23 Best Damn Gifts for Outdoorsmen

23 Best Damn Gifts for Outdoorsmen

UPDATED: Sep 14, 2021

Make His Next Trip Badass With These Awesome Gifts for Outdoorsmen!

Men, they live to be outside. They take a deep breath and can smell the morning dew as they approach a forest full of cedar or pine trees. Gifts for outdoorsmen need to be something easy to carry and practical. These presents must be something they need, because if it isn’t necessary, it isn’t coming with them on their trip outside. When a guy goes off into nature, he is only bringing his essential tools and a few creature comforts; however, that doesn’t mean the stuff he is bringing with him can’t be completely and totally kick ass! Make his next outdoors trip better than ever because of your gift. Buy the outdoor gift that best suits the outdoorsman in your life!

 Can You Imagine a Better Gift for Outdoorsmen?

Personalized Ammo Can Outdoors Gift Set

He’s out all day on the job. He is almost always gone from dusk until dawn. Make his day a little better with some of the bare essentials! He may have a box or even an ammo case to take his things to and from, but does he have an ammo box with his initials on it? Have him use this ammo can during the week to bring all his outdoor needs with him and on the weekend, he can use the ammo can, for, well, ammo! Once the day is done, he is sure to find a use for the bullet bottle opener and pint glasses, and you know he will always have the knife on him for any of his cutting needs!

Go Anywhere Outdoor Gift Growler

Personalized Stainless Growler Gift For Outdoorsmen

The ultimate travel growler is here. Yeah, all growlers are meant to travel, but hold up. This thing is double-walled so your man’s beer is going to stay cold for 24 hours—minimum. Let that sink in. He could pack for the camping trip, throw 64 ounces of his best beer in here, make his own campsite (because he is too manly to go to a campground), go to bed, and still have cold beer by the next day! To make it even better, you can also get a Steel Drink Tank keg tap, so he can turn this amazing growler into a keg for him and all his buddies.

Infuse His Outdoor Passion Indoors

Smoke Box Drink Smoker

If for some reason he can’t make it outside to his normal bonfire, but still needs some of that smoky goodness indoors, have him take his best whiskey to a whole new level of flavor. This smoker set lets him infuse his booze with wood chips or herbs to alter the flavors to his liking. Sometimes outdoor gifts are more about bringing nature to him, rather than bringing him to nature. If he loves the taste of a whiskey that has been sitting by the campfire all night, he’ll be able to recreate that taste any time he likes!

Ultimate Sleek and Stylish Combination Gift

Personalized Leather Wrapped Cigar Flask

Your outdoorsman has been wearing the same pair of boots and flannel jacket since you can remember. Without those things, you can hardly even recognize him. His outdoor persona seems to be more of who he really is, and his outdoor side doesn’t like to change. However, a personalized flask and cigar holder wrapped in leather will suit him nicely. He’ll be able to see it age with his beloved outdoor clothes too. It’s the perfect gift for outdoorsmen on both the good and bad days. When he’s stuck in the cold and rain, he’ll have some things to keep him warm and on the beautiful afternoons he’ll always have a small celebration kit in his pocket!

A Hot Gift for Him

Solo Stove Fire Pit

Whether he is a backpacker or a hardcore camper, a stove that lets him cook without weighing him down will always be appreciated. Light up his world like nobody else with this ultralight cooking stove. Weighing in at less than 9 ounces, he’ll hardly notice that it’s even in his bag; yet, it will still do all the cooking he needs. The stove is patented to work off only a few twigs and still be able to do all the necessities of a stove!

Beer, To Go Please

Wooden Beer Caddy Gift for Outdoorsmen

He plans on going on a hike with you and a few friends. The plan is to make it to a peak or cliff and then crack a couple of cold ones. A cooler is too bulky and the only bottle opener you and he have is on the top of your wine bottle opener. A perfect solution is a wooden beer caddy with a built-in bottle opener as a gift for the outdoorsman in your life! This caddy will have you arriving to any location off the beaten path in style and ready to pop the top off some sweet brews!


The Manliest Gift For Outdoorsmen

Personalized Manly Outdoor Gift Set

Your man is more man than most men you may know. For that sort of manly man, a gift set with all the tools of exploration he could ever need is in order. He doesn’t need a compass; he can simply stroke his beard and look all smoldery-like off into the distance to determine which direction he can go. But as much as he has tried, he can’t cut things with his bare hands (yet, that is). Give him the knife and hatchet for cutting and chopping, a liquor flask and cigar holder combo, with his own personalized ammo can! This set will have him clearing wilderness brush in no time! Whenever he gets a little tired from blazing his own trail, he can stop to enjoy a cigar and take a sip of his favorite whiskey from his flask. Give the manly outdoorsman, a manly gift!

The Best Damn Coffee Set

Engraved Coffee Outdoor Gift Set

No matter how rough and tough he is, every guy needs a pick me-up in the morning. If he is out for a long day, one tumbler of Joe isn’t going to be enough. However, a coffee carafe and tumbler will give him enough caffeine so that he’ll be able to stay up as long as he needs to! He’ll be able to take his go-to coffee miles out into the wilderness with this gift for the outdoorsman! Never again will he have to settle for something less than his best brew!

Waterproof His Adventures

Water Resistant Jacket for Outdoors

Not all things go to plan in life. Sometimes what looks like a perfectly sunny day can turn into a torrential downpour. For these occasions, a high-quality hiking jacket is always great to have on your person. For the guy who gets stuck in storms or maybe even for the guy who looks nature in the eyes and doesn’t let some rain stop him, a waterproof jacket is the best outdoor gift. He’ll be able to keep everything he had planned that day by ignoring both wind and rain with this awesome jacket!

Beer Box of Manly Mugs

Custom Beer Gift Set for Outdoorsmen

After a day out on the trails nothing beats coming back home to a cold one. That refreshing beer hitting your lips after getting sweaty and dirty makes that first beer taste all the better. Outdoorsmen who spend hours upon hours outside will have a thirst for more than just one pint glass when they get back. To make them feel at home, give them a set of mugs they so they can quench their thirst with two hands! While the glasses stay in-doors, the display box is a perfect case for any of his outdoors needs!

The Perfect Cigar & Whiskey Gift for Any Outdoorsman

Engrved Cigar Set with Twist Glass

Some of the best gifts for outdoorsmen are simple and sleek. A personalized cigar case with a cigar cutter is fantastic for the cigar smoking woodsman. If he is out in the forest, walking a trail, heading to the top of a peak, what better way to stop and enjoy the moment than with a cigar? And since you know that no matter rain or shine, he’ll be outdoors, a flip-top lighter is the perfect complement to his cigars. He may prefer to use matches, but sometimes nothing beats the reliability of a refillable lighter when a celebration is in order! Then, when he gets home after a long day, he can fill his new favorite glass to relax with his favorite bourbon!

A Sharp Idea for a Gift

The Ultimate Personalized Outdoor Gift Set

You’re pretty sure if he needed to, he could shave his face with a rock and then use sea foam for shaving cream. This gift for outdoorsmen will give a man of that caliber everything he could ever need. In lieu of a rock, he has a hatchet or knife to shave or he could put them to a more practical use for any of his outdoor needs. The set also comes with everything he will need while hiking the trails or climbing a mountain to celebrate his victory with a cigar and sip of whiskey. Let him explore the world with an awesome set of tools by giving him this incredible gift set!

These Boots Are Made for Walkin’

Keen Hiking Boots

No matter how macho he is, everyone wears shoes. He needs them for both short and long hikes alike. For the guy who walks all day, in all conditions, there is no substitute to a good shoe. For that, a waterproof hiking shoe is exactly the gift to get. The solid rubber bottom with give him enough grip to climb any mountain in his way, while the coating on the outside will keep his feet dry through any stream. Keep him happy by keeping his feet happy!

Relaxin’ in the Rough

Engraved Ammo Whisky and Cigar Set

He comes home often smelling of bonfire smoke and he would go camping every weekend if he had his way. For the times when he can make it out into nature, he’ll want his bug out set. An ammo can with his best cigar and whiskey accessories means he is always prepared for a weekend of roughing it in the woods. Gifts for outdoorsmen aren’t always about making them rough it, sometimes giving them a bit of relaxation is what it’s all about. After splitting wood, filleting his catch of the day, and pitching a tent, he can finally sit down and enjoy a bit of refined society!

Dusk ‘til Dawn Survival Set

Outdoor Survival Gift Set

A man needs to be ready for anything at the drop of a hat. Whether it is early in the morning or late at night. Help him be up for anything he comes across! His coffee tumbler will get him up and moving, while the survival knife can do everything from cut the threads off his shirt to defending himself from grizzly bears! And at the end of it all, he’ll have his own flask to propose a toast to one hell of a day!


Whiskey Cask Flask

Personalized Whiskey Barrel Flask

Deep in the woods, exploring caves or wrestling black bears can make it difficult to find a good drink of whiskey. Remedy that situation with an outdoor gift shaped as a whiskey cask flask. He is sure to keep this with him at all times! The flask is even three dimensionally shaped, this isn’t a flat flask, he’ll feel like he’s his own Saint Bernard (except with whiskey instead of brandy) carrying this awesome gift around!

A Bright Idea

12000 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight

What’s one of the most important things when going outside? Being able to see! If he is an early riser or a night owl when it comes to going out into nature, let him see as if it were daylight! This flashlight can blast 12000 lumens for 700 yards. He’ll win every round of flashlight tag from here on out. Even better, it’s lighter than other lights this bright because it is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. This light will keep him going and he won’t ever be weighed down by those giant D batteries again.

Fire Away with This Gift

Personalized Whiskey Gift for Outdoorsmen

Gift sets that guys can use whether they are at home or away with the boys are awesome. When he is out camping, he can bring his own whiskey set and chill his drink with the most manly whiskey stones ever: bullets. If he’s too far off the path and can’t bring his glassware, that is okay too because he’ll always be able to pocket a bottle opener made out of a 50 caliber bullet! This gift for the outdoorsman in your life is perfect because he’ll never go dry with this set up in in his pocket!

Give Him The World

Globe Whiskey Decanter Set with 4 Glasses

On the days he isn’t out in the world doing manly outdoors things, a gift that reminds him of exploration is one of the best things you can get him. You know he already has all of the tools he needs for outside, so get him something he can use when he comes home after trekking miles and miles in the woods or in the desert. A globe decanter with glasses that have the Earth on them is the perfect gift for the outdoorsman. He can check out all of the places he has visited on his globe while sipping his favorite whiskey or scotch!

A Gift for Outdoors and Back Again

Survival Beer and Knife Outdoor Gift Set

When he gets back home from the sun beating down on his neck all day, he is going to need a tall, cold drink. Help him get one with this gift set. Nothing makes a day outdoors feel worth it more than a frosty mug waiting for you when you get home. With this set, he can have that perfect mug full of beer after blazing the trails all day. Not to forget that he’ll also have his personalized survival knife with him too, just incase. Give the beer-loving outdoorsman you know a gift set he won’t soon forget with this survivalist beer box set!

Not Your Average Backpack

Outdoor Hiking Backpack

He walks outdoors for miles every day and is still using the off-brand backpack from when he was in high school. You both know it works, but you really want something better for him. Something that will make his day easier, take some of the load off if you will. A bag that can be tailored to his size with chest straps will do just that! Get him a bag that can carry everything he needs and more, that will be as comfortable as possible!

Bring the Beer!

Camo Growler Gift for Outdoorsmen

After hours out in the sun sometimes he just needs a drink of his best beer, but there was no way to get it miles out into the wilderness except for carrying out individual bottles. Until now! You’ve given him an outdoor gift that lets him get a drink of his favorite brew when he’s miles away from the nearest bar! A growler is the perfect gift for the guy who loves a nice beer but is constantly too far away from them. The handle as the cap makes this camo stainless steel growler easy to carry no matter how far he has to take it!

 Masculine Minimalism

Engraved Knife and Flask Set Outdoor Gift

Even the most minimalist guy is still going to need some tools when he goes off into the wilderness. Keep his spirits high and hand him one of the most versatile tools he could ever ask for. This box set comes with a personalized flask and a knife, which are perfect for the minimalist. Gifts for outdoorsmen who truly go out to nature only need the bare essentials! Using this gift, he’ll be able to take his favorite spirit into the woods, without much added weight or inconvenience and he’ll have a knife for all his sharp and pointy needs!


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