17 Best Gifts for Husband on Wedding Day

17 Best Gifts for Husband on Wedding Day

UPDATED: Nov 3, 2021

Check Out These Awesome Gifts for Husband on Your Wedding Day:

While it hasn’t always been traditional for the bride and groom to get each other a gift for their wedding, it’s become a rising trend with modern couples in recent years. Gifts for husband on wedding day should be something special he can wear down the aisle, a gift that helps him celebrate your marriage before or after the ceremony, or a sweet sentiment that calms his nerves. Not sure where to start? First, make sure he is on the same page about the bride and groom gift exchange because it’s not a commonly known custom. Second, establish a budget. Third, figure out what all he’s planning to wear for the ceremony because your gift could be an accessory that matches his look! A wedding gift for the groom can be something as simple as a watch or as luxurious as a set of personalized whiskey glasses for him to toast with his groomsmen. This may sound complicated, but don’t worry, we found plenty of great gifts for the groom on his wedding day!

Whiskey Gifts for Husband on Wedding Day

Glencairn Box Set of Gifts for Husband of Wedding Day

As mentioned above, one of the coolest gifts for your husband on your wedding day is this personalized set of whiskey glasses! He will love the custom design on the handsome gift box, but the fact that he can use these Glencairn glasses for one last toast as a bachelor with his groomsmen before he walks down the aisle makes this set even more special. Of course, he’ll enjoy using this set for romantic drinks with you after the wedding and for his own personal whiskey tastings!

A Practical Wedding Gift for the Groom

Large Watch Display Case for Groom

One of the most popular groom gifts is a watch, but if your soon-to-be husband already has plenty of watches then you should get him this watch case instead! In fact, you could secretly put all of his watches in the case before having it sent to his dressing room so that he can choose the timepiece he’s going to wear for the wedding with ease. He will love that you went the extra mile to get him something so practical and thoughtful, and he’ll definitely enjoy having his watches organized from now on!

Beer Gifts for Groom

Custom Beer Gifts for Groom

For a man who enjoys beer, no gift compares to this personalized beer mug box set! The groom will love sharing a beer with his dad or best man using his new custom mugs while he gets ready for the wedding and to celebrate at the reception. He’ll definitely be using these cool mugs as often as possible after the wedding too!

Help Him Get Started On His Home Bar

Personalized Pub Sign

Does your soon-to-be husband want to create his own home bar? Surprise him with the first piece on your wedding day: a personalized bar sign! He will love how regal and unique this impressive bar sign is, but the fact that you’re helping him make his dream come true means the world to him. After the wedding, he’ll be so excited to hang up his new sign as soon as you two get home! You simply can’t get a better wedding gift for groom than this!

Create His Own Whiskey Label

Custom Whiskey Label Decanter Set

One of the most unique gifts for your husband on wedding day is this incredible custom whiskey label decanter set! He will be speechless when he finds this one-of-a-kind gift waiting for him in his dressing room, so make sure you get him a bottle of whiskey to pour into the decanter and he can have a round of drinks with his groomsmen using the new glasses. He will proudly display his decanter set in your home after the wedding, and he’ll definitely make sure to pour the two of you a couple of drinks to enjoy together as newlyweds using this awesome gift.


Pick Out His Wedding Day Accessories

Groom Accessories Sock and Tie Gift Set

Give your groom one less thing to worry about on your wedding day by helping him pick out his accessories! This complete groom gift set has two choices of ties, socks, pocket squares, and even lapel flowers so that he doesn’t have to worry about choosing the right ones. You can even get a set in your wedding colors to ensure his accessories match perfectly! Instead of him recreating the iconic scene from How I Met Your Mother where Barney brings all of his ties, suits, and belts to the wedding because he doesn’t know which ones to wear, your groom will be able to get ready without any stress thanks to your thoughtful gift.

A Luxurious Wedding Gift for Groom

Custom Whiskey Glasses with Cigar Humidor Wedding Day Gift for Groom

Make sure your groom is celebrating your big day in style with this cigar humidor and whiskey glass gift set! He’ll love how luxurious the handsome humidor is, especially since you filled it with his favorite cigars before you gave him the humidor. He can enjoy a celebratory stogie with his dad, best man, and all of his groomsmen before he walks down the aisle thanks to your lovely gift. Plus, he can have a drink using his new custom rocks glasses and whiskey stones for a little liquid courage!

Fun Gifts for Groom From Bride

Personalized Poker Set

Does your fiance enjoy playing poker with his friends? Surprise him on your wedding day with his very own custom poker set to use for his weekly poker nights! By giving him this awesome poker set, you’re also showing your soon-to-be husband that you care about his hobbies and spending time with his friends. Once you two get back from your honeymoon, he’ll want to have the guys over so that he can try out his new poker set.

Ultimate Beer Gifts for the Groom

Gifts for Husband on Wedding Day Ultimate Beer Ammo Can Set

Go all out for your future husband by giving him these incredible beer gifts! He loves beer almost as much as loves you, after all, and by giving him such awesome gifts for your husband on your wedding day you’re showing him just how much you love him too. From the custom pint glasses to the delectable beef jerky, he won’t know which items inside the badass ammo can he’ll want to try first! He’ll definitely appreciate having snacks before the ceremony because he probably won’t have had anything to eat all day. With these wonderful gifts, he’ll know just how much you care!

Something to Look Forward To

Etched Globe Decanter Set

Whether you’re flying halfway across the world for your honeymoon or just driving a few hours away from home, you and your groom are so excited to travel together as husband and wife. Show him just how much you’re looking forward to seeing the world with him by getting him this globe decanter set on your wedding day! He will be in awe of this impressively detailed decanter set that is etched with the map of the world, and he’ll be amazed by the beautiful glass blown ship inside the decanter. This wedding gift for the groom will simply blow him away. Together, you two can use this set to have your first drinks as husband and wife at the reception and even plan all of your future travels with it!

Make Sure He’s On Time for the Wedding

Fossil Silver and Gold Smartwatch Wedding Gift for Groom

Watches are some of the most popular wedding gifts for grooms because they are something nice to wear and you can attach a cute card that says “See you at the altar at [wedding time]”. Instead of getting him a regular old watch, though, get him a smartwatch! The Fossil smartwatch has all of the looks of a classic timepiece with the high-tech perks of a smartwatch such as a customizable face, heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, answering calls and text, and more. He will love that you got him such an awesome gift for your wedding day and he’ll be proud to wear it every day from now on!

Celebratory Gifts for Husband on Wedding Day

Customizable Whiskey and Cigar Gift Set

Weddings are all about celebrating a couple’s love for one another, and the bride and groom gift exchange is a way to privately express your love and make your big day even more special. This customizable whiskey and cigar gift will leave your fiance speechless! By far one of the most impressive gifts for the groom from the bride, he will be so excited by each and every piece in this amazing set. Make sure to include a couple of his favorite stogies and a bottle of his preferred brand of whiskey so that he can enjoy a smoke and a sip to celebrate in style on your wedding day.

For the Groom Who Loves to Grill

Personalized Bamboo Grilling Tool Set

How awesome is this set of grilling tools? Your groom will be stoked to jump on the grill at your backyard wedding and try out his new tools at the reception. Or, if you’re having a traditional wedding, he’ll be excited to use his new grilling tools once you get home from his big day. These bamboo tools are a fun and practical way to commemorate your wedding day as he’s sure to enjoy using them for years to come.

Get Him a Decanter Set

Engraved Crystal Decanter Set

Your wedding gift for the groom doesn’t have to be anything huge or luxurious, something as simple as a custom three-piece decanter set is a great gift that will make him feel special. He will absolutely love using this set for a drink of liquid courage before he walks down the aisle. At the reception, you two can enjoy drinks together as husband and wife using the new set since it’s engraved with your new shared last name!

For His Future Home Theater

Personalized Movie Theater Sign for Groom

Since you two started dating, you’ve heard over and over how much your partner wants to have his own home theater someday. One way you can help make his dream come true is by giving him this custom sign! Not only does this thoughtful gift for the groom from his bride show that you support his interests, but it’s also a fun new piece of decor that will christen your home together as a married couple.

Bring Him Breakfast On Your Wedding Day

Breakfast Gift Basket for Groom from Bride

With all of the hustle and bustle of preparing for the ceremony, your groom probably won’t remember to get something to eat! One of the sweetest gifts you can send him on the morning of your wedding is a breakfast gift basket to make sure he doesn’t go hungry until the reception. This thoughtful basket has an assortment of bagels, muffins, jams, and oatmeal for him and his groomsmen to enjoy as they get ready for the big day.

Unique Wedding Gift for Groom

Custom Whiskey Wedding Gifts for Groom

Still stumped on what kind of wedding gift for the groom is best? You can’t go wrong with this unique whiskey gift basket! He will love the cool design on the box and whiskey glasses and how you made it specially customized just for him. He’ll be sure to have a drink using the whiskey glasses and stones with his best man to toast to his impending marriage, and the multi-tool will make sure that if something breaks that he can fix it right away! He’ll definitely enjoy using every piece in this set on his wedding day and as often as possible afterward because he loves your gift so much.


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