DIY Man Cave Ideas You Didn’t Know You Needed

In days gone by, only men were allowed in the man cave, and that’s still a perfectly good rule. However, as stories of awesome man caves spread like spilled beer across the internet, wives, kids, and nosy neighbors have made it all but impossible to enforce. Our friends at are backing a campaign to open up the borders of man caves across the nation, and allow these rightfully curious immigrants into the promised land. No matter what rules you decide to maintain for your basement or garage man cave, we thought these awesome graphics were a great source of DIY man cave ideas, useful for anyone looking to create a fun, functional rec room in their own home.

Put a Mancave in the Basement
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A basement man cave is always a good choice, unless of course you don’t have a basement. The cozy, underground feeling is extra cave like, and frequently comes with a musty, manly scent. The layout here could almost serve as a studio apartment, just don’t give your 15 year old son any ideas.

Put a Mancave in the Garage
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The man cave garage is more common, although it presents it’s own set of issue. On top of most garages housing some sort of automobile, they are frequently more accessible the the rest of the family, which can get in the way of privacy while trying to watch that hockey game in peace.

Use a Vanity as a Wet Bar
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We love out wet bars here at HomeWetBar (of course), and found this idea especially cool. This man cave bar is a pretty simple project, and aids in the drinking of booze, an important cave activity.

Build a Bar From Bookcases
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Since no one reads books anymore, why not re-purpose that bookcase for something more useful? This bar is perfect for man caves that require a certain level of versatility. Monday nights, the bar needs to be closer to the TV. Friday nights, you might want it closer to the Foosball table. Everybody wins!