23 Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Husband Who Has Everything

Check Out Our Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for the Husband Who Has Everything!

Surprise your husband with Christmas gifts he never knew he needed with these amazing present ideas! He may have thought he had everything, but he was so wrong. We’ve searched high and low to find the ideal Christmas gift ideas for husband who has everything. These luxurious gifts are going to make his life far more pleasurable, relaxing, and enjoyable than he could have ever imagined! So, instead of scouting the internet yourself to find the ultimate gift for this hard to shop for guy, sit back, relax, pour some eggnog, and find the ultimate gift for your hubby with our awesome Christmas gift ideas for men!

Present Him the Best Gifts

Whiskey Presentation Gift Set for Husbands

Husbands that have everything will love a gift that makes them feel classy. Few things exist on earth that will make him feel like a gentleman than his very own personalized presentation set. This is the perfect set that he can enjoy both while using it and simply looking at it. You know he is going to have this on the end table, home bar, or somewhere else where it’ll be ready for an impromptu drink with you or his guests!

An Epic Beer Stein for Husbands

Beer Christmas Gift Ideas for Husband Who Has Everything

Your husband may think he has everything he could ever want. He may even think this year you might be stumped on what to get him for Christmas. But you’ve got a secret, this personalized beer stein! You know for a fact doesn’t have an epic beer stein to enjoy his favorite IPAs, stouts, lagers, or pilsners from. Better yet, the open mouth and pewter lid of this mug will help keep in the flavor and aroma right up until the moment he is ready for a drink of his favorite golden-liquid. So, you can imagine when he finds new flavor levels and tastes he never knew were in his go-to craft beer or macro brew, he’ll be so glad you found this set of Christmas gift ideas for husband who has everything!

Valet Parking for His Accessories

Engraved Valet Box

Guys love to be organized. You know your husband, with his tools, games, books, or anything else, he has an exact spot for everything but not his awesome accessories! Help out your hubby with the perfect place to organize his awesome watches, cufflinks, and rings with a personalized valet box! No more will he have to search for a matching cufflink or that one watch he really likes, from now on he’ll always be ready to be dressed with his favorite accessories.

Classy Christmas Gift Ideas for Husband Who Has Everything

Engraved Cigar Whiskey Christmas Present for Husbands

The weather outside may be frightful, but thanks to this engraved cigar and twist whiskey glass gift set, he’ll never feel a chill from the winter air. The smoke from his favorite cigar is sure to fill him with warmth, and if it doesn’t keep him in the Christmas spirit, you know a sip of scotch or whiskey will keep him warmer and more in the holiday spirit than Santa when he puts on his red coat! Make Christmas present for husbands unforgettable when you get them gift sets that they can use anytime, anyplace, and will always have them thinking about the year they got such a memorable gift!

An Engraved Shadow Box

Cigar Shadow Box is a Great Christmas Present for Husband

Deck the halls for your husband this year with a custom gift idea when you feast your eyes on this engraved shadow box. This shadow box is a great piece of decor that he gets to interact with. Adding cigar bands, movie tickets, or anything he deems memorable inside. Plus, that means when he is taking a minute to stop and smell the roses, this gift will remind him of some of the best moments in life.

A Sweet Stainless-Steel Set

Personalized Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler Box Set

Men love to always be prepared, every guy has a deep-rooted feeling that no matter if he is leaving for the wilderness or hanging out at home, he needs to be ready for anything. Using these amazing stainless-steel tumblers and box set, he is guaranteed to always be ready for a good time! This nearly indestructible cocktail and wine set can even travel with ease inside the keepsake on adventures or to a friend’s house, how cool is that? Give the ultimate Christmas present with a set of indestructible tumblers!


Have Him Go Down the Rabbit Hole of Delicious Bourbon

Rabbit Hole Rye Kentucky Bourbon

This holiday season, nothing will warm your husband’s heart or fill him with as much Christmas spirit, as well, a spirit! This bottle of Rabbit Hole Kentucky rye bourbon is sure to tantalize his taste buds like no drink before. This small-batch rye has a higher concentration of malted grains cooked through a proprietary cooking process to make it one of the most unique bourbons on the market. So, make his Christmas joy last longer than the holiday season by getting him a bottle of fantastic Kentucky bourbon. Each time he goes for a sip, it’ll take him back to one of his favorite Christmases ever!

Ammo Can Christmas Gift Ideas for Husband Who Has Everything

Engraved Cocktail Smoker Set of Christmas Gift Ideas for Husband Who Has Everything

There is something awesome about an ammo can that men can’t help but love. Maybe it is the militaristic character, the rustic design, or just the sheer manliness of it all. Regardless, this is a gift any husband is sure to love! Make his holiday with a gift box centered around his own ammo set! He’ll feel like you won the war of gift-giving on Christmas with this gift set stuffed full of beer accessories that he simply won’t be able to wait to use!

Art Deco Sign

Custom Art Deco Sign

Get a Christmas present for husbands that will make them feel both classic and classy. You could even surprise him more by mounting this in his man cave or office for him to see on Christmas morning. When he sees his name engraved on this Art Deco style sign he’ll want to start doing the Charleston, and how fitting is a 1920’s style sign to be on display in his home than in the 2020s?

The New Chimney

Smoke Box Whiskey Set Christmas Idea for Husbands

With snow on the ground, the only way to make this Christmas feel more iconic is if smoke were pouring out of the chimney and the big jolly man himself was setting down on your roof. Although finding Santa on your roof may be a little unlikely you can help your man get smokey with this amazing smoke box for his favorite liquors! He can use this set of Christmas gift ideas for husband who has everything to create new flavors with his favorite liquors! The smoke adds hints of cedar, thyme, or anything else he puts in there. This is a Christmas gift you know he will want to use right away!

A Gift for the Light Side of the Force

Star Wars Bonfire Pit

Make every bonfire epic with a Star Wars-themed fire pit. Not only will this gift be great for nostalgia, movie lovers, and modern fans of the series, but it also just looks absolutely amazing! Plus, in the colder winter month of December, this Christmas present for husbands will keep everyone nice and toasty when they’re outside!

An Impressive Christmas Present for Husbands

Personalized Triangular Decanter Set

Surprise your husband this Christmas with a gift he must have! He’ll love that you went so far out of your way to find a new angle on Christmas gifts (sorry, but that pun nearly writes itself). This unusual decanter is sure to not only be a standout gift this year, but a standout decanter set from now on! Whether he uses this at home to unwind or in the office to celebrate major events, you can be sure when anyone sees this decanter, they’ll be blown away by its unique design and amazing personalization!

A Legendary Christmas Gift

Whiskey Glass and Stone Ammo Can Gift Set

When you’re in need of a gift that is more mythical than Santa himself, look no further than this ammo can set! Your husband who has everything will love how legendary this gift will make him feel when he is opening the latch to find his matching whiskey glasses inside. Top this set off with a bottle of his favorite bourbon or scotch, and now, he’ll truly be a man who has everything he could ever want!

Engraved Modern Wine Set

Stemless Wine Box Set are Christmas Present for Husbands

He may have some classic-styled stemmed wine-glasses, but you can bring him into the modern era with these awesome stemless glasses! Also, what better time for him to enjoy a good Pinot Noir or Merlot than when he is celebrating the holidays with his family? That means he gets to use this gift set right away! You won’t even have to get a gift box because they all fit inside a matching engraved keepsake. This is the perfect wine gift Christmas present for a husband to enjoy his drinks in a modern, classy style!

Personalized Tavern Sign is a Christmas Present for Husbands

Ale Sign is a Christmas Gift Ideas for Husband Who Has Everything

Celebrate his love for beer all year long with the perfect custom tavern sign for his home. Great for living rooms, man caves, garages, and home bars, he’ll be proud to hang this sign on Christmas morning. Each time he has a beer, you can be sure that your husband will raise a beer and toast toward his favorite Christmas gift yet.

A Gift that Drones On

Drone Kit Christmas Gift Ideas for Husband Who Has Everything

Give him a gift that will have endless uses for the rest of his life with a super high-tech drone! Drones are the perfect Christmas gift ideas for husband who has everything! He can use this to make cool videos anywhere he goes thanks to the camera or he can simply enjoy the hobby of flying drones!

Monogrammed Tasting Set

Monogram Whiskey Tasting Set

Make your hubby feel like the classiest and luckiest guy in the world when he finds his own monogrammed box set right under the Christmas tree! This is the perfect way to get a gift for the man who has everything and have him thinking back to when he was a kid and mom and dad ended up getting him the ideal gift. Now, instead of a fun toy, he’s got a cool guy gift to help him enjoy all the flavors and aromas of his favorite whisky!


Ultimate Decanter Christmas Present for Husbands

Whiskey Decanter Sets are Ideal Christmas Gift Ideas for Husband Who Has Everything

Use this amazing box set as the ideal Christmas present for husband. When he opens his custom box, he won’t just be getting one custom gift, but five! He’ll have the ultimate whiskey set which when accompanied with a bottle of his favorite brand, is sure to keep him warm on cold winter nights!

Cutting Boards are Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Husbands Who Have Everything

Personalized Cutting Board

One of the best parts of the holidays is your husband’s home-cooked meals. Keep him ready to go for each breakfast, snack, and dinner with a new personalized cutting board. When he unwraps this gorgeous gift, the first thing he is going to want to do will be to break it in with a few knife cuts while creating a delicious holiday treat. So, this husband Christmas gift idea is also a win for you and your taste buds too!

Keep His Stogies as Fresh as He Is

Unique Ammo Can Humidor

Stop your search here for the top Christmas gift ideas for husband who has everything with his own engraved cigar humidor! What makes this one so special, how about that it comes inside a United States military ammo can? If it can keep bullets ready for action, you know his cigars will be safe for the whole journey in Santa’s sleigh. Just make sure to add a few Cohibas to make sure he knows he is on Santa’s nice list, and he’ll think this is the best Christmas he has had since he was a kid!

Keep Him Clean

Mens Skin Care Kit

Something a man can never have too much of is soap and self-care products! This organic skin care kit is perfect for any guy’s skin whether he is constantly outdoors or works in a office, his skin is sure to look and smell better than ever when he uses this toiletry kit!

Caffeinated Christmas

Engraved Tumbler Flask and Survival Knife

Never let your man be without something to drink. It doesn’t matter how busy this man who has everything is, with this gift set, he’ll always be able to enjoy a good cup of Joe or a sip of his favorite liquor. Thanks to this awesome set, he could be at the office, in the middle of the woods, or just walking around town, and he’ll always be able to quench his thirst. Plus, it even comes with an awesome matching survival knife, how cool can one Christmas gift really be?

Make Things Frosty this Christmas

Personalized Whiskey Stone Box Set

Outside may be chilly but this set will be one of the coolest Christmas gift ideas for husband who has everything! He can top off his favorite drink with awesome stainless steel whiskey stones and his own personalized keepsake box into the most amazing glasses he’s ever seen! This is a fantastic gift set to make sure that this gift feels as rare and classy as the man you’re giving it too!


Which type of gift is best for husband?

There is no single best gift for every husband out there. Each gift has to be as unique as each husband is. After all, some guys are big into basketball while others love hunting and others enjoy their video games. You’ll have to tailor your thought process for finding the best gifts for husbands to your husband specifically. This way, you can get the gift that is best for him, and him alone!

What to present a man who has everything?

When you’re in search of a gift for the man who has everything you’ll need to get a personalized gift. That is the best way to make sure he doesn’t already have the gift you want to give. Plus, having a custom touch adds personality and sentimentality to your gift.

What gift can make a man happy?

A gift that will make any man (including your husband) happy is one that has to do with what he already enjoys. Don’t sweat getting a gift for a hobby he might like, get him a gift that makes his hobby even better! That is the easiest way to find something unique for your man while still getting something awesome.

What do husbands want for Christmas?

Christmas presents for husbands are gifts that show just how much you care about them. Your custom gift for your husband shows that you’ve been paying attention to what he has a passion for and that you wanted to get something that takes that hobby to the next level. Whether it is a super expensive luxury gift or something personal and sentimental, your husband will love that you went the extra mile for him this Christmas.