27 Cool Birthday Gifts for Dad He Will Love

27 Cool Birthday Gifts for Dad He Will Love

UPDATED: Jan 17, 2022

Find Your Perfect Birthday Gifts for Dad:

Your dad’s probably already told you he doesn’t want anything for his birthday. But that’s not going to stop you from getting him an amazing gift to show how much he means to you. It doesn’t matter if your dad likes to relax in his free time, is always on the go, or loves the latest gear. We have all sorts of incredible birthday gifts for dad that will have him excited to see what you get him every birthday from here on out.

Regal Brandy Glass

Custom Brandy Glass Dads Will Love

Over the years your dad has acquired a refined taste for brandy. Or, at least he thinks so. Get one of those birthday gifts for dad that shows him what he truly needs to enjoy his brandy or cognac. It’s designed to specifically push the notes to the forefront, so your guy gets the experience before even taking a sip. This glass will seem like it’s glued to his hand after he tries it out for the first time.

Box of Vice Gifts for Dad’s Birthday

Cigar Set Birthday Gift Idea

Every dad enjoys a cigar every now and then. But they don’t always have everything need to make it happen, even with a cigar in hand. Put a smile on their face with this manly essentials gifts for dads birthday. It has everything he needs to enjoy a cigar and chase each a puff with a sip of his favorite liquor to pair with a stogie.

Modern Rocks Glasses for the Modern Dad

Set of 4 Benson Rocks Glasses for Men

Not every guy has one strict rule they go by when enjoying a glass of whiskey. Thankfully, this set of Benson rocks glasses is great for the dad that likes a little variety in his spirits. Each glass is shaped to perfectly accommodate a drink that’s neat, on the rocks, or with a mixer. Your man will always be prepared no matter how he wants to enjoy his drink. He can educate any friends or family to the benefits of Benson glasses with this set of four.

A Man Cave Sign Your Dad Will Love for His Birthday

Custom Pub Sign

If your father doesn’t have a custom wood sign made just for him in his home then this is the birthday to remedy that tragedy. It’s a great addition to your father’s man cave, garage, office, or wherever he likes to do his drinking. Celebrating the three pillars of booze, your dad will love finally having something to hang on the walls just for him. It’s even pre-drilled so your dad can enjoy a celebratory drink in no time after it’s mounted.

Timeless Flask Collection of Birthday Gifts for Dad

Modern Flask Gift Dad Will Love

Every dad needs a flask whether he’s turning 50 or is about to retire at 65. One of the finest birthday gifts for your dad is one that’s a little refined. This rustic flask set will let your husband haul his spirits with him wherever he likes in style. It even has a couple stainless-steel shot glasses to share the experience with friends and a handsome display case whenever it’s not in use. He’ll be ready to celebrate every hole-in-one, every touchdown, whenever the occasion strikes.


Nest Thermostat System

Nest Thermostat Make Great Tech Lover Guy Gifts

Get a birthday gift for your dad that loves new technology. This Nest thermostat is incredible. Your dad can control the temperature in his house from anywhere in the world on his smartphone. He will no longer have to worry about anyone touching his precious thermostat because he will always have complete control. Being able to adjust it on the fly brings an extra level of comfort that you don’t get from any other thermostat.

Sleek Monogrammed Coffee Mug

White Coffee Mug Coffee Loving Fathers Appreciate

Your dad is a completely different person before and after he has his morning cup of coffee. He crawls out of bed, shuffling around like a zombie, making a haggard beeline to the coffee maker. Let him unwrap a birthday gift he will treasure for these moments: a bright white ceramic coffee mug engraved with his monogram. Your dad will love having a shining beacon that will get his coffee in his system more quickly.

Complete Decanter Set of Gifts for Dads Birthday

Decanter Box Set Birthday Gift

What is your father still doing without a decanter? Remedy that grave error with one of those gifts for your dad’s birthday he’ll want to use every chance he gets. The beautiful decanter box set has a premium decanter that’s perfect for any kind of liquor, four classic square rocks glasses to serve it in, and even a handsome wood box to store all of his keepsakes. You know your dad shouldn’t have a favorite child, but if he had to pick this gift certainly wouldn’t hurt you in the rankings.

Customized Insulated Ice Bucket

Brown Ice Bucket Cocktail Connoisseur Dads Must Have

You can picture it in your mind’s eye. Your dad’s got a dapper look to him, reaches for his favorite glass, and adds a few ice cubes from his own bucket liked you see in a classic film. Of course, your father is missing his own custom ice bucket. Thankfully, you can get him the original gift for his birthday that he’ll never expect. He’ll immediately start filling the bucket and insist on making everyone a drink. It’s not a bad way to celebrate a birthday. Talk about a great birthday gift for dad!

Optishot Golf-in-a-Box Simulator

Indoor Golf Simulator

Does your dad still talk about the time that he almost hit a hole-in-one? Give him a chance to improve his game and play golf on the rainiest days so that he might actually sink that hole-in-one. Optishot is a golf similar that lets him play full courses in the comfort of his home. It comes preloaded with some of the world’s most renowned golf course so your dad can master them at before he even steps on the green.

Let Dad Take His Beer Everywhere

Beer Loving Dads Need a Portable Growler & Cup

Your dad can’t be contained. He’s always on the move. It’s time to celebrate that fact with one of those birthday gifts for your dad that will travel with him. This is more than just a regular growler. It’s insulated and includes a built-in travel cup so your dad can enjoy his cold beer or drink with him wherever he’s being a mover and shaker. The trips to the lake or wherever he goes will never be the same again.

A Beanbag Toss Set of gifts for Dad’s Birthday

Customized Cornhole Game

Nothing makes your dad feel alive like a little friendly competition. Reignite that flame with a custom cornhole game engraved just for him. He will love playing games against you, the grandkids, friends, and even your mom. What makes this set really cool is how easily your dad can move it from place to place. He can play inside, outside, while tailgating, or wherever else he needs to show off his bean bag tossing skills.

Beer Tap Handles Every Dad Needs

Walnut Keg Tap Handle Birthday Gift

It’s an almost indescribable feeling when you pull on a beer tap handle and fill the mug in your hand with delicious, golden beer. If your dad has a man cave or is a home brewer then he needs his own keg tap handle. You can customize the designs and line on these handles to get one that appeals to his sense of style and design. He’ll love being gifted the missing piece in his home this birthday.

Get Your Dad a 4K TV for His Birthday

Sony 4K Television

Every man deserves a top line of the television. Your dad will always remember the birthday where you handed a 4K Smart TV from Sony. The picture quality is unmatched. When he watches a game it will be like he’s there in person. He can easily stream his favorite movies or TV shows in incredible 4K quality. The only thing he’ll need is help hooking it up after he opens the box.

Whiskey Birthday Gifts for Dad

Box Set with 2 Whiskey Glasses & Stainless Steel Stones

If your father has a routine that he hasn’t deviated from in decades, you can still get one of those birthday gifts for your dad that honors his traditions and adds a modern touch he won’t be able to resist. The rocks glasses have a timeless look that appeals to any man and are perfect for any kind of liquor, but the real treat is the stainless steel whiskey stones. They chill a drink much more rapidly than the old standard. Your guy will happily deviate from his daily routine with this birthday gift.


Wildlands Fire Axe Sign

Custom Firefighter Sign Gift for Grandpa's Birthday

Your dad has always had a reverence for firefighters. There’s a good chance he even spent years working for the fire crew. Now you can get a gift for your dad’s birthday that elevates his appreciation. This Wildlands Fire Axe custom sign is a great bit of manly decor in any space. It looks great in a living room, garage, man cave, and especially in a firehouse. Both lines are customizable, so you can tailor it specifically for your dad. It’s an awesome gift idea for the grandpa that’s a retired firefighter.

Turn Your Dad into a Treasure Hunter

Kellyco Metal Detector

Whether he’s actually spoken it out loud or not, your dad has always had a desire to do some treasure hunting. Get a gift for your dad’s birthday that will let him potentially let him discovers troves of gold and other items that have been lost to history with this metal detector. He can use it in fields, at the beach, or even in your backyard. Wherever he feels like having some fun while getting some exercise, he can bring along this awesome birthday gift and discover new treasures.

Unique Whiskey Stones

Black Onyx Whiskey Stones

Some gifts have to be unique for your dad to really appreciate it. These black onyx whiskey stones are the perfect example of that. They were designed to cover a larger surface area of a drink without taking up anymore space. Your dad will appreciate that he gets a gift that will let him savor his favorite scotch or whiskey without fear of the flavor being diluted by melted ice. He might even ask you to join for a drink so you can demonstrate how this awesome birthday gifts for dad works.

Travel Mug for the Dad On the Go

Insulated Tumbler Gift Idea for Father's Birthday

A lot of dads tend to do a ton of traveling. They’ve got their commute to work. They’re going to soccer games, school events. They’re driving all over town to run errands for everyone in the family. Being the family patriarch never ends. This birthday gift for your dad will help him along his busy lifestyle and shows how much he means to you. This custom travel mug is engraved with the birthdates of all the special people in his life, so he’ll always have you on his mind.

Awesome Beer Caddy

Wood Beer Tote with Bottle Opener

Let your dad be the hero wherever he goes with his very own wooden beer carrier. No longer will he have to lug around hefty coolers and cardboard boxes that can barely contain the cans inside. This sleek carrier is crafted from the finest wood so your dad can confidently add his six favorite brews and take them to BBQs, pool parties, or wherever beer is needed. It even has a cast iron bottle opener built into the side of the carrier. Your dad will treasure this gift like it was his first car.

Engraved Stemless Wine Glasses

Engraved Stemless Wine Glasses, Set of 4

Some dads prefer vino over any other drink. They think they always have the perfect wine pairing for every meal. If this sounds like the sage advice your dad likes to depart than he certainly needs a set of stemless wine glasses as his birthday gift. Your dad will love the ways the glasses comfortably in his hand while allowing the wine to breathe and the tannins escape to the top for a richer, more complex flavor than what he’s used to.

Top of the Line Twist Decanter Set

High-End Twist Decanter Set Perfect in Dads Home or Office

If your dad is still having to pull liquor bottles from the far reaches of some cabinet space in his house then it’s time to get a birthday gift for dad that he more than deserves. This incredible twist decanter with matching glasses is an unparalleled choice to introduce your father to the splendor of decanters. His favorite liquor will look enticing and be practically begging to be served in the glasses. The twist glasses stand out on their own, but fit surprisingly nicely in any sized hand. Your dad will be amazed at how a real whiskey glass can make such a positive impact on his libations.

Portable Ping-Pong Table

Stiga Ping-Pong Table

Somehow all dad’s have an innate skill to be ping-pong champions at a moment’s notice. Let your dad relive the thrill of tabletop tennis with this Stiga ping-pong table as a birthday gift for your dad. This table is world class so it’s easily portable and can be played indoors. Your dad can even raise one end of the table and practice by himself whenever he wants to get a little time in. He’ll be handing people paddles in an effort to challenge each of them to a game.

Unique Whiskey Cigar Glass

Engraved Whiskey Cigar Glass Gift Idea for Dads Birthday

Want a birthday gift for your dad that will let him enjoy his vices in style? This whiskey cigar glass is something he’s going to love once he unwraps his gift it realizes it exists. He can hold a cigar in the same glass where he drinks his whiskey. It’s an incredible invention that he can guy would love to get their hands on. This birthday let your dad get this special gift he will use at every poker game, social gathering, or whenever he just needs to treat himself for a bit.

Legendary Ammo Can for a Legendary Dad

Military Ammo Can with Whiskey Glasses and Stones

Who says the perfect gift doesn’t exist? Your old man is a legend and deserves a legendary gift for his birthday. This ammo can gift set is great for storing tools, fishing supplies, or whatever he’d like. It’s even genuine U.S. military surplus so it’s built to last. He can even kick back and relax with a pair of rocks glasses with whiskey stones that let the world know about the legend he is.

Perfect Grill Basket

Vegetable Grill Basket

Your dad’s trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Of course, that doesn’t mean he’s going to stop grilling. But he’ll just char some vegetables to get some balance in his meal. It’s a nice compromise. But he’s quickly learned that it’s not so easy to keep loose veggies on the grill. Thankfully, this birthday, you can get him this grill basket. He’ll be able to pack it with vegetables and whatever else he’d like and still get that perfect cook on it to pair with his steak.

Colossal Beer Mug

Giant Beer Mug Every Dad Needs on his Birthday

Not all beer mugs are created equal. This personalized beer mug is colossal in the amount of beer it can hold. Your dad will love that you get him a birthday gift that can hold an entire liter of beer. He won’t have to go back for refills when he’s watching the big game. This big mug will be by his side helping conquer his mighty thirst. Your dad will much prefer this gift over another pair of socks.


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