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Casual Summer Dinner Party Fun

UPDATED: Nov 3, 2021

A casual summer dinner party is all part and parcel of having fun in summer. Many people take this time to show their creative skills by organizing a summer theme party or two. We’d like to share some theme party ideas with you to help make your summer dinner party one that people will remember forever.

Summertime has been the time for relaxation and fun for many, many years. We grow up enjoying summers away from school as a time to enjoy not having the responsibility of school work. No wonder there are still so many adults who look forward to this time of the year!

Common Summer Theme Party Ideas

Some summer theme party ideas never go out of style. These include backyard barbeques, Christmas in July, beach or pool parties, cocktail parties and a block parties. This is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak when it comes to summer party ideas.People Summer Party

Having any theme party can be lots of fun and with some planning, not much work, either. Pet owners can even come up with creative summer party get-togethers where each person can take along their pets. Put another spin on the phrase dog days of summer.

Beach or Pool Party

This summer party will be a hit with both adults and children. Almost everyone likes to be near water when the days heat up. With this kind of summer party, each guest can carry a food item or drink so the burden is lighter on the host or planner.

There are many activities that can be thrown in to provide all day entertainment for everyone. Beach volleyball can be played if it is allowed and the area is not too busy. Tabletop games are also possible at many water-related theme parties. If children are around, always have adults take turns supervising them.

Christmas in July

Christmas is one season most people look forward to. The lightheartedness and sense of joy can be experienced during the summer month of July. There is no reason not to transform a hot July evening into a summertime Christmas activity. Use Christmas decorations and even Christmas music to set the tone for the party. Tell your guests to come dressed in Christmas colors of red and green.

Backyard Dinner PartyAdd a little extra fun by having the host dress up as Santa Claus, albeit a toned down version for summer fun. Consider dressing your summer Santa in Bermuda shorts and a colorful t-shirt. Best of all, a Christmas in July summer party is fun without the Christmas stresses. Have a cocktail hour thrown in where the adults can enjoy a few drinks.

Block Party

If you live in a nice neighborhood have a party and invite the entire block. Depending on the time of day, this summer party can take many forms. It can be a picnic where everyone takes a basket of food. Then everyone can sit back, relax and enjoy good company and music.

With any cocktail party or summer party for that matter, ask that people drink responsibly. Having a designated driver is always a great idea. Plus, the designated driver can still have fun at any of these summer parties even without drinking. Now that summer is here it is time to get creative and start looking for great summer party ideas to get the fun started.

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