19 Exceptional Gifts for Men Under $50

19 Exceptional Gifts for Men Under $50

We all want to give amazing, impressive gifts, but sometimes a budget can get in the way. You’re searching for incredible gifts for the men in your life, but you can’t spend more than $50. Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you have to settle for a subpar gift. In fact, gifts for men under $50 can be just as awesome as luxury gifts by being personalized or by getting a gift set made of multiple things for a great value. No matter what occasion you’re looking to give a gift for, we found the best gifts for men under $50 so that you can find something amazing without breaking the bank.

The Coolest Personalized Gifts for Men Under $50

Custom Whiskey Gift Set for Men Under $50

Sure, you could just get him a bottle of nice whiskey, but he’ll appreciate this practical whiskey gift set even more! This complete box set of whiskey stones, shot glasses, and accessories even comes personalized. That’s pretty impressive! You can customize the engraving on the gift box to fit any recipient or occasion as any man you give the set to will be impressed by the thought and effort you put into it. Seriously, this is one of the simplest and most thoughtful gifts for men under $50 that works for any occasion!

The Perfect Gift for the Man Who Loves Beer

USA Beer Bottle Cap Map

How cool is this bottle cap collector sign? Any beer lover or craft beer fan will enjoy filling up the USA map with his favorite types of beer. This unique piece of decor will look great in his man cave, dining room, or home bar. Pair this awesome bottle cap sign with a six-pack of his favorite beer and it becomes one of the best gifts for men under $50!

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Custom Cutting Board

Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board Gift for Men Under $50

Looking for a nice gift for a man who enjoys cooking and doing meal prep? This personalized bamboo cutting board is perfect! The bamboo will look great in his kitchen and will likely be a welcome replacement to his old cutting board that’s full of cuts and stains. You could even get a bottle of board oil to go with it and you still won’t spend more than $50!

Unique Cigar Gift for Men Under $50

Monogrammed Marble Ashtray

When it comes to gifts for men who enjoy smoking cigars, they’re usually more inclined to luxury items. You might not be able to break the bank and get them a box of their favorite fancy cigars, but you can get them a monogrammed marble ashtray! This handsome, sturdy ashtray is the perfect accessory for any man’s cigar lounge. The beautiful genuine green marble is eye-catching and classy, so you know he’ll show it off for years to come.

Impressive Whiskey Gift Set

Engraved Whiskey Glass and Stone Set

You’re probably thinking, “There’s no way this gift set is under $50.” This awesome set of two whiskey glasses and box set of whiskey stones is right at $49.95, so it fits perfectly within your budget! Plus, it certainly looks more expensive than it is, especially since the entire set is personalized. He will never guess that you got such an amazing gift for him for a great deal!




Shaving Essentials Every Man Needs

Pete and Pedro Shave Essentials Set

Whether he’s a man with a full beard or has to be clean shaven for work, every man needs a quality shaving set. Some kits can be pretty expensive, but not this one! This three piece set of shaving essentials can be used with his razor and other tools of his choice so that he gets the perfect shave just the way he likes it. Once he uses these high-quality oils and creams, he’ll want the set as a gift for every occasion from now on so that he has a constant supply!

Your Go-to Best Gift for Men Under $50

Engraved Ammo Box Gift for Men Under $50

You’ll be surprised to learn that this customizable ammo box has literally endless uses. Yes, really! Ammo boxes can be utilized hundreds of different ways, and you can create even more by changing up the personalization. Whether you give him just the box engraved with his name or put all of his favorite candy or ammo inside, this is a gift that works for any man on any occasion, making it the best of the best gifts for men under $50!

Complete Flask Set

Monogrammed Flask Box Set

Why give just a flask as a gift when you can give it in a custom faux leather gift box that also comes with shot glasses and a funnel? This suave gift set won’t break the bank, but it’s dressed to impress! You can even fill up the flask with his favorite liquor before giving it to him and you’ll be able to stay within your budget. He’ll be taking his new flask everywhere, and he can even convert the gift box into a keepsake case simply by removing the foam.

Impressive Craft Beer Gift Set

Personalized Beer Growler and Pint Glass Set

Craft beer fans can be tricky to shop for. Instead of getting him another brewery tour, get him this custom growler and pint glass set instead! He will love being able to take the growler to his favorite microbrewery to fill up with the latest concoction and bring it home to enjoy in his new custom pint glasses.

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Personalized Pocket Knife

Custom Pocket Knife and Cigar Box Gifts for Men Under $50

Fact: men love pocket knives. You can give a guy a new pocket knife for every occasion in the year and he’d be perfectly happy with his growing collection! This time, go the extra mile and get him one that’s personalized and even comes with an engraved gift box that he can use to store his prized knife, a couple of stogies, or anything else he wants. Seriously, this is the best gift for men under $50 for any man, any occasion.

Men Love New Work Boots

Magellan Outdoor Work Boots

Whether he needs a certain type of footwear for his daily job or enjoys having durable boots for his outdoor excursions, one of the easiest gifts for men under $50 you can give is a new pair of leather work boots. These all-terrain boots can be worn in any weather and are designed to last for years! Once he sees them, he’ll be amazed that you spent so much money on such a nice pair of boots and certainly won’t believe you if you tell him they were less than $50.

Unique Gift Set for Men

Personalized Flask Set with Knife Gifts for Men Under $50

Are you totally stumped on what to get him? You’re sure to win “Best Gift Ever” with this awesome flask gift set. This manly gift set is totally customizable with the engraving, and it has plenty of room inside the box to include a package of his favorite candy or even a couple of his preferred brand of cigars to complete the set. The fact that you can tailor the personalization to the man and the occasion you’re giving it for makes it one of the most unique gifts for men under $50!

The Classiest Whiskey Gift

Engraved Whiskey Glasses with Cigar Holder

Are you shopping for a gift for a man who loves to relax? Instead of splurging and struggling to find a nice bottle of whiskey and his favorite cigars, get him this gift set instead! This three piece set is perfectly within your budget and will surely become his favorite way to relax. The cigar stand is even portable so that he has somewhere to rest his stogie wherever he goes.

The Ultimate Beer Mug

Custom Large Beer Mug Gift for Men Under $50

It may not look like this mug is twice the size of a normal beer mug and can hold up to one liter of beer, but this impressive mug really can! Its larger than life capacity ensures that any beer-loving man can kick back, relax, and enjoy three bottles of beer in one convenient glass without needing to get up for a refill. Any guy would be thrilled to get such an awesome beer mug as a gift!

Practical and Unique Gift for Men Under $50

Engraved Hatchet

Looking for a gift for the man who has everything that won’t burn a hole in your wallet? Get him a personalized hatchet! This handy little tool can be used for yard work, camping, hunting, fishing, and more. The fact that it’s personalized makes it one-of-a-kind, and he definitely doesn’t have one already. He’ll never guess that you only spent $30 on it!




Indoor Grill

Indoor Tabletop Grill

There’s nothing worse than craving a freshly grilled steak but not being able to make one because the weather is bad and he can’t use his trusty grill! Make sure the grill-loving man in your life can enjoy his favorite foods whenever he wants with this handy tabletop grill. Perfect for single-serving meals or just for grilling up meat for dinner, this indoor grill will become his new favorite kitchen gadget!

The Best Gift for Men Under $50 Who Love Cigars and Whiskey

Personalized Cigar Whiskey Glass

You want to get him something nice that’s related to his interests, but his hobbies and anything related to them tend to be a little over your budget. That is, except this custom whiskey glass! For the man who loves whiskey and cigars, no gift is better than his own personalized cigar-holding rocks glass. That’s right, this revolutionary glass really does hold his cigar for him! You can’t get any cooler than this for a gift under $50.

A New Piece of Decor

Custom Brewery Sign

Everyone knows a guy who loves beer and dreams of having his own brewery some day. You might not be able to afford to get him an entire brewery, but you can certainly help him out. One way to help make his dream come true is by giving him a custom brewery sign! It might inspire him to get into brewing his own beer at home so that he can display it above his own creation. He will love the awesome design and how great it looks in his home bar or brewery, especially since you can get it in his favorite color!

Fail-Safe Beer Gift for Men

Engraved Beer Mug with Lighter and Bottle Opener Gifts for Men Under $50

When in doubt, go with a gift that any man would love: a custom beer mug that comes with a bottle opener and a lighter with plenty of room for a cigar or two! This simple but thoughtful gift is perfect for celebrating special occasions, and he’s sure to enjoy each piece over and over. He won’t want to drink beer at home any other way once he tries out this awesome beer mug! Even simple sets like this are one of the greatest gifts for men under $50, especially since it looks like it costs so much more!




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