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Decorating Your Wet Bar

UPDATED: Nov 3, 2021

One of the most quickly growing areas people are including in home floor plans is the wet bar. A wet bar is a place designated to mixing and serving alcoholic drinks. Whether you plan to enjoy relaxing evenings at home with your family or entertain guests, a wet bar can be your own little haven inside your home.

Choose a Design

Designs range from elaborate rooms decorated like a bar to small counters with a sink in the room of their choice. The design of your wet bar will depend primarily on the amount of time you spend entertaining or enjoying it yourself. You will need a working sink, a roomy counter top area for appliances, storage spaces for glasses and supplies, and a mini fridge.

Choose a Theme

After designing and building your wet bar, it’s time to decide how to decorate it. Be creative while planning your theme. Keep in mind you can change your theme at any time simply by changing the decor. Theme changes don’t have to cost a fortune. Buy things that could be interchangeable for different theme ideas.
Possible Theme Ideas

Wines from Around the World: Wine enthusiasts often collect wine bottles and decanters from each country they visit. Displaying those as decoration creates great conversation starters and gives an opportunity to talk about international travel. Glass always looks beautiful against a mirror, so display your favorite and most beautiful glass containers in front of a mirrored display. Our globe bars are a great place to start with this theme.

A variety of wine bottles and decanters will add a touch of sophisticated class to your wet bar. Glass and mirrors go very well with leather; another texture that will add class. Finish off the look with barstools, strategically placed lighting and warmly painted walls.

Western or Honky Tonk: Wooden barstools, inexpensive cowboy hats and rustic wooden cabinets would be relatively inexpensive and provide a place to hang out with friends. Decorate with an old guitar, whiskey bottles and rustic furniture. Top off the look with a few neon signs, posters and western-style lights.

Fifties Diner: A fifties diner theme could warrant a black and white photo of Ronnie Millsap and a jukebox that includes the song “Lost in the 50s Tonight.” Whitewashed walls and a black and white checkerboard floor would just be the beginning. An old fashioned candy cart could add some special flare. Red and chrome barstools with red or stainless steel appliances would be reminiscent of the era of the poodle skirt, tight sweater and ponytail. Finish up the look with some neon lights and posters that remind us of the 1950s and enjoy.

Tiki Bar: Tiki bars are bright, colorful and fun. Create that fun at home with Tiki statues, grass skirts and flaming torches. Use special torches designed for indoor decor to minimize fire hazards. Personalize your Tiki bar with a personalized bar sign. Decorate with bright colors and an island theme that pays tribute to the Tiki Gods. Or just have fun decorating your bar with Tiki masks and wooden furnitures.

Functional Decorations

Shot glasses that light up could be a lot of fun while you’re entertaining friends or colleagues. Decorative glasses and decanters are the perfect decoration for any wet bar. You’re always going to have whiskey bottles, wine bottles and decanters and even a few beer bottles sitting around. Use them to their fullest advantage. The bottle of brew that’s half empty would be a great decoration. It also shows that you fully enjoy your wet bar. Don’t be worried about leaving bottles out; they enhance the look of your bar. Just don’t let it get all junked up.

Lighting Your Wet Bar

Neon signs provide a little light, but shouldn’t be your only source. The area around your sink should be very well lit so you can see everything you put into mixing drinks. Backlighting works very well around mirrors or display cases. Don’t underestimate the soothing glow of small shade laps positioned in a few spots around the room.

Theme based lighting should be used whenever possible. If you’re using wine bottles and decanters as decoration, look for lamps that resemble the shape of a wine bottle. Add a touch of romance with a wine bottle candelabra.

Optionally, use string lighting. Fairy lights (like Christmas lights) are available in a wide variety of themes. Wine bottle string lights could outline your bar but be a bit cheesy depending on other decor. Beer can (or bottle) lights would be a great addition to a western or honky tonk theme. Flip flop string lights would look very nice in a Tiki style wet bar.

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