Geek-Out: Host a Geeky Party to Celebrate National Comic Book Day

Halloween will be here before you know it, but you can start celebrating even earlier, because National Comic Book Day is on September 25. What better way to try out a costume and practice your decorating skills than throw a geeky party! It’s the perfect excuse for you to dress up and act as nerdy as you’d like. What’s not to love?

We’ve searched the web and collected our favorite creative ideas for decorations and food for your geeky comic book party.

  • First, you need comic book decorations. Make a fun comic book banner to hang across the door or over a mantel. Purchase a few new comic books (or find some old ones) and make this comic book banner. Find out how here.

Comic Flags

  • Make your own comic book letter or letters by covering a cardboard letter with old (or new) comic book pages. (Found here.) This would be a great way to spell out a greeting to guests or spell the name or initial of your favorite comic book character.

Comic Letter

  • This isn’t comic books specifically, but if you’re going with a broader “nerdy” theme, have your nerdy, comic-loving guests mark their drinks with HTML coding. (Idea found here.)

Green Plastic Cups

  • For a Star Wars-themed party, you can make food labels that are out of this galaxy!

(Dessert table and menu can be found here.)

Star Wars Desserts

  • Your comic book party won’t be complete without Superhero cupcakes, the ultimate nerdy dessert. Find out how to make these here.

Superhero Cupcakes

  • And don’t forget about America’s first superhero, Captain America. The recipe for these red, white, and blue cookies can be found here. These will be a great addition to your geeky party.

Captain America SnackThose are just a few fun things you can do and make for your geek-out comic book party. If nothing else, use your geeky party as the perfect opportunity to practice a new desert recipe and work out any kinks so you will be ready for Halloween! Most of all, have fun!

Do you have any ideas to add? Let us know in the comments!