegant Decanter Set

Monogrammed Decanter Set

50th anniversary gifts don’t have to be anything overly extravagant, they can be something as simple as this elegant little three piece decanter set! Featuring a unique monogram of yours and their initials, this classy decanter set will look great in their office, dining room, or home bar. You two can enjoy anniversary toasts, relaxing drinks after dinner, and romantic nightcaps with this lovely set.


A Glimpse Into the Past

50th Anniversary Gifts Picture Frame

What do you give a husband or wife who doesn’t want anything for your 50th anniversary? A picture frame showing the two of you then and now! This adorable picture frame is a great way to look back on your wedding day as well as lohttps://www.giftswithlove.com/love-in-bloom-50th-anniversary-photo-frame/?utm_source=homewetbar_blog&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=50th_anniversary_giftsok forward to the rest of your lives together. You may be getting older, but your love for one another is stronger than ever and this thoughtful gift says it all!

Stunning Whiskey Set

Engraved Whiskey Glass and Stone Set

Do you and your sweetheart enjoy having after-dinner drinks or nightcaps together most evenings? To celebrate your 50th anniversary, get your love a beautiful set of rocks glasses and whiskey stones to make those special moments together even more enjoyable! The gorgeous glasses are custom engraved with your shared last name, and the whiskey stones ensure that your drinks are always just the right temperature but never watered down. From this anniversary and onward, your drinks and your evenings together will be better than ever before!

For the Partner Who Loves to Cook

Personalized Hardwood Cutting Board

Most anniversaries you get your significant other gifts like grilling tools, spice sets, new knives, and one time even a new Kitchenaid Mixer, but this year you’re stumped! After 50 years together, you’ve officially run out of ideas. How about a personalized cutting board? It’s something they’ll use every day and their current one is probably a few years old, plus it’s engraved! You just can’t go wrong with this cutting board as one of the most practical and thoughtful 50th wedding anniversary gifts!

Never Use a Wine Aerator Again

Self Aerating Wine Glasses 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

What’s a better anniversary gift for a wine lover than a nice bottle of wine? Self-aerating wine glasses! After 50+ years of enjoying wine, they’ve become quite the sommelier but even they get tired of having to wait before having a sip. With these unique glasses, your partner can dive right into their evening glass because the beautiful curves aerate their drink perfectly while pouring and sipping. Yes, that means that each sip is better than the last! You two can enjoy a quality glass of wine together on your 50th anniversary like never before thanks to your awesome gift.

Vintage-Inspired Whiskey Gift Set

Personalized Whiskey Glass Box Set

Remind your sweetheart of the good old days when you two were young with this vintage-inspired whiskey set! The design is reminiscent of the art style used in the 50s for anything from soda to record labels and will instantly take your partner back to when you two would go to the local diner for milkshakes after school together. As you two sip on your whiskey from these custom glasses on your 50th anniversary, you’ll feel like young teens in love all over again.

The Sweetest 50th Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary Cookie Gift Basket

How adorable is this cookie gift basket? Perfect for the sweetheart with a sweet tooth, these custom cookies are a cute way to show them that you love them and their love of desserts. You two can dive into the cookies right after your romantic anniversary dinner as a fun dessert, saving the custom calendar cookie showing the month and day of your wedding for last. In fact, they will love these so much on your 50th anniversary that they’ll want a basket for every future anniversary!

An Interactive Gift They’ll Love

Wine Cork Collector Sign

After being together for 50 years, you and your partner have traveled quite a bit all over the country and tasted the many foods and wines other states had to offer. For your upcoming 50th anniversary, give your partner a fun gift that shows off the many different American wines they’ve tried! Whether they’ve been saving the corks already or this is the start of their collection, this wine cork sign is a great way to display their favorite wines from each state.

Go All Out For Your Anniversary

Custom Twist Decanter Box Set

As far as 50th anniversary gifts go, this spectacular decanter set is one of the most impressive! Your husband or wife will be in awe of such an incredible gift that they’ll be speechless. Once they’ve recovered, they’ll want to grab the finest bottle of scotch in the house and try out the set! The two of you will toast to your golden anniversary with the golden liquor and enjoy using this beautiful set for years to come.

His and Hers Anniversary Gifts

His and Hers Custom Glasses 50th Anniversary Gifts

Since you’ve been together for 50 years, you two have developed your spirits of choice. If you’re the kind of couple where one drinks beer and one drinks wine, then you need to get your partner this set of his and hers custom glasses! They will love that these adorable glasses match in design as a subtle way of saying you’re together while being different. Of course, make sure to grab a bottle or two of their favorite spirit before giving them this set so that you two can toast to your anniversary together using the glasses right away.

Toast To Your Anniversary In Style

Crystal Whiskey Decanter Box Set

Everyone has those certain sets of glassware they use for special occasions, and your 50th anniversary is definitely an important occasion that deserves only the finest! With this stunning crystal anniversary gift set, you and your partner can have a 50h anniversary toast at the height of luxury. The gorgeous crystal Glencairn glasses are designed to deliver the best-tasting glass of whiskey you both have ever had with every sip, and your partner can enjoy a celebratory stogie as well!

Remind Them Of Your Wedding Day

Personalized Wedding Song Lyrics Print

It seems like it was only yesterday that you married the love of your life, and you remember how amazing it was to be dancing to your favorite song together after saying, “I Do.” One of the best 50th wedding anniversary gifts to give your partner is a custom print of the lyrics to your wedding song! An adorable reminder of that special moment from your wedding day, this thoughtful gift is something your sweetheart will treasure forever.

Take Their Favorite Wine Everywhere

Engraved Portable Wine Cooler

The best kinds of 50th anniversary gifts are those that your partner has always wanted, like a portable wine cooler so that they can have chilled wine whether they’re on a picnic with you or going to their parents’ house. This custom wine cooler is a unique and thoughtful 50th anniversary gift that your partner will enjoy for many years as it’s the kind of gift that just keeps on giving!

A Different Kind of Golden Anniversary Gift

Custom Sign 50th Anniversary Gifts

How awesome is this personalized bar sign? Your significant other will be amazed at your unique golden anniversary gift and how much thought you put into making something so awesome just for them. Perfect for the partner who’s always wanted a home bar or brewery, this cool sign is the ideal way to make their dream finally come true.

Unbeatable 50th Anniversary Gifts

Crystal Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set

When in doubt, stick with something simple and elegant, like this beautiful crystal decanter set! Your husband or wife will be amazed by such gorgeous 50th wedding anniversary gifts that they won’t be able to say anything by “Wow!” The large, hefty glasses are perfect for having golden cocktails like Whiskey Sours or Mimosas in celebration of your anniversary. Your partner will definitely want to display this stunning set front-and-center in the living room or home bar for all to see when they’re not using it for classy drinks.