13 Epic Engraved Groomsmen Gift Sets

Enjoy Our Selection of the Best Engraved Groomsmen Gifts:

Your wedding is coming up. The date is fast approaching. Things seem to be flying by but there is still one item on your agenda to complete that you know has to be done. You need groomsmen gifts! However, you want your gifts to stand out. Your gifts shouldn’t be simple party favors or things easily forgotten. No, you need to get engraved groomsmen gifts! These are the sentimental gifts that will last a lifetime that they can enjoy, reflect on, and even hold onto as keepsakes! But when looking for gifts for groomsmen like this, you might be asking yourself: What should I engrave on my groomsmen gift? Do groomsmen gifts have to be personalized? Well, we are here to help you answer those questions with our top engravable groomsmen gift ideas!

Cigar and Whiskey Engraved Groomsmen Gift Set

Cigar and whiskey Engraved Groomsmen Gift Set

Start your search for the go-to set of engravable groomsmen gift ideas on the right track with this cigar and whiskey gift set. It is the ideal way to not only thank your best friends for being there on the biggest day of your life, but this set also gives them a way to live it up! They’ll have a blast toasting you with their custom glasses and enjoying a stogie with you as well!

Personalized Set of Badass Groomsmen Gifts

Ammo Can Set of Unique Groomsmen Gifts

Non-traditional groomsmen gifts don’t need to be something totally outlandish, they simply need to be out of the ordinary. And when your groomsmen see all of these engraved gifts inside of the repurposed military ammo can, they’ll know this is no ordinary set of gifts. With stunner shades, a can cooler for their drink, and a folding knife, what more cool groomsmen gift ideas could they want to be able to celebrate your wedding?

An Engraved Groomsmen Gift Set of Beer Mugs

Custom Beer Mug Box Set

Men often feel 10x more manly when they are holding onto a mug, while there are no stats on this, you can be sure it is true because it was said here, on the internet. So, make your best man and groomsmen feel as manly as Chuck Norris if he were a Viking riding a T-Rex that is shooting lasers from its eyes with this engraved set of beer mugs! They’ll be clinking glasses all night long and enjoy brewski after brewski with this unique set of mugs.

A Set for the Smoothest of Men

Straight Razor Set of Engravable Groomsmen Gift

Take your engraved groomsmen gift the truly classic route with this straight razor gift box. Not only is it a super cool gift, but it is functional too! With this gift, not one of your groomsmen will have an excuse to have any stubble on your big day.

Custom Whiskey Glass Gift Set

Personalized Twist Whiskey Glass Gift Set

Got groomsmen who simply love cool gifts and like to celebrate? Or, to be blunt, a good glass of whiskey from a damn cool glass? Then you must check out this groomsmen gift box of whiskey stones and twist glasses. There will never be such an excited set of guys to get glassware as each of your groomsmen and your best man when they see their names and initials on their own personalized groomsman gift set!


Take a Stab at an Engravable Groomsmen Gift

Engraved Groomsmen Gift Set of 5 Knives

Take your non-traditional bachelor party to the next level when you get each of your groomsmen their own personalized folding knife! From skinning a deer in the wilderness to trimming loose threads on your wedding day, these knives are guaranteed to come in handy sooner than you or your groomsmen could ever imagine!

Monogrammed Dopp Kit

Monogrammed DOPP Bag

Ensure that each of your groomsmen is looking their best on the day of your wedding by getting them each a monogrammed DOPP bag. You can even fill it with beard oils, soap, deodorant, anything you think they will need (or forget) so they can look their sharpest when you marry the love of your life!

They Won’t Growl About Not Having Beer Ever Again

Custom Groomsmen Gift Box for Beer Lovers

Never let any of your groomsmen feign being thirsty ever again when you get them this engraved groomsmen gift set perfect for beer lovers. The stainless steel growler ensures they can bring their favorite pilsner or IPA anywhere they go and still have an ice-cold drink when they arrive while the pint glasses are the perfect way to enjoy a brew. Make it a truly remarkable gift and top off each growler with their go-to beer so you can start the bachelor party off the right way!

The Coolest Set of Personalized Groomsmen Gifts

Whiskey Stone Set of Engravable Groomsmen Gifts

Give your groomsmen the easiest way to toast you with their very own personalized whiskey stone gift set. If you have a few bottles on hand, the stones pre-chilled, and the glasses ready to go, they’ll immediately use their new gift to have a drink in honor of you marrying the love of your life.

Engravable Groomsmen Gift Set for Beer Lovers

Ammo Can Pint Glass Set of Unique Groomsmen Gifts

Keep your groomsmen armed to the teeth during your whole wedding process with this personalized ammo can gift set. It is a set of engraved groomsmen gift ideas that any guy involved in a wedding could want. From the pint glasses to the ammo can to the knife, everything about this screams badass! Plus, with the bottle opener and glasses, you know they’ll never be thirsty during your bachelor party either.

Keep Your Guys Classy

Personalized Cufflinks and Tie Clip Box Set

Keep your boys dressed to the nines with these engraved cufflinks and tie clip gift sets. Sure, they’re already going to be in tuxes but these silver accessories are going to be the finishing touch that makes them look like the most dapper gentlemen on earth.

Take a Shot at Getting the Best Gifts

Bullet Whiskey Stone Set of Non Traditional Groomsmen Gifts

Make your groomsmen gifts as manly as possible with this bullet-themed whiskey set of awesome engravable groomsmen gifts. Your best friends will never get enough of those fantastic bullet stones or the bottle opener that is made from a real .50 caliber bullet. From snapping open beers to making Rambo puns with their whiskey stones, they’ll want to use their custom gifts all night long!

A Unique Groomsmen Gift Box Set

Custom Cigar and Whiskey Box Set

Equip your best friends with the groomsmen gift box they’ve always wanted when you give them this engraved cigar and whiskey glass set. There is even room inside the custom box for you to add a stogie or a few mini bottles of liquor so as soon as they pop the latch on this gorgeous gift, they’ll be able to get the party started!