13 Must-See Glencairn Whiskey Glasses

13 Must-See Glencairn Whiskey Glasses

Did you know that the Glencairn whiskey glass was created by a man named Raymond Davidson who dreamed of the perfect whisky glass? His unique design didn’t make it into production until his sons teamed up with the best in the whiskey industry 25 years later in 2001 to promote it with Glencairn Crystal at […]

19 Brilliant Lead-Free Crystal Decanters

19 Brilliant Lead-Free Crystal Decanters

Crystal liquor decanters have been around for decades and are still often used today. You’ve seen them in movies, TV shows, and probably in antique stores. But why does it matter if the crystal is lead-free? Decanters that contain lead can cause your stored liquor to be contaminated with lead over time as well as […]

37 Best Whiskey Glasses in 2019

37 Best Whiskey Glasses in 2019

You still remember the first sip of whiskey you ever had. Your life was forever changed. It doesn’t matter if it was from a Solo cup or a pull straight from the bottle, you knew you had stumbled upon a golden elixir. But as you’ve developed a real affinity for the spirit, you realized it […]

23 Best Bourbon Glasses to Enhance American Whiskey

23 Best Bourbon Glasses to Enhance Your American Whiskey

UPDATED 012-6-2018 Under the careful watch of such states as Kentucky and Tennessee, bourbon has rightfully earned a spot among the world’s most respected whiskeys. While top-notch tasting glasses are available for the single malt spirits of Scotland, it’s important to give bourbon glassware a spot on our shelves, as well. Bourbon glasses are more […]

27 Best Scotch Glasses

28 Best Scotch Glasses for 2019

Updated 1-21-2019 Scotch, also known as “the Golden Nectar of Scotland,” also known as “the water of life,” is a liquor steeped in rich traditions and national pride. Distilled in a wide variety of single malts, single grains, and blended varieties, signatures of this whisky are oaky flavors and golden hues. The Scottish government still […]

18 Best Whiskey Glasses for Every Occasion

18 Best Whiskey Glasses for Every Occasion

Updated: 1-10-2019 Trends in drinking glasses have changed substantially over the past decade. Who would have guessed that the double-wall vacuum flask, first invented in 1892, would suddenly have a resurgence? But one thing that has never fallen out of fashion is the search for the best whiskey glasses. Whether you need them for your […]

Scotch Cocktail: The Sparkling Sand

Scotch Cocktails: The Sparkling Sand

For those looking to upgrade the basic scotch and soda, we’ve created a new twist that’s ready to keep you chilled all summer long. The Sparkling Sand is a mixed drink made with Scotch whiskey, perfect for outdoor parties, afternoons in the sun, or relaxing nights at home. The ingredients are easy to find and […]

Old Fashioned Drink

How to Make an Old Fashioned Cocktail That Is Unbeatable

For decades, the Old Fashioned cocktail has held icon status among whiskey aficionados and drink-recipe-Luddites. And what’s not to love? Traditional ingredients, tried and true combinations, and a name that unabashedly refuses to be modern. But all this reverence has actually made the Old Fashioned drink unapproachable. Beginning craft-cocktail enthusiasts don’t want to call the […]

Best Whiskey to Buy for Dad

The Best Whiskey to Buy for Dad

For friends and family looking to find a great bottle of whiskey to give dad, the task can be pretty daunting. Most people don’t know the difference between George Dinkel and Pappy Van Winkle, and there are thousands of options in between. So we created a guide to help all those folks that want to […]