19 Creative Craft Beer Gifts

Check Out Our Incredible Craft Beer Gifts for People Who Love Local Brews

Craft beers have exploded in recent years. Meaning, craft beer gifts have also been exploding. What is a craft beer gift? It’s a gift that fits their personality of the guy who loves his local microbrews or for the person who will travel across the U.S. for four bottles of one-time only micro-batches. It allows the craft beer drinker to enjoy their hobby in an even more fulfilling manner. Your gift will enhance their microbrewery or craft beer experience. So for many, beer drinking isn’t just about “crackin’ a cold one with the boys” anymore. People are visiting breweries in astonishing numbers over the past few years. That being said, craft beer drinkers are a proud people and they require beer gifts that suit their crafty ways. They already have a beard, two flannels for the whole week, organic food, a single-speed bike, and a pair of high-top Converse. So, what’s left to get the important craft beer drinker in your life? What would pair well with their passion? Where do you even look for something like “craft beer gifts” or personalized beer glasses? Right here, that’s where. We love the craft; we live and die by the craft. To help you out in gift giving we have put together a list of things we, as craft drinkers, would love to get ourselves!

Craft Beer Gift Board

Personalized Craft Beer Gift Flight Set

The craft beer drinker in your life either has endless bottles or growlers of special microbrews stored at his place. But he isn’t a beer hoarder, that would be a shame. No, he collects beers he finds special and then shares them with everyone. To get the full effect of being at a brewery the next time he does this, get him a set of snifters and a flight sampler paddle. This is easily one of the best gifts for beer drinkers because it lets him enjoy his hobby even more. He’ll get to feel like he is at a micro-brewery with his sampling set up!

The Classic Beer Enthusiast

Mug Gift Set for Beer Drinkers

Some beer drinkers have a taste for the old ways. One of the original ways to drink a good solid beer was through a mug and still to this day is many a beer drinkers’ favorite vessel. The engraved gift set is a perfect gift for beer drinkers. The gift box will be a perfect place to store their collection of rare micro-brew bottle caps, and what better way to open those bottles than with a new personalized bottle opener? They’ll be able to enjoy all their beer to the fullest with the mug, as it allows for all the scents and aromas to reach their nose, allow a full palate tasting of their craftiest of craft beers!

A Legendary Craft Beer Gift

Craft Beer Gift Stainless Steel Growler

For those that aren’t in the know, waiting for some specific one-time only brews can get pretty crazy. It generally starts with long lines but from there tensions just grow. Your favorite craft beer drinker just wants to get in, then top off his growler, and get out. But you hear his story of having to fight his way out using his growler to defend himself, thus losing his golden liquid! Never again. Give that man the Excalibur of growlers. If he lifts the double-walled, double latched vessel off the table made of reclaimed wood, he will be worthy of his custom engraved “legendary” status beer growler! And why is this growler worthy of being called “Excalibur?” Because, it is double-walled stainless steel that keeps 64 ounces of his favorite craft beer cold for 24 hours, no other growlers are that mythic!

 A Punny Gift for Beer Drinkers!

IPA Craft Beer Gift Spiegelau Glass

Pure IPA drinkers can be quite funny people to know. With a good sense of humor, a funny glass may be exactly what they need to enjoy their favorite drink. The glass was was created between Spiegelau and Dogfish Head Brewery. It was then comedically styled for the IPA drinker with a great sense of humor. The people who have been drinking craft beers for long enough and have settled into a sense of exactly what kinds of beers they like will enjoy a good prank IPA glass. Not only because it’s useful, but it is sure to get a good laugh out of their friends every time they drink from it!

Pass Go and Collect Craft Beer

Beeropoly Game Gift for Beer Drinkers

When all of a sudden done, beer drinkers can unite under one game and enjoy their time together. Whether they love a macro, micro, or craft beer. To help unwind and have a good time, there is Beeropoly. This is a gift for beer lovers that they can all get behind because at the end of the day, sharing a beer and talking with close friends, family, or people at the bar is what it’s all about.


Crafty Cooking

Craft Beer Cook Book Gift

This craft beer gift is for the guy who just can’t get enough of it in his life. He already drinks an IPA or an altbier any chance he gets, so to help him embrace his craftiness more, let him cook with his beers too! He can make sliders or wings with craft beer infused sauces and meats. What’s better than that for a guy who just can’t get enough? Now, his food is infused with the perfect beer for that dish! Give him a way to explore the world of craft beer and food with an amazing cookbook!

A Stout Sign for Craft Beer Lovers

Engraved Sign Gift for Beer Drinkers

Craft beer drinkers love to demonstrate just how into beer they truly are, from a finer knowledge of the beer-making process all the way to obscure beers “you’ve probably never heard of.” As they fill their growlers and take home more bottles of micro-batches, they will begin to have tastings at home with some of their closest friends. To make their beer sharing feel more like a bar, this wooden barrel sign will be a great finishing touch for their kitchen, living room, or home bar! The birch wood has been stained, giving it an aged feel. For the serious craft beer drinker who enjoys drinking at home, make their home feel like their favorite brewery with a bar-inspired sign!

A Most Chill Cozy

Custom Craft Beer Gift Bottle Cozy

Craft brew drinkers are not a fan of being cold. Their flannel shirts and beanies during the summer will tell you that. The same goes for their hands. They may enjoy a Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout by Flying Dog at a nice frosty temp, but they don’t want that feeling in their hands. Whether it is a can or bottle, this cozy will fit their newest craft beer obsession. These are great craft beer gifts because they can take them anywhere and always be prepared to insulate their drink. The top even comes with a freaking bottle opener! They’ll look like a well-prepared beer drinking soldier with this set up, no matter the situation, hot, cold, rainy, windy, they can open and keep their beer chill.

A Great Craft Beer Gift for Novice Beer Connoisseur

Craft Beer Pint Glass Gift

The beer drinker in your life who’s in need of a craft beer gift is just starting on their long journey in beer enthusiasm. They’ve just begun to wander off the beaten path; it’s been a whole week since they’ve had a Busch or Miller Lite. To help them along their way into the world of craft beers with full bodies and aromas, an American standard pint glass is a great starting gift for serious beer drinkers. These glasses will open their nose up to new aromas which will be fully appreciated. Also, when they are on the go, they are going to have their own masculine personalized beer bottle opener!

Can You Handle This?

Personalized Chalkboard Beer Tap Handles Gift for Beer Drinkers

Whether craft breweries just aren’t making what he wants, he’s tired of the lines, or he has fallen in deeper love of the craft that now he wants to try his own hand at it. He now has started having kegs of craft beer in his house. After a ride to the bike shop and back you and he have worked up a hell of a thirst, but you notice he just has a manufactured general beer tap handle. It looks okay, but it doesn’t say “I make my own craft beer.” These chalkboard tap handles are the craft beer gift he needs. They come with his initial engraved and the chalkboard lets him write any name he wants for the title of his beer. So, sit back and enjoy his new beer with the name he chose, on the handle!

99 Kinds of Beer on the Wall, 99 Kinds of Beer

Craft Beer Map Gift

Inspired by a first conversation with a craft beer drinker of six months is this beer chart that any craftian would love to own. It starts off with your general “beer” and breaks it down into smaller and smaller categories with examples. Now, they may already know all of this by heart, but as a craft beer gift it is perfect. It is their hobby with all the things they know and love that they can put up on the wall in their living room.

Beer Hunter Survival Set

Gift for Beer Drinker Growler. Pint Glasses, and Beer Cap Map

Is the beer enthusiast in your life actually a beer hunter? He goes on cross country journeys to find an elusive beer from one specific brewery that is only done on rare or special occasions. And when he finally gets it, at most he is able to score a whole four bottles. For these kinds of guys, your basic craft beer gifts just won’t cut it. However, a beer map, growler, and glassware set is perfect. The growler and pint glasses are in case he is able to score some of that sweet sweet gold liquid from the tap, while the map makes it so he can show exactly what area of the United States that he got his rare beer from.

Do You Understein me?

Engraved Craft Beer Gift Beer Stein

Ah, he is the original craft brew drinker. He has long ago abandoned the path of the modern beer drinker. He does not require a tulip glass nor does he fancy a tall pilsner. He drinks such as beer was intended, from a stein. He feels the original beer glass from Germany is the only way to drink his beers. Ales, stouts, lagers, and more all go into the same stein. A personalized stein is a great gift for beer drinkers of old. The Italian glass with a pewter lid will put a fresh taste on his favorite old way of drinking.

Drink From These to Appear the Most Weizen About Beer

Pilsner Beer Glass Gift for Beer Drinkers, Set of 4

The weizen glass, a perfect craft beer gift for the enthusiast who enjoys a wheat beer. This glass will be well known to your craft beer drinking friend. The shape allows for a better aroma while giving room for the head, yet the glass itself is meant to show off the beauty of the beer itself. A set of four of this will be fantastic craft beer drinkers, they’ll be able to swap Trader Joe’s stories about finding the perfect vegan cheese while enjoying a nice cold Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier.


I Drink Craft Beer Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt

Craft Beer Shadow Box Gift

What better way to show off that he only drinks real beer than with a shadow box full of bottle caps from each brewery he has ever visited? Craft beer drinkers love to show their collection of beers they have tasted so this would be a home run as a gift for beer drinkers. They’ll love the solid build and beer mug engraving with many of their favorite beers listed on the glass itself. This gift will last them for ages as they hunt down all their specialty beers, so rather than filling this up each night with a new cap, it may only be once a week or even once a month, but it will be a visual representation of how far craft beer enthusiasm has taken them!

Home Brewed Craft Beer Gift

Home Craft Beer Brewing Kit Gift for Beer Drinkers

Is there anything cooler for a craft beer dude than making his own beer? With this brewing kit he’ll be able to make beer a gallon at a time. Also, this is a one-stop-shop gift. It comes with everything they need to make their own craft beer. Start them on this journey and soon they won’t be beer hunting as often as they will be for ingredients, always looking to perfect their recipe to make the ultimate beer that they know they will love. Some beer gifts are bottle openers or hats, but to embrace their passion to the fullest, nothing can truly beat making their own craft beer.

A Perfect Pour Pilsner Pitcher

Pitcher Gift Set for Beer Drinkers

A serious lover of beer will have a solid drinking set up at home and may even have a couple of microbrews on tap. Sure, he has some glassware and even a bar sign, but the finishing touch for his set up will be an engraved beer pitcher with a matching set of pint glasses. Nothing lets the good times flow quite as much as a pitcher of his and his friends favorite IPA while they discuss beard oils and the best flannel patterns. Beer drinking gifts have never been quite so good for the at home beer aficionado.

Snifters for the Beer Snob’s Schnoz

Personalized Beer Snifter, Set of 4 Craft Beer Gift

For the guy who labels himself a beer snob, beer snifters are the perfect craft beer gift. The shape of the glass allows him to get a full nose-full of all the aromas he is after without getting any beer or foam on his curly-waxed mustache. These are great gifts for the at-home beer drinker as he can break them out and demonstrate his refined palate and describe the flavor factor he is experiencing.

A Bohemian Beer Growler

Craft Beer Snob Growler and Glass Gift

Serious craft beer gifts need to be applicable to the craft beer drinker’s life. For the beer drinker on the go, a growler is the only true option. The 64-ounce growler comes with a beer glass for a top and will fit nicely into a backpack or in a growler bottle holder on their bike as they ride around town. The growler also comes engraved with their name and a year on it. Maybe make the engraving date their birthday, a special year to them, or put the year that they started drinking serious beers! However, the beer snob growler should be held with pride! If they truly know their beers and can tell you exactly why you should have a Red Trolley Ale instead of a Third Shift, this set is definitely for them!