17 Awesomely Fun Groomsmen Gifts

17 Awesomely Fun Groomsmen Gifts

UPDATED: Jan 5, 2023

Make the Wedding Great with These Fun Groomsmen Gifts!

Celebrating with your groomsmen is a must. To make what will be one of the biggest moments in your life less stressful, get yourself and your best friends a set of hilarious groomsmen gifts! A fun groomsmen gift is a fantastic way to make sure that before, during, and after the wedding that you will have the best time celebrating with your best friends. These hilarious gifts are a great way to ask them to be your groomsmen or to thank them for being awesome friends. These gifts can even be used to take some of the nervousness out of the upcoming biggest moment in your life. Plus, the you can get yourself a set of groom gifts so you can enjoy the perfect set of groomsmen gifts for the guys you know will always have your back!

Label Your Groomsmen

Whiskey Label Fun Groomsmen Gift

Make the day you give your groomsmen their gifts feel almost as special as the day you’re all leading up to, your wedding! They’ll be grinning from ear to ear when you give them this fun groomsmen gift set. Not only will they get a kick out of it looking like they’re now their own whiskey label owner (which you know they’ve wanted for years) but they’ve gotten an awesome gift too! Who wouldn’t love a gift that makes them want to smile as much as it makes them want to toast you and your future bride?

Axe-Cellent Fun Groomsmen Gift

Engraved Hatchet Set of Five

Whether you’re “axe-ing,” them to be your groomsmen or you’re looking for a fantastic gift to give these legendary men, you know that something personal, yet useful, will make the ideal present. After all, men love practicality. A personalized hatch is the fun groomsmen gift that will fit the bill for your men perfectly. Not only will it make a fantastic gift, they can also use it for camping, hiking, or anything else!

Ammo Can Attire

Ammo Can Beer Set

Groomsmen should never stray far from their tools. That is why at a moment’s notice they should be ready to toast the groom. Give them a similar speech to this as you hand out their ammo can gift set and they are sure to laugh at your fantastic passionate speech, as well as give a chuckle to how great this gift set truly is. There is no better way to prepare your groomsmen for any situation than with their very own personalized ammo can gift set. This fun and truly awesome groomsmen gift is a practical way to thank them, but will also give them storage that can hold anything they could need or want for the bachelor party!

A Gift that Meats and Exceeds Expectations

Funny Groomsmen Gift Set of Grill Tools

Don’t let your guys be out there with a set of tools that are inadequate to get the job done. A fully custom grill tool box filled with everything they need to create perfect burgers, bruats, and steaks. This funny groomsmen gift set will have them grinning from ear to ear when you hand them out. Your boys will always get a kick out of the fact you got them a totally unexpected set of gifts that are funny but also makes creating delicious grilled food easier than ever!

Groomsmen Goodie Gift Set

Personalized Stag Groomsmen Gift Box

Stag parties are a very well-known name for the bachelor’s night out. Aside from their name on the card, these engraved gifts with a stag on them are the ideal way to ask your friends to be your groomsmen and to have the best celebration ever! So why not have a bit of a goof on the idea of a stag party by branding all their gifts with a stag? This is a great way to give everyone matching, hilarious, and unique groomsmen gifts that they are sure to use at your bachelor party or to keep discrete in their jackets before toasting you as a team before your wedding!


Sock it To ’Em

Set of Five Mustache Socks

Weddings generally involve fairly serious and formal attire; however, that doesn’t mean you can’t get away with a funny groomsmen gift that is perfect for the wedding like these mustache socks! Have your groomsmen match your goofy, fun-loving attitude when they show up with quality dress socks, that still have a fun side to them!

An Ice Gift to Give Your Groomsmen

Custom Decanter and Ice Sculpted Glass Set

Groomsmen gifts are items that you want to stand out. A set of gifts for the men beside you on the biggest day of your life are things you hope they will treasure forever. However, that isn’t to say they can’t be a little funny too. You know your boys will get a good laugh out of these amazing ice-shaped glasses. Need a glass on the rocks? Well, you’ve got one whenever you’re enjoying a drink from this awesome gift set.

Matching Fun Groomsmen Gift Mugs

Personalized Mugs are Fun Groomsmen Gift

There simply is no more fun groomsmen gift than a matching set of personalized mugs for everyone! As soon as each guy in your group gets their own mug, you can be sure the beer puns will be flowing: “Oh, perfect, I needed a mug for my ale-mets,” or “These are pitcher perfect gifts,” or what about “These are great, but I always thought they would be a little bit lager in person.” The more you resist, the more beer puns you’ll get!

A Gift that Gets to the Point

Custom Knife Set of Five for Groomsmen

Men love manly things, as redundant as that seems, it is true! Anything that seems like a manly item always makes a great gift for guys, especially if it is practical. So why not make your fun gifts awesome too? Engrave their name or possibly their hilarious nickname on the handles of these knives as the perfect groomsmen gift. Aside from being a great gift, these can even make useful tools on your wedding day.. From loose threads, to boxes, or anything else they run into, your guys will be ready to have your back on your big day!

Watch Them Love It

Watch Case, Flask, Whiskey Glass Engraved Groomsmen Gifts

Ensure on your big day you can sit around with the guys and tell hilarious stories instead of looking for missing watches, cufflinks, or tie-clips. Give your groomsmen this set of fun groomsmen gifts that aren’t hilarious on their own, but their organization will ensure you can sit back and have a great, stress-free time with a few drinks before taking a trip down the aisle.

Cool It

Personalized Coolers Make Funny Groomsmen Gift

When you’re going out with the boys for your stag party, the last thing you want is warm drinks or worse yet, running out of drinks. Make sure that never becomes a problem with personalized groomsmen coolers! It may look a little strange, but when you and the guys roll in with your own coolers strapped around your shoulders and hanging off your hip like a holster, you’ll all be ready to be on the draw for some fantastic snacks and brews.

Bad to the Bone Gift Set

Skull Flask Set of Five

Want to give a gift that’ll be funny and cool at the same time? These groomsmen skull flasks make the perfect funny groomsmen gift! There is a cool novelty that can look badass, but their counter-culture nature toward what a traditional wedding should be will have your groomsmen giggling each time they take their flask out for a sip of liquor on your big day!

Beer Games Groomsmen Gift Set

Beer Game and Stein Gift Set

Create a night of laughs with the coolest funny groomsmen gift set out there. Opening a beer, pouring it into a custom stein, and then using the cap for a game of beeropoly with your best friends will be a fantastic part of your bachelor party. The more you play, the funnier the game will become!

Military Grade Gift for Groomsmen

Ammo Cans are Fun Groomsmen Gift Sets

You’ve enlisted the help of the greatest men you know to be by your side. Give your brothers in arms a gift that’ll put a huge smile on their face, their very own custom ammo can gift set! They might find it funny or cool at first, but in the end, this will be a gift they’ll love keeping in their home as a fantastic memory of your wedding!

Personalized Funny Groomsmen Gift Set

Custom Groomsmen Whiskey Cocktail Flask Box Set

Still looking to find the perfect way to ask your groomsmen to be a part of your wedding? You won’t have to think twice about getting them a cheeky groomsmen gift box asking them to “suit up.” Being a groomsman should be fun for them, so start things off with the right tone with this awesome gift box!

The Post-Party Survival Set

Hangover Survival Kit

At the bachelor party and the reception, there is going to be drinking. Don’t let your guys be hurting for days to come, instead get them up and moving right away with this fun groomsmen gift! It might look cute in the bag, but inside they’ll find everything they could ever need to cure their hangover!

A Gift of Colossal Proportions

Colossal Ammo Can Beer Set of Fun Groomsmen Gift

Getting your groomsmen a great gift is a huge deal. You want to make sure it is something they will enjoy but that it will also be a fun groomsmen gift. An ammo can with a beer mug that holds a full liter is a fantastic gift for you guys. Not only can they use the mug at the bachelor party, wedding or reception, they can also use the ammo can to store groomsmen accessories or anything you might need on your wedding day!


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