Fig-get All You Knew About Figs! Fun Fig Recipes and Facts

Facts about Figs

Can you smell it in the air? Something is shifting, yes ladies and gentlemen autumn is upon us. While pumpkin tends to outshine most foods during the chilly months, figs are the underrated Ben Affleck of fall produce. Exactly when are figs in season you may ask? Well now! Figs actually have two seasons, one short and quick crop (or the breba season)  in the beginning summer months then a longer more fruitful crop (the new wood season) in late summer running through early fall. Figs are very fragile figsand do not last super long after they are picked making the question of when are figs ripe so precious. Finding local figs if you can will help you find riper figs since they don’t require travel. As for a ripe fig appearance, seek out figs that are wrinkled but still mainly plump. Steer clear of any squishy, shrunken, or soft figs as they are already passed their ripened state and would make much better compost. Since our new fall friends are so delicate the best way to store figs is to remove from their container to prevent bruising, and place them in a shallow bowl in a cool place, ideally your refrigerator. 


So what do figs health benefits entail? Plenty. Not only tasting absolutely delicious figs offer an array of minerals and vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B1 and B2, calcium, iron, phosphorous, potassium, and manganese. Considering they have a variety of nutrients, figs have been said to help with easy digestion and can even aid in the prevention of breast and colon cancers, hypertension, and coronary heart disease.


While Black Misson figs tend to be most abundant and easily accessible there are actually numerous types of figs. Black Missons however are what I will be featuring in the fig recipes below, to learn more about the tastes and appearance of different figs there is an excellent guide found here or check out our infographic below.



I don’t think most things go together as well as figs and balsamic vinegar. Throw in some prosciutto and I am completely sold. A perfect medley of sweet and savory, this fig and prosciutto pizza dish makes a great offering at dinner parties, or just to fancy up a weeknight dinner for the family.


fig cocktails with bourbon and maple



Simple and delicious, just like I like it. This easy fall cocktail is perfect for the whiskey loving guys and gals. With the flavor of bourbon bit with the sweetness of maple and fig, this Figgy Maple Bourbon Fizz  is a heavenly concoction to enjoy on the porch during a cool September evening.






Have you ever seen a chicken look this heavenly? I know it’s hard for me to recall. Showing up with it’s best friend balsamic again, this fig rosemary sticky glazed roast chicken dish is not only tasty but takes less than 2 hours to prepare and cook! I would bring this one out to impress all your friends and family, or to just eat all by yourself. 





Finally getting to the good stuff, whiskey ice cream here we come. Even though it’s the tail end of summer, there are still some pretty hot days ahead for the next month. Give yourself a cool down with these whiskey yogurt fig popsicles. Not super boozy but with a subtle complexity, these whiskey pops include of course sweet figs alongside more maple and mascarpone. This would be awesome to file away and make into a regular tailgating recipe.  



Champagne is one of my favorite vices, I guess that’s why I was drawn to this champagne fig cocktail. Only calling for your favorite bubbly, figs, sugar, and water, not only is it super easy to pull together but looks a lot more complex than it actually is! Pull this fig recipe out when you’re impressing friends at Sunday brunch.




Remember when I said that figs perfect partner is balsamic? Okay, so cheese might be Julia Roberts in My Best Friend’s Wedding. Until my taste buds grew up recently, I would be completely opposed to combining such a duo. I mean in my limited fig knowledge I had no idea the pair matched with such excellence. Anyways this little fig spread crostini appetizer works so well with creamy gruyere cheese. Give this fig spread a try at your next get together.




I guess figs and cheese really do go well together, especially when it is cheesecake. Not only very lovely and pretty this fig cheesecake really does look as amazing as it tastes. Taking about 4 hours to prepare, this cheesecake recipe would be perfect to prepare in the morning and take to your party or potluck in the evening. Go ahead, wow everyone with that presentation.




There is nothing like a good old fashioned and what better than to add sweet figs? With an interesting mixture of bourbon, maple, fig, and orange juice, this fig old fashioned cocktail recipe is an interesting take on a classic bar staple, perfect for warming up by the fire on a chilly night.




Marry thyme and fig together in this awesome autumn cocktail. Using pisco (a colorless brandy from Peru) and cointreau, the infusion of thyme and of course figs, give this drink a nice and refreshing balance while warming you up. Its beautiful orangey-pinkish glow also makes the presentation astounding next time you’re playing bartender for your friends. 




Whenever you think of fall of course Halloween comes to mind. My personal favorite holiday, this Black Heart fig cocktail is awesome to serve at your spooky bash. Using black vodka and a cut heart shape fig, this Halloween cocktail is impressive, romantic, and equally parts delicious.




What I consider a more tasty version of our beloved fig newton, these fig cookie pinwheels are a must have on the kitchen counter this autumn. Gluten free and vegan they are even great for even your pickiest of friends and kids, or yourself! Taking less than an hour, fairly healthy as well you won’t feel terrible about indulging in a few during a sitting.







Fun with Figs Infographic