21 Cool Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Give Your Best Friends These Cool Groomsmen Gift Ideas:

You want to get each of your groomsmen a nice gift to show them how thankful you are for your bros being there on the most important day of your life and celebrating your marriage, but you’re not really sure where to start. Cool groomsmen gift ideas are unique or personalized items that they can enjoy at your bachelor party, on your wedding day, or even after the wedding! Guys like gifts that are practical, as you know, but your gifts to your groomsmen should definitely be cool so that they show your appreciation. They’re your best bros and they deserve the best gifts, but what do you get your best man? What are the most popular groomsmen gifts out there? Should you get your groomsmen matching personalized gifts? Don’t worry, we’ll answer all of your questions and more!

A Whole Set of Cool Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Engraved Hatchets Cool Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Might as well start off with the coolest gifts for your groomsmen, right? These badass personalized hatchets will leave your bros speechless! Whether you’re taking them on an outdoor bachelor party adventure or you just know they’re the outdoorsy types, your groomsmen will definitely be excited to use these super cool groomsmen gift ideas! Hatchets like these come in handy for starting campfires, clearing your pathways of branches in the woods, and even doing yard work, so you know they’ll be thoroughly enjoyed by all of your groomsmen.

Personalized Beer Ammo Can Set of Popular Groomsmen Gifts

It’s no wonder you’ve seen ammo can sets all over the internet when you’ve been searching for popular groomsmen gifts—it is because they’re totally awesome! Not only are ammo cans a manly necessity for every guy, but this particular set is beer-themed and even comes personalized. Your best man or all of your groomsmen will be stoked to try out their badass bullet bottle opener and their new custom pint glasses, so make sure you include a couple of beers in their ammo cans when you give them their gifts!

Celebrate Your Wedding in Style

Engraved Cigar Glass with Cigar Case

Your groomsmen will surely be having drinks and cigars to celebrate at your wedding, so you might as well make sure they’re doing so in style with this cigar and whiskey gift set! They will be in awe of the unique cigar-holding whiskey glass that allows them to puff and sip at the same time, and the cigar case will definitely come in handy so that they have plenty of stogies to enjoy wherever they are. Once you give them this perfect pairing, your groomsmen will be sure to toast to you with their custom cigar glasses and thank you for giving them such awesome gifts!

The Best Beer Gift for Groomsmen

Personalized Beer Mug Box Set

Every guy who enjoys beer deserves to have a pub-quality mug to enjoy their favorite brews at home, and your groomsmen especially deserve them for being by your side on your big day! Each groomsman gets their own custom beer mug that they can use to gulp down their favorite beers, toast to you and your wedding, or use to have chugging contests with their fellow groomsmen. This set is seriously one of the most popular groomsmen gifts for a reason!

Must-Have Whiskey Gift Set

Custom Whiskey Set of Cool Groomsmen Gift Ideas

How cool is this whiskey gift set? Your groomsmen will be stoked to try their favorite whiskey in their new custom glasses with a couple of the handy whiskey stones. As soon you give them this set, they will all want to pour you a drink and toast to you, your wedding, and your awesome gift! Perfect for enjoying drinks together at the bachelor party, celebrating at the reception, and especially every time you come over to visit, this set is sure to be enjoyed by your groomsmen many times for years to come.


Pocket Watches Are Cool Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Gold Skeleton Pocket Watch for Groomsmen

Regular watches are so overrated, get your groomsmen pocket watches! This classy gold timepiece will make all of your groomsmen feel cool and suave in their tuxes on your wedding day, and it’ll make sure they are on time for the ceremony! These pocket watches are perfect gifts for groomsmen at your rehearsal dinner or when you ask them to be your groomsmen.

Cool Groomsmen Gift Ideas for the Wedding Party

Beer Mug Sets of Popular Groomsmen Gifts

Looking for cool, unique groomsmen gifts that all of your friends will enjoy? This set of five matching beer-themed gifts is perfect! These awesome beer gifts for groomsmen are best enjoyed at your bachelor party so that they can crack open a cold one using their new bottle openers and pour them into their personalized beer mugs as soon as you give them out. They will especially appreciate your gifts if you include a bottle of beer in each mug so that they can enjoy their many gifts right away!

How to Ask Them to Be Your Groomsmen

Monogrammed Groomsman Proposal Gift Box

Not sure how to ask your bros to be your groomsmen? Let a gift do the talking for you! This complete groomsmen proposal box set is full of great items your bros couldn’t possibly say, “No” to: a bowtie for the big day, a custom rocks glass they can toast with at the bachelor party and reception, a flask to bring along wherever they go, and a custom greeting card that asks the important question for you. Whether you just need one for your best man or you want to get one for all of your groomsmen, this set is one of the most unique ways to ask your friends to be part of your wedding!

Cool Groomsmen Gift Ideas They’ll Be Excited About

Set of Five Engraved Survival Knives

Seriously, one look at these engraved tactical knives and your groomsmen will be over the moon! From the double serrated edges to the hidden survival kit inside the hilt, everything about this badass knife is way too cool. Your groomsmen will love having them on hand when you go on your outdoor bachelor party, on a hunting trip with the guys, or even just to keep them around just in case something crazy happens while they’re out and about.

Classic Pair of Groomsmen Gifts

Personalized Groomsman Flask and Sunglasses

Popular groomsmen gifts aren’t always over-the-top gift sets, sometimes they’re as simple as a pair of sunglasses and a flask! This essential duo is a must-have for all of your groomsmen at your bachelor party and on your wedding day. They’ll love having a little bit of their favorite liquor on hand as they celebrate, especially when you need a little liquid courage to calm your nerves before walking down the aisle! The unique sunglasses are sure to make for some fun wedding pictures, and your groomsmen will all love wearing them because they’re unlike any other shades they’ve had. The fact that they’re personalized with their names on the frames makes them even cooler than regular sunglasses!

Practical Gifts Your Groomsmen Will Appreciate

Set of Four Tile Mates

Want each of your groomsmen to have a gift they’ll definitely use? Give each of them a Tile Mate! These handy little gadgets will make sure they never lose their phone, wallet, keys, or other important items they can never seem to keep track of. Using the app, they can find the item they attached the Tile Mate to with ease. In fact, you could put one of these in the wedding ring box to make sure you know where the most important items on your wedding day are, just in case something happens! Your groomsmen will all appreciate such practical gifts that they’ll want to get more Tile Mates for all of their essentials.

Their Own Liquor Decanter

Custom Engraved Liquor Decanter for Groomsmen

For groomsmen who enjoy fine spirits, a personalized decanter is the perfect way to say, “I appreciate you.” This unique decanter is perfect for storing their spirit of choice whether it’s whiskey or vodka, and it will make enjoying their liquor easier and better tasting than ever. The next time you come over to your groomsman’s place to hang out, they’ll be sure to serve you a drink from their personalized decanter so that you can see for yourself how much better the liquor tastes coming from the decanter rather than the bottle itself.

A Gift They’ll Definitely Use for Years to Come

Wooden Beer Tote

Looking for a gift that’s cool, but also practical? Your groomsmen will definitely appreciate a beer caddy! No more broken bottles or painful lines on their hands from carrying heavy six-packs, this wooden beer caddy makes transporting beers easier than ever. It even has a bottle opener attached to the side, which is one less thing they need to remember to bring! Make sure you give the caddies out at your bachelor party or even beforehand so that they can load them up with their favorite beers and bring them to the party. Plus, each caddy is personalized with your groomsman’s name so that they don’t miss up their beer with someone else’s!

Custom Rocks Glasses for Everyone

Cool Groomsmen Gift Ideas Engraved Whiskey Glasses

Personalized whiskey glasses are some of the most popular groomsmen gifts for a reason: they’re unique, useful, and thoughtful keepsakes that last forever! With this set of five glasses, you can get custom glasses for all of your groomsmen in one fell swoop. They will love using their new glasses to toast to you and your wedding, especially at the reception. Of course, if you give them out at the bachelor party, they can be used for several rounds of drinks together!

Grilling Gifts Are Always a Good Idea

Custom Bamboo Grilling Tools are Popular Groomsmen Gifts

Who doesn’t love to grill? Your groomsmen sure do, which makes these personalized grilling tools the perfect gifts to thank them for being there on your wedding day. Your bros will be surprised by how high-quality these professional bamboo tools are with their lightweight feel and durable stainless steel. However, their favorite part of this set will definitely be the engraved case that allows them to bring their trusty new tools anywhere from each other’s houses for cookouts to the lake with their family. In fact, you might as well get yourself a set!

17 in 1 Multi Tool from Huckberry

You can’t go wrong with a multi tool for each of your groomsmen! They will enjoy this handy multi tool so much that they’ll take it everywhere they go because it comes with so many features such as a screwdriver, two types of rulers, different wrenches, a bottle opener, several drill bits, package opener, and even a torque wrench. This incredible 17-in-1 tool ensures your groomsmen are prepared for just about anything from a wobbly table leg at the reception to a flat tire on the limo on the way to the wedding. Thanks to your practical groomsmen gifts, your wedding day is sure to go off without a hitch!

The Ultimate Cigar Gift Set

Custom Cigar Humidor Ammo Can Set

Whether you’re taking your groomsmen to a high-class cigar lounge for your bachelor party or you’re just planning on having plenty of stogies to go around on your wedding day, your groomsmen will love this cigar gift set! The ammo can has been converted into the coolest humidor they’ve ever seen, which means they can store and transport plenty of stogies to share with everyone. They will certainly enjoy the personalized whiskey glasses too, as they can use them to toast to your wedding day and share a drink with you before you walk down the aisle.

A Unique Gift Unlike Any Other

Beer Bottle Cap Collector USA Sign

Looking for cool groomsmen gift ideas that they will actually enjoy? A bottle cap collector map shaped like the USA is by far one of the coolest and most unique gifts you can give your groomsmen! They will love filling up this fun, interactive sign with the bottle caps from all of their favorite beers. Each groomsman will get to create their own one-of-a-kind decoration that will look awesome in their home bars or man caves, which makes them memorable and unique gifts. They can start filling up their signs at your bachelor party with all of the beer they’ll drink, and they’ll definitely want to compete with each other to see who can complete their map first!

Cool Groomsmen Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love

Set of 5 Flasks are Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Flasks are never a bad gift, especially for groomsmen. In fact, flasks are some of the most popular groomsmen gifts you can give! This set of five leather-bound flasks are an easy and fun gift for you to get your bros because they’re small, practical, and versatile accessories they can bring anywhere. From guys’ night to the reception, these flasks will always be by your groomsmen’s sides so that they’re always prepared for a drink. Plus, they’ll be a lot of fun to take pictures with because your groomsmen will have a matching set!

A Tasty Gift They’ll Thoroughly Enjoy

Bacon Gift Set from Amana Meat Shop

Wondering what kind of gift you could give any of your groomsmen that they would all enjoy? A bacon gift set is seriously the best groomsman gift! After all, your boys are definitely the kind of guys who enjoy bacon, and they would love to get a gift that’s literally just an assortment of gourmet bacon with everything from Amana smoked to peppercorn flavors and everything in between. You can never go wrong with edible gifts for one, but when it comes to bacon, it’s a guaranteed win!

Golf Gifts Fore Groomsmen

Watch and Glasses Set of Cool Groomsman Gift Ideas

Pardon the pun, but for groomsmen who enjoy golfing, no gift is more fitting than this one! Ideal for the groom, best man, father-of-the-bride, and any groomsman who loves to golf, this unique gift set is quite memorable. Anyone you give this set will be amazed by the personalized whiskey glasses and will pour you a glass right away, but their favorite part of the set will certainly be the 2-in-1 divot tool and ball marker. The unique watch box will definitely come in handy for their watch collection, but they’ll be so stoked to get on the green with their new tool that they might forget to even put a watch on!