Wine Aerator

Choosing The Best Wine Aerator

They say what you don’t know can’t hurt you, and while popping open a bottle of your favorite red wine five minutes before you drink it won’t hurt you (that is, unless you nail yourself in the eye with the cork), wine experts would argue that what you don’t know about aerating wine properly can most […]

A Patriot’s Guide to The Best 4th of July Ever

It’s that time again… … time to raise your flags, slap some meat on the grill and celebrate our independence in style. But – like graduations, weddings and funerals – there are traditions to be observed. And what American holiday is more traditional than Independence Day? Traditions are important. Think back to your childhood – […]

Home Brewing Basics

Home Beer Brewing

You are a beer aficionado. You’ve sampled all the local brews and have your favorites down pat. You know which beers to stock for dinner, and which for the big game. You’re always looking for the best new thing. Why not take the next step to good beer and try your hand at home brewing? […]

Buying and Maintaining Your Grill

Planning the perfect barbecue season is all about the choices you make. New homeowners and people just getting started often have questions like: What kind of grill should I buy? Should I use charcoal or gas? Do I want something that has more than one tier of grates? Do I want a side burner? The […]

Choosing the Perfect Beer for Your Tastes

The number of beers you can find in grocery stores is almost endless. From Bud Light, Pabst to microbrews—the bottles stretch out in every direction. So, how do you know which one to choose? Whether you’re just starting out in the world of beer or looking to refine your pallet and find beers you truly […]

Smooth Shots

The Enjoyment of Smooth Shots

  You may be wondering why on earth someone would use the words “enjoyment” and “smooth” in the same sentence with “shot” when referring to whiskey or liquor. The simple truth of the matter is – shots don’t have to take your breath or cause you to be the brunt of jokes for years to […]

Making the Most of Happy Hour

Everyone needs to unwind now and then, and sometimes knocking back a few cold ones does the trick perfectly. After a hard day’s work, pointing tired feet in the direction of the neighborhood bar or restaurant can be a good idea. The cocktail hour is more than just drinking, however. It is a chance to […]

Beer Guide Basic Info

Beer Basics 101

Not everyone who enjoys beer truly understands what it takes to make their beloved brew. Some beer lovers may not care where it comes from or how it is made, but if you’re here, you’d probably like some inside information about the basics of beer. What is Beer? Simply put, beer is fermented sweet tea […]

12 Foolproof Tips for Mixing Cocktails

12 Foolproof Tips for Mixing Cocktails

There is nothing worse than a poorly made cocktail… but thanks to these ten tips you’ll never suffer through another one again.   1.  Use premium liquors. It cannot be overstated how important premium liquor is for a quality cocktail. We’re not saying you need to mix Macallan 25 year old scotch into that Dry […]