19 Best Get Well Gifts for Men

Make Him Feel Better With These Awesome Get Well Gifts for Men:

Whether he has fallen a little under the weather or is recovering from a surgery, nothing makes a person feel better than a get well gift! However, when you’re shopping for the man in your life who means the world to you, you’ll need to get one of the best get well gifts for men that you can find! These gifts come with things that will make his time on the road to recovery a little bit easier and hopefully a bit more fun. Instead of just a box with soup and some Sprite, find him a gift that is all about him, this way, he can enjoy it when he is sick and when he is at full strength once again! He’ll love gift baskets for men, custom gifts, snack sets, or anything he knows you’re giving in the hopes it will make him feel even slightly better. Now, your job is almost done, you just need to pick one of these incredible get well baskets for him!

The Toughest Set of Get Well Gifts for Men

Engraved Ammo Can Set with Knife Hatchet and Cigar Flask

Help the toughest guy you know get back onto the road toward recovery with a gift set that matches his masculinity! This personalized ammo can set is filled with manly things like a knife, hatchet, cigar flask, and you can add to it too! Whether he has his leg up in a sling due to a fall while scaling Everest or he is down with this year’s flu, you know one thing will be for sure, he won’t be able to wait until he uses this awesome gift!

An Indestructible Gift Basket

Wine Tumbler Set of Get Well Gifts for Men

Although he may not feel like it at the moment, he has always been your indescribable husband or boyfriend. He’s almost never shown any weakness, and now in his time of need, it is important for you to show him he is still your knight in shining armor! These stainless steel tumblers are the perfect gift to remind him that you think he is just the toughest! Who knows, if he really wants to use them, he could even take shots of cold medicine from them.

A Comforting Gift

Soup and Cookie Gift Basket

Now, you can’t have a get well gift guide without soup! It is one of those foods that is often thought of as the best way for a person to feel better. But don’t just stop at chicken noodle! Get this get well basket for him set that also adds Bacci rolls and cookies! Comfort food has never tasted as good as this!

A Great Gift for Being Sick and Recovery

Initialed Stainless Steel Beer Growler

An initialed beer growler? That seems like a weird thing to put on a list when you’re searching for the best get well gifts for men, right? Wrong! This has so many more uses than just hauling around his favorite craft micro-brewery IPA. You can fill it with home-made soup, his favorite tea, hot chocolate, and when he gets better he now has an awesome gift to use for that favorite beer of his! Talk about a thoughtful gift for men.

A Gift to Look Forward To

Custom Grill Tool Gift Set for Him

Give him the motivation he needs to get back on his feet ASAP with an engraved set of grill tools. It’ll be mighty difficult for him to make his signature burgers without being healthy, but he may just go a little harder at physical therapy or may put in more time resting if it means he can get back to the grill even sooner!


A Relaxing Set of Get Well Gifts for Men

Therapeutic Get Well Baskets for Him Spa Day Gifts

Help him feel rejuvenated with a pampering kit! Now, normally you know he isn’t that interested in pampering himself but when his body aches and he has chills, a sea salt body scrub, moisturizing treatment, and therapeutic candle will really hit the spot!

Classy Recovery Gift Set

Custom Watch Case Divot Tool and Knife Gift Set

Keep his eyes on recovery with one of the manliest get well baskets for him he’s ever seen! The watch case and divot tool are nice gifts that he’ll get to use as soon as he starts to feel better. You could even add in a wooden watch for a surprise gift he’ll get to find inside his watch case! This may not be the cure to what ails him, but a gift box this good is sure to be one of his favorite gifts yet!

A Box of Old Irish Cure

Engraved Ammo Can Whiskey and Cigar Gift Set

Although your guy is a total badass who will absolutely love this personalized cigar and whiskey ammo can gift set when he is healthy, at the moment he needs to start feeling better before he indulges, or does he? Not only is this a great gift for when he is feeling 100%, but it is also the coolest way to serve him an Old Irish Cure to help him kick whatever bug has been bothering him!

The Ultimate Under the Weather First Aid

First Aid Themed Get Well Gifts for Men

Sugar, chicken noodle, cough drops, there are few things that are going to battle a bad cold better than this next awesome set of get well gifts for men! With this full-on medical cabinet of gifts to help him get well, he’ll be back on his feet in double-time!

One of the Most Unique Get Well Baskets for Him

Wine Gift Box with Wine Tools

Celebrate him finally feeling better with one of the classiest get well gifts for men, his own personalized wine toolset! This gorgeously inlaid box has a fabric interior to not only make the presentation look good but also to gently cradle his celebratory bottle of wine. Also, if it has been a while since he’s had a bottle and concerned he doesn’t know where his aerator or corkscrew is, fret not! This box set has everything he needs!

Equip Him with All the Tools He Needs

Personalized Ammo Can Set of Get Well Gifts for Men

Got an office mate or good friend who is feeling a little under the weather? This engraved ammo can gift set is the perfect thing to send his way! This get well basket for him comes with an awesome multi-tool, flask, and jerky snacks; however, you can really make this gift unique to him by stuffing it with his favorite things as well as well cards! How cool is that?

A Fun and Tasty Gift Basket

Game Night Gift Basket

Maybe he isn’t sick, maybe he just has to stay in and recover from a procedure. For those guys, they can feel like they’ve got a mean case of FOMO (fear of missing out), don’t let this happen to him! Instead, bring the party to him with this game night gift basket that has everything from board games to all the snacks he could want!

A Basket for Hot Toddies

Engraved Whiskey Get Well Baskets for Him

Keep things simple and old school with a gift set that will make Hot Toddies while he is running a fever just as easy as taking a chilled sip of his favorite bottle of Johnnie Walker when he is healthy. This personalized whiskey stone set is a fantastic gift to give when you’re looking to get him one of the most unique get well baskets for him available!

Help the Patriotic Guy Feel Better

Patriotic Beer Gift Box for Men

Got a patriotic guy or vet that needs to feel better? You’ve found the ultimate gift box for him! This set of get well gifts for men has everything he could possibly need to beat that cold or get back on his feet again! Although it is perfect for enjoying a beer, the personalization just might bring a tear to his eye and make him feel better for at least that moment, he really couldn’t ask for a more fitting get to feel better!

Warm Drinks Always Help

Tea and Coffee Get Well Gifts for Men

Soothe that sore throat or raspy cough with a warm brew of coffee or tea. There is nothing like a hot drink to make you feel better when you’re running a fever, and you know a set of fancy drinks he can brew in the comfort of his home makes for a fantastic set of get well gifts for men!

A Custom Beer Set of Get Well Gifts for Men

Custom Beer Mug Box Set

When he’s laid up because of an injury or illness, one thing he’ll be missing for sure is his time at the bar or going out to get his favorite beer. Keep him feeling manly with a custom mug box that is one of the best get well baskets for him! It’s got everything he needs to enjoy a nice cold one. Just add in a six-pack of his favorite brew and he’s good to go!

Creative Cocktail Gift for the Legendary Guy

Engraved Whiskey Glass and Knife Box Set

Even when he isn’t feeling 100%, he is still your legendary guy, so make sure he knows you still see him that way with this engraved rocks glass gift set! Nothing will make him feel better quicker than when he gets this personalized gift. The two of you can even share a drink toward his recovery!

Sometimes, Chocolate is the Best Medicine

Chocolate Gift Basket

As the title says, it is as simple as that. Sometimes, all you need to feel better is a little bit of chocolate; however, unlike other gift baskets for him, this gift basket comes with A LOT of chocolate! Whether he recovers instantly or in a week, you can be sure he’ll have sweets to last him the whole time! And lucky for him, since he is sick he doesn’t even have to share!

A Personalized Gift Box

DIY Get Well Gifts for Men Personalized Box

Can’t find any get well baskets for him that have the exact gifts you’re looking for? Why not fill up a personalized gift box with everything you know he will love! Whether it is stuffed full of Campbell’s Soup and Sprite or mementos like photos, you can be sure that your personalized gift will make him feel better as soon as he opens it!