17 Custom Cigar Holders Aficionados Must Have

17 Custom Cigar Holders Aficionados Must Have

UPDATED: Jan 25, 2022

Find the Cigar Holder You Need in Your Life:

Enjoying a good cigar is about more than simply cutting the end off and holding a match to the foot of the cigar. In fact, you should be getting accessories and things that enhance your experience for your stogies to truly take your smoking experience to the next level. Things like stands and cigar holders are the perfect way to maximize the entire cigar experience. With cigar accessories, you can have a stogie on the go, set them down without worrying about them rolling, or sometimes, they even make it easier to pair a drink with your smoke. So, don’t settle for an okay cigar when any one of these cigar gift sets could make your next stogie extraordinary!

Custom Leather Cigar Holder

Leather Travel Cigar Holder

The perfect start to enhancing your stogie experience is with an embossed leather cigar travel case. This leather-wrapped case doesn’t just look classy but it also makes it super easy to bring your Cohibas with you everywhere you go. It won’t matter if it is a night at the bars or a high-end business meeting, with this in your pocket, you’ll be prepared for anything. The holder even comes with a cigar cutter so you can save the cut until you are ready to enjoy a good smoke!

Personalized Whiskey Cigar Glass

Initialed Cigar Whiskey Glass

In today’s age, people are always doing something with their hands. There is hardly any time when they are just sitting back and doing nothing, even when they’re relaxing. For the person who enjoys a good drink and a cigar, this can be troublesome; however, once you have this initialed cigar glass, you’ll finally be able to do three things at once! The lip works as a cigar stand, leaving your off-hand free to be on your phone, hold cards, or fist bump your buddies!

Take a Shot at a Badass Cigar Holder

Double Bullet Cigar Tube

Enjoy some badassery the next time a cigar tickles your fancy when you get yourself this double cigar case shaped like large-caliber bullets! These also make fantastic gifts for the gun enthusiast, military man, or police officer you may know.

Monogrammed Cigar and Whiskey Box Set

Monogrammed Cigar Whiskey Decanter Box Set

Okay, so everything before this has been all about unique gifts on your person or subtle ways to enhance your experience; however, this gift is not so subtle. This set of two cigar holder glasses with an engraved decanter box set is the way to take your cigar experience to 11! Never before will pairing cigars and whiskey be so easy. A bottle of J.P. Wiser’s rye with an Avo XO Preludio will be an unforgettable flavor combination each time you have it from this ultimate cigar gift set.

Engraved Cigar Stand Gift Set

Personalized Cigar Stand with Whiskey Glass

Take things to a whole new place with this incredibly versatile cigar and whiskey gift set. From the cigar stand to the lighter and cutter, you can just as easily enjoy this set at home with some whiskey as you can on the go since the cigar gifts fit so easily inside of a pocket. While this may look simplistic, it is still one of the classiest and easiest ways to indulge in your vices. With this set, you’ll never have to juggle things in your hand, you can easily set your whiskey glass down or cigar onto the stand.


Classy Ashtray for Cigar Lovers

Ashtray and Horseshoe Coaster

Hold your cigars in place like a true gentleman with this cigar ashtray and coaster set! Perfect for pairing a good stogie and scotch, this holder keeps your cigar from rolling while you enjoy a tasty sip of Glenfiddich or holds your drink while enjoying a good pull from your H. Upmann. The coaster side even has a horseshoe around it making it look like one of the classiest and most unique cigar accessories!

The Toughest Cigar and Whiskey Ammo Can Gift Set

Engraved Ammo Can Cigar Tool Set

People who enjoy a good whiskey and cigar seem to be some of the toughest around. Society always depicts these people as the ones you don’t want to get into a bar fight with or simply have the most intimidating beard or mustache. Embrace how everyone sees you with an engraved ammo can full of the most perfect cigar and whiskey tools, plus a few extras too! You can even use the ammo can for the manliest toolbox, tackle box, or maybe simply bring your ammo with you to the gun range.

Flask and Cigar Holder Combo

Embossed Liquor Flask with Cigar Holder

Keep things classy when you need to celebrate on the go with this embossed and leather-wrapped cigar flask. It won’t matter if you’re fitting this into the pocket of a denim jacket or your go-to blazer, this classy flask will look perfect on any occasion. Thanks to the personalization, this also makes a fantastic gift for groomsmen, birthdays, or even the holidays!

Cigar and Whiskey for Your Poker Face

Personalized Poker Set with Cigar Glass

There is one problem that always comes up during hands of poker when you are a cigar smoker. You don’t have enough hands! Trying to hold your drink, cigar, hand, and maybe your chips too can sometimes just be too much to juggle. Make life easier with a glass that holds your cigar for you since it doubles as a cigar stand. This custom poker set will also replace that well-worn poker set with a pristine new set that even comes with dice so you can play Craps if you want to change it up from Texas Hold’em.

The Ultimate Cigar Humidor

Engraved Ammo Can Humidor

Don’t just let their cigars be held, make them bombproof by storing them inside this United States military ammo can! Seriously, this is a real military-grade ammo can! That means you know when their cigars are inside they’ll be protected from anything that could harm them. Thanks to the custom humidor, even nature can’t affect them. Every cigar aficionado must have one of these in their home!

Leather-Wrapped Cigar Tube

Stainless Steel Cigar Tube

Ensure the cigar is ready to go when you need to celebrate the closing of a big deal at work, promotion, anniversary, or any other occasion with this top-quality single tube cigar holder. Aircraft-grade aluminum makes sure that it stays in great condition, which includes any humidity or travel issues, while the wood end and leather wrap make this an incredibly classy accessory for any cigar fan.

The Classic Humidor

Custom Wooden Cigar Box

What would a cigar aficionado be without a place to store all of their cigars? A personalized wooden cigar box is a classic piece that any cigar enthusiast must-have in their collection. This is not only one of the best places to keep their cigars but also simply a gorgeous way to present their collection when they have a friend they want to share a smoke with. Inside, they can have a whole collection of Churchill cigars or a vast collection for different occasions. Either way, they simply must get a personalized cigar box to store their go-to stogies!

Engraved Whiskey and Cigar Gift Set

Engraved Whiskey Stone Set with Cigar Holder

Make them feel like the CEO of the biggest company in the world each time they go to enjoy one of their favorite vices, whiskey and cigars! Thanks to this unique whiskey and cigar set, having a celebratory drink after closing a deal or one to unwind after a stressful work week will never be easier. This personalized set even comes with a cigar case which lets them bring their stogies everywhere they go; just-in-case they need an impromptu cigar!

A Classy Cigar Holder Glass Gift Set

Personalized Cigar Stand Glass Box Set

Got a cigar aficionado you must get a gift for? It can be a tall task since finding their exact brand of cigar is more tricky than you might think. Instead, enhance their stogie situation with this personalized whiskey cigar glass box set! Inside, they’ll find a few neat cigar gifts as well as this unique glass that allows them to hold their cigar and drink all in one hand. You’re sure to get a high-five from their free hand when they use this gift set!

Perfect Liquor and Cigar Flask

Personalized Cigar and Whiskey Flask

While cigars and bourbon are beautiful to pair together, it has never been easy to do when you are on the go, that is, until now thanks to this cigar liquor flask! Slip some La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor cigars inside the tubes and top off the third tube with Woodford Reserve, and you can celebrate in style anywhere you go!

A Simple Steel Cigar Holder

Metal Cigar Stand

Don’t have room to always take a holder for your cigars with you? You do now! These awesome holders fit easily inside your pocket and not only keep your precious stogie off the table, but they also keep it from rolling away from you too!

Remember Every Stogie

Engraved Shadow Box

While everything prior has been about holding or supporting the cigar while you are still using it, what about when you’ve smoked the whole thing? Store some of those fantastic memories inside this personalized shadow box by keeping your unique cigar wrappers inside! While not the traditional holder or stand, this is a great way to look back on your collection of smoked stogies or to see a band that reminds you of a great night.


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