19 Fantastic Birthday Gift for Father In Law

19 Fantastic Birthday Gift for Father In Law

UPDATED: Apr 4, 2022

Find the Perfect Birthday Gift for Father in Law Here!

If you thought shopping for your own dad was hard, you now know the true difficulty of shopping for your father in law. He is a man, a father, and your in law, how are you supposed to find an awesome gift for him that he will love? Well fear not, we will make sure that you get an awesome birthday gift for father in law that is sure to impress him! These are unique and creative gifts to show him that although he is not blood he is still family. Get him something practical for working around the house, a cool gift set for unwinding, or a one-of-a-kind present to show him you listen to all his interests and hobbies! As long as you take these ideas into account you won’t be left wondering: What is a good father in law birthday gift? Where should I even look for a present for him? Nope! With our help, you’ll give a gift better than his actual children will this year!

Badass Father in Law Birthday Gift Set

Ammo Can Birthday Gift for Father in Law

Take gift-giving to the next level with the first badass birthday gift for father in law you’ve ever seen! This custom ammo can comes with everything every guy could ever want. This isn’t just a father in law gift, it is a gift for a truly manly guy! Whether he needs tools for surviving the harshest wilderness, presents to help him relax, or the coolest keepsake for his mementos ever, this set has him covered! What makes it even better is he gets to choose just how to use each piece of this set. He can use his survival knife for his daily knife or leave it in the car, fill the ammo can with rounds for the range or keep his gifts inside, the choice is his!

Custom Manly Mug Set

Engraved Beer Mug Box Set

Make your father in law feel like the king of his own castle with this gorgeous beer mug box set. Talk about a must-have father in law birthday gift idea! Every man feels like a regal king or medieval knight each time he grabs the handle of a mug filled to the brim with his go-to beer. However, now, your father in law can get that feeling within the walls of his house! Now, every beer will be a sophisticated and manly experience for him.

Personalized Golf Birthday Gift for Father in Law

Golf Sign Father in Law Birthday Gift

Bring the good times and good stories home from the country club with a birthday gift for father in law he won’t soon forget, this rustic, custom golf sign! Now, his living room, man cave, or garage can become the 19th hole he has always dreamed of. Inside, he’ll be able to share brews with harrowing tales from the green with his best-golfing friends.

Cigar & Whiskey Father in Law Birthday Gift Set

Custom Whiskey and Cigar Decanter Box Set

Your father in law has seen it all and done it all. So, getting a gift that can surprise him has always seemed like a monumental challenge. However, you will knock his socks off with this engraved cigar and whiskey decanter gift set. After all the scotches he has knocked back and stogies smoked, he never thought it would be so easy for him to enjoy both at the same time! Now, on his birthday, he can give out high-fives and fist-bumps without ever setting his favorite vices down!

Engraved Bean Bag Toss Set

Bean Bag Toss Birthday Gift for Father in Law

Make sure that your second father has no choice but to have fun on his birthday when you get him this bean bag toss set! These are the perfect way to get your father in law out and hanging out with everyone at his birthday party. Plus, this gift also lets him be the life of the party at cookouts and tailgating events. He will love seeing his name personalized onto both boards as he tosses bags!

Automatic Lawn Mower for Him

Robot Lawn Mower Father in Law Gift

Never have him break a sweat mowing the yard again with a birthday gift so good, he won’t know why his own kids didn’t get him it long ago, a cordless robotic lawn mower! This birthday gift for father in law will make Saturday and Sunday mornings a time to relax now that he doesn’t have to get up early to beat the heat. Instead, he can simply turn on his gift, read the paper, and wait for a perfectly manicured lawn!

A Gift for the Memories

Engraved Shadow Box

If there is one thing that every dad has in common, it is wanting to hold onto memories through sentimental objects or photos. Help him hold onto what means the most with this custom shadow box. Now, he can easily add wine corks or beer caps from an important meal, tickets from a fantastic day, or anything else he can think of and keep them on display in his office, living room, or man cave. Better still, this father in law birthday present lets him continually add to it as he has better and better experiences!

The Perfect Time for a Beer Stein

Custom Beer Stein Father in Law Birthday Gift Idea

If you don’t even want there to be a chance of your father in law not enjoying your gift you need to check out this engraved beer stein! Steins are practically a100% guarantee that he will enjoy his birthday gift. Whether he immediately fills it with his go-to brew of Bell’s Two Hearted Ale to celebrate or mounts it on his mantle as an ornate display piece, you can be sure that any father will love a unique beer stein as a birthday gift!

Personalized Ammo Can Humidor Gift for Father in Law

Ammo Can Humidor for Father in Law

Although the last birthday gift for father in law was a gorgeous and simple stein, this present goes in the total opposite direction. This custom ammo can humidor is a massive and awesome gift set that should make him feel like he is just as tough as Chuck Norris when he unwraps it! With a cigar humidor made out of a real United States ammo can and matching whiskey glasses, what more could he need to feel like the most badass father in law around?


Make Him a Master

Masterclass Gift

Some gifts need to be more than items, for some, the perfect gift is an experience. You can sign your father in law up to learn from the best with Masterclass. It doesn’t matter if he loves cooking, acting, science, or writing, there is something for everyone in Masterclass. From this birthday on, you’ll have expanded on his skills which is an unforgettable birthday gift that every guy simply has to love!

Mark His Territory

Wooden Man Cave Sign for Father in Law

Over the years, you’ve heard about how your father in law wishes he could have his own space. A place to enjoy his cigars, have his whiskey tasting, play pool, simply enjoy any of his hobbies. Help make that dream a reality with a personalized man cave sign! Now, he can make a space officially his as soon as he mounts this awesome gift. He’ll finally be able to enjoy all his manly hobbies in his own space!

The Hottest Birthday Gift for Father in Law

Grill Tool Set of Birthday Gift for Father in Law

One thing that all men enjoy and seem to have an innate ability to be amazing at is grilling. Keep your father in law on the grill by replacing his old worn-out tools with this fresh and personalized grill toolset. Talk about a fantastic father in law birthday gift set! He’ll be out flipping burgers and searing steaks just as fast as he opened your amazing gift!

A Novelty Gift for Father in Law

Novelty Cocktail Shaker

Just because he is your father in law does not mean that he doesn’t have a typical dad’s sense of humor. He’ll find so much joy and practicality out of this gigantic cocktail shaker! The novel size is sure to keep a smile on his face, however, he knows just how useful this will be when he needs to make drinks for the whole family!

Boldly Gift Where No Man Has Gifted Before

Star Trek Cufflinks for Father in Law

Get him an out-of-this-world-gift for his birthday with these Star Trek federation cufflinks! The classy look makes them perfect for formal events that he wants to add some personality to. All you’ll need to do is hand him his birthday gift and tell him to “Live Long and Prosper,” for him to know he is in for an epic present!

Classy Gifts for Father in Law

Cigar and Whiskey Father in Law Birthday Gift Ideas

Have your father in law feeling like the fanciest guy in the world with this one-of-a-kind birthday present. A custom gift box full of whiskey and cigar gifts is sure to be just what he needs to celebrate his big day his way. With a cigar in one hand and an ice-cold whiskey in the other, he’ll feel like James Bond each time he goes for a drink or reaches into his jacket pocket for a stogie.

Father in Law Birthday Sign

Whiskey Sign for Father in Law

Got a father in law who loves his whiskey? Make his year with this personalized sign that is perfect for any fan of whiskey! With his name, a year, and a custom line, this will be one of the most unique gifts he has ever gotten. So, whether he hosts his next tasting party under the sign or mounts it in his game room, you can be sure he’ll enjoy getting such a unique gift!

Monogrammed Cigar and Whiskey Set

Monogrammed Cigar and Whiskey Gift Set

Give him a classy gift for his birthday with this monogrammed cigar glass and cigar case. He’ll love that he is able to still use his other hand while enjoying the whiskey and cigar glass at home. Plus, since he can take the cigar case with him anywhere he goes, he’ll truly relish this multifunctional gift that elevates his cigar and whiskey experience!

Replace His Classic Dad Shoes

Adidas Shoes

Skip the traditional dad shoe and keep him just as comfortable as he is stylish with the Adidas Yeezy Boost. From walking on the treadmill to going to the hardware store to even the office, this shoe is perfect. You know your father in law has been wearing his old kicks for far too long, so for his birthday this year, get him a gift he won’t stop thanking you for with these Yeezys!

A Modern Poker Set

Engraved Poker and Tasting Glass Gift Set

Use this father in law birthday present as a unique way to turn his old-school poker game night into something new and modern! The stainless steel and insulated tasting glasses are a far cry from his classic rocks glass. And the new embossed poker gift set is the perfect way to replace his old set where the cards and chips have been worn out from so many nights of use.


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