13 Classic Cigar Cases

Check Out These Amazing Cigar Cases:

There is a lot more to cigars and storing them than simply placing them inside a plastic bag. In fact, to be the true aficionado you want to be, you simply must get a cigar case! These are cases designed specially to house your cigars, while some are for at home, many are cool and unique ways to bring your stogies with you anywhere you go. So, the next time you close a deal with a client, run into an old friend, or simply feel the need for a stogie, you can use one of these unique cigar cases to pull your favorite Padron or Cohiba from, making them the best cigar gifts you can give!

A New Twist on a Classic Cigar Case

Engraved Twist Glass Set with Leather Cigar Case

Do more for yourself than simply getting a case for your cigars. Ensure that you can easily enjoy both your favorite things with a personalized cigar and whiskey gift set. Not only do you get gorgeous whiskey glasses, but it also comes with a light and cigar stand to match your brown leather case. This is the perfect set to enjoy at home or on the go. Better still, you even have an extra glass so that you can celebrate with your partner or best friend and feel like the classiest people on earth while you do so!

Take a Shot at This Cigar Tube

Bullet Travel Case for Cigar

Arm yourself with one of the most badass cigar tubes on the market, this engraved one that comes in the shape of bullets. You’ll surely be the talk of every party when stogie time comes around. Some people are pulling their cigar from cases, others baggies, and some in wrappers. Then there is you, you’ve got these badass, dual cigar tubes that you can pull your Padron cigars out of. Stand out from the crowd with an awesome way to carry your cigars!

The Fanciest Cigar Case

Bluetooth Cigar Humidor Case

While some cigar cases are great for at home and others are good for on the go, what about getting one that does a little bit of both? This LifePod Humidor not only holds your cigars but is Bluetooth! It’ll actually notify you when you need to adjust the humidity or temperature. You just have to tell it what you are storing and the app will tell you the exact limits of temperature and humidity that you need. Plus, it even travels well, what more could you want in a humidor?

The Perfect Set for Cigars When You’re on the Move

Embossed Leather Cigar Case

Want to keep things classic with your cigar case? No problem! This embossed brown leather case is the perfect way for you to bring your stogies everywhere that you go. From the nights out on the town to a wedding, they’ll slide easily inside the case which will fit like a glove inside the pocket of your blazer. It even has an outer pocket that fits your cigar cutter. This simple case truly covers all the needs when you want to take a cigar with you everywhere you go.

A Set with Sophisticated Cigar Cases

Whiskey and Cigar Personalized Box Set

Feel like the most sophisticated person alive each time you reach for some Makers Mark and a Cohiba when you’ve got this incredibly classy and personalized cigar gift set. Inside the box, you’ve got everything to enjoy a perfectly chilled whiskey to a smoldering stogie. You can even use the gorgeous black keepsake as a spot to store the cigars you plan on smoking next. The possibilities are endless for you with this awesome cigar gift set!


Carbon Fiber Cigar Tube

Carbon Fiber Cigar Cases

Keep things sleek and simple with a carbon fiber cigar tube. This makes this cigar tube the most perfect way to always bring a stogie with you. So it doesn’t matter if you aren’t sure why you’ll need one or you are positive you are going to need a cigar, this tube is the easiest one to fit in your pocket. Also, since it is made from carbon fiber, it is incredibly light, so you may even forget it is there.

The Case for Stogies and Scotch

Personalized Cigar Flask

Pairing a good stogie with some scotch is a very fun thing to do. It is even more fun, however, when you can do it on the go. So, the next time you are at the golf course or at a business party, break out this classily engraved cigar flask! It blends in perfectly to jacket pockets but when you want to show it off, everyone will love seeing you have it customized with your name with a matte black finish.

A Classy Set for Cigar and Whiskey Lovers

Engraved Cigar Whiskey Glass with Travel Case for Cigars

Make enjoying your cigar and whiskey combination easier than ever before. Thanks to the personalized cigar and whiskey gift set, you’ll never have to juggle doing 3 things at once ever again. Why? Because, with this cigar glass, you’ll easily smoke your stogie and drink with one hand, leaving you free to high-five your buddies or lay down a royal flush with the other. The only shame of this kit is that you won’t be able to take the cigar glass with you everywhere you go like you can your cigar traveling case.

A Must-Have Case for the Cigar Aficionado

Alligator Cigar Tube

Make yourself look and feel fancier than anyone else in the room or even the state you are in with a case for cigars that has been made from alligator skin. If it can protect these tough creatures from each other’s teeth, you know that your Oliva cigars will arrive safely and in style anywhere you go.

The Toughest Case for Cigars

Engraved Cigar Ammo Can Humidor

Update to a modern classic with a cigar case that is more than just a way to bring your stogies with you everywhere you go. This case actually protects your cigars from not only the elements but from anything in the world that could possibly hurt them. You can be sure this patriotic engraved cigar ammo can humidor will be the toughest way to secure your cigars. And for those of you who are serious about their smokes, you won’t want to go with any humidor but this one!

The Most Unique Cigar Case

Unique Bamboo Cigar Cases

Be different than everyone else with your travel case for cigars with one that has been made from bamboo. Everyone else goes with metal, leather, and sometimes wood. However, have you ever seen one made from bamboo? Probably not! You’ll definitely have a customized case that is worth remembering just as much as the event you were at worth enjoying a stogie at!

Wood You Want This Case?

Wood and Leather Cigar Tube

Add a bit of class to your travel cigar tube when you use one that has been made from brown leather and walnut wood. A cigar tube that looks this good will easily fit into any situation from an office celebration to a wedding to even a just because occasion for a cigar. You can feel sophisticated without overdoing it thanks to this unique cigar tube.

Store Those Stogies

Custom Wooden Cigar Box

While the main focus of a lot of these cases so far has been to take your cigars with you everywhere you go, why not also make sure that you have a case for them when you are at home too with a legendarily engraved cigar box. These are great ways to store and show off your collection of Artuto Fuentes, Carrilolos, Montecristos, Bolivars. Plus, when you have a legendary cigar collection, you simply must-have a cigar box that says so too!