19 Best Quarantine Birthday Gifts

19 Best Quarantine Birthday Gifts

UPDATED: Nov 3, 2021

Celebrate with the Best Quarantine Birthday Gifts!

Don’t let a little thing like a global pandemic get in the way when you’re trying to celebrate someone’s birthday. Just because many of us are stuck in lockdown doesn’t mean that you can’t make this one of the best birthdays they have ever had. The only difference is that you’ll need to get them a kickass gift to help make up for the fact that they can’t be around their friends and family. The best quarantine birthday gifts are things they can enjoy on their own but will also be fantastic for when they’ve got their loved ones around them again!

A Unique Birthday Box Full of the Best Quarantine Birthday Gifts

Engraved Sharp Tool Ammo Can

The best quarantine birthday gifts need to be something that is a bit eclectic. After all, things have changed quite a bit since the global pandemic started. However, with this custom ammo can gift set they’ll have everything they need to survive, thrive, and party! They’ll love the sharp tools they find inside but nothing says celebrating a birthday like a drink and a cigar which is what makes the cigar flask fantastic! You can even pre-fill the flask so they’re ready to go as soon as they open their gift on the Zoom call.

Presenting the Classiest Birthday Gifts

Whiskey Presentation Set Make Best Quarantine Birthday Gifts

While restaurants and bars are still closed, it can feel like there is no good way to get their celebration on for their big day. Oh boy, will they realize how wrong they are when they get this personalized presentation gift set. This is the ideal way for them to celebrate with the people they live with since it even has matching glasses! However, you know for a fact as soon as lockdown is lifted, they’ll be begging you to come over to share a glass of Lagavulin from their awesome presentation set!

Keep Them Stress-Free

Theragun Quarantine Gift

The past year has been stressful for everyone and getting a massage has never been harder! So, whether it is long hours on the computer while they work from home or they have become fitness addicts as a way to pass the time, they’ll love you so much for getting a Theragun that lets them get rid of all the knots and trigger points they’ve been carrying with them for months.

Prime Time for a Movie Sign

Custom Sign is Best Birthday Gifts During Quarantine

There quite literally has never been a better time to catch up on all those films you have been putting on your list than now. For the person who has a whole film library of movies they’ve been making their way through, they will be so excited to see that they can finally turn their home into the home theater they’ve always seen it as with this custom movie sign. With comfier seats, better popcorn, and drinks, they’ll never want to go back to a public theater ever again!

The Best Birthday Gifts During Quarantine for Wine Lovers

Engraved Wine Tumbler Box Set

To make it through the past year, they have been forced to become tough. That means they absolutely deserve to get the best birthday gifts during quarantine. And what could be better than an equally tough gift with these engraved wine tumblers! Not only are they practical for a cool, refreshing drink every time, but they’ll make them feel as classy as if they were out at the club or bar, even when they’re celebrating their birthday at home in their PJs!


Everyone Needs a Cake for Their Birthday

Chocolate Birthday Quarantine Cake

No one wants to make their own birthday cake, so make sure they don’t have to by sending them this ultimate chocolate cake in the mail. They can even still put candles on it and blow them out over a Zoom call. Just because there is a little pandemic doesn’t mean they won’t celebrate their birthday with a birthday cake like they have every year.

Keep Them Busy in the Kitchen

Personalized Cutting Board

A great new hobby many people have taken up over the last year has been working more in the kitchen. Make sure that they will have the best surface to work on their knife cuts with this personalized wooden cutting board. Better still, when they can hang out with friends and family on the regular again, they can easily serve up their new tasty food on this board.

Serve Up Some Quality BBQ

Grill Toolset of Best Quarantine Birthday Gifts

Speaking of cooking during the pandemic, check out these birthday gifts—a set of custom grilling tools made from bamboo! If you have a friend or family member who has truly been crushing it in the kitchen, you could get these tools as well as the cutting board! This way, they can do a whole cookout from scratch themselves! They’ll love flipping open the latches on their case every time they go to make some tasty burgers or brats.

Light Up Their World Like Nobody Else

LED Home Lights

People have been spending an awful lot more time in their homes. Instead of leaving it as a space they hang out at when they’re not at work or running errands, get them some sweet led lights that fit behind, under, and around their furniture! They can finally spice their house up to be one of the coolest hang-out spots ever!

Take a Shot with the Best Quarantine Birthday Gifts

AK47 Decanter is Best Birthday Gifts During Quarantine

You know when they see a gift that looks this good, you’ll have to be helping them pull their jaw off the floor. This is not just a great way for them to enjoy their go-to whiskey, liquor, or bourbon but it will most definitely become the coolest centerpiece for their home bar, man cave, or even in the living room. As soon as they have guests over, you can be sure they’re going to be asking people to do “shots” just so they can show off their epic AK-47 decanter.

A Classy Beer Mug for Quarantine

Personalized Beer Mug Box Set for Quarantine

Say cheers as 2021 passes by with an engraved beer mug box set as one of the top quarantine birthday gifts you can give. While their favorite dive bar may have been closed for months, this will be the best way for them to enjoy a good pint of their draft beer. All they’ll be missing now will be a chat with their friendly bartender as they gulp down some brews!

Take a Snapshot of their New Hobby

Sony Camera

A new creative hobby to enjoy during 2021? Say no more! This high-quality Sony camera will have them outside photographing everything possible from majestic land formations to birds to buildings, whatever they like! Before they know it, they’ll have their own gallery set up at home of their favorite photos. Talk about one of the best birthday gifts during quarantine!

A Sign of the Best Birthday Gifts During Quarantine

Custom Pub Sign

Speaking of turning their home into the ultimate hang -out spot, make their home bar they’ve been creating during the pandemic official with their own unique home bar sign! These make the best quarantine birthday gifts since a custom sign is the finishing touch to make every drink feel like a celebration without having to step foot outside their door! You’ll just have to come over as soon as possible so they can serve you as their first home bar patron.


Gamble on Getting the Perfect Birthday Gift

Embossed Poker Chip Gift for Quarantine

Help them feel like they’re still able to hit the casino with this embossed poker set. Before, they would have weekly poker nights with friends and family, so now they can still enjoy a game of Texas Hold ‘em with their family. However, thanks to this gorgeous leather-wrapped gift, they will be ready to go for the next card night as soon as quarantine lifts!

A Gift That Will Take Them Across the World

Hiking Backpack

Take them to new heights with one of the best birthday gifts during quarantine: a high-quality hiking bag! They have all the time in the world to get out and explore nature and it is a great way to go out and do an activity while not having to worry about social distancing or masks! This mountain hiking bag will carry everything they need from a sleeping roll, hiking stick, to even things like their keys or wallet.

Celebrate In-Style with The Best Quarantine Birthday Gifts

Cigar Glass Set of the Best Quarantine Birthday Gifts

There is nothing like celebrating with a drink and a good cigar. That combination is better than even birthday cake for some people, so get them this personalized cigar and whiskey gift set perfect for every birthday during quarantine! It is an ideal way to make even the at-home celebration feel like the most sophisticated party in the world!

An Engraved Shadow Box Gift Set

Custom Pint Glass and Shadow Box Gift Set

Just because going out to public events seems like a thing of the past doesn’t mean that the world has stopped turning. They are still able to have a good time and make memories. For their birthday, ensure that the good times continue to roll with this engraved pint glass shadow box gift set! They can hang out with friends and family over facetime and store little trinkets like beer caps, wine corks, or notes inside their shadow box as a perfect way to remember the best nights ever!

The New Virtual Hang Out

Sony PlayStation 5

Hanging out online has never been easier or more popular which is what makes a PlayStation 5 one of the best birthday gifts during quarantine! Now, they can play Call of Duty or Apex Legends with their friends and virtually hang out with one of the industry’s top gaming consoles!

 A Tasty New Hobby

Golden Bar Tool Gift Set

It has been a while since a bartender has been able to make them a drink and they’ve definitely been missing their cocktails. So, what could be better than this golden cocktail shaker and bar toolset so they can become the ultimate barman? From Whiskey Sours to Nankai Mangrove Shochu and Tonic, they’ll be making every kind of drink they can think of. Surely, by the end of quarantine there won’t be a drink they won’t know how to make!


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