23 Best Bourbon Decanters

23 Best Bourbon Decanters

UPDATED: Nov 17, 2022

Find the Perfect Bourbon Decanter to Suit Your Style:

Bourbon decanters are an iconic way to store and drink liquor. So aside from looking amazing, why would you want a decanter? You already have the best bourbon glasses, isn’t that enough? Well, there are two reasons you will want a bourbon decanter. The first is that it oxidizes your bourbon. This process allows the more subtle notes of flavor to be palatable when you drink your favorite bourbon. The second reason, is they look so damn cool! Decanters are visually stunning because you’re creating a display with them. There are many different styles, but they all work in the same manner. So, find the bourbon decanter that suits your personal style right here!

A Timeless Bourbon Decanter

Personalized Bourbon Decanter

This classy and robust bourbon decanter is built to last for generations. Although it is built with solid glass what really makes this a decanter for the years to come is the classic styling. This timeless design can be made even better through personalization. Add your name or initials to make this the most unique piece of glassware in your house! The classic design of this decanter allows it to work in any situation from party to an important client meeting, this decanter will not let you down!

Great for Sharing with a Friend

Engraved Bourbon Decanter

This solid and elegant decanter is built to be used often. The base and thick glass are designed to not only feel great in the hand but allow this piece of glass to be robust. The decanter is fantastic to use for celebrations or get-togethers with a close friend and it will surely be a piece people notice in your home. This decanter allows for personalization, you can add your name and have it surrounded by the gorgeous filigree and crown. Pair this with your favorite set of whiskey glasses and then sit back and relax with the person you want to share your favorite bourbon with.

A Bold Decanter for Bourbon

Bull Bourbon Decanter Set

Charge forth with your passion for bourbon with this amazing-looking bull bourbon decanter set. This decanter set not only stores and shows off your awesome liquor, but it also is an amazing ornament anywhere you decide to display it. Imagine how much more awesome sharing a bourbon with a client at your desk, at home with your spouse, or in your man cave with the boys will feel when it comes out of this bull that is mid-charge. Add in the bourbon stones and custom glasses and you’ll have one of the most luxurious bourbon gift sets ever.

Ultimate Bourbon Decanter Set

Monogrammed Presentation Set for Bourbon

For the guy who wants his entire bourbon decanter set to match from decanter to bar tray, look no further. The decanter is in a beautiful sleek style with crystal glass and has a classic monogram engraving. The classic old-fashioned glasses also match the decanter and tray, making the six-piece set appear as one seamless unit. These four old-fashioned glasses will accent your tray and decanter beautifully. Furthermore, this set of whiskey gifts for men is a great piece if you plan on sharing your decanted bourbon with guests, friends, or family!

A Bourbon Box Set for Decanting

Ultimate Bourbon Decanter Set

Up your game with a bourbon decanter set that comes inside a matching keepsake box! The set is perfect for any guy who loves bourbon, the design and engraving look great when they sit out on an end table or when they are lit-up by the glow of your fireplace. If you know someone who loves their bourbon, find an excuse to give them this as a gift, it doesn’t have to be a birthday or anniversary, but they need this set!


Global Glassware

Globe Decanter Glassware Set

For the lover of exploration or boats, check out this bourbon decanter set that has the globe on both the decanter and the glassware! The design of this decanter is perfect for anyone who loves oceans, ships, or exploration. You’ll love how interactive this decanter set is. You can explore the world with your engraved set and even spin the ship inside the decanter! As a desk or end table piece you can’t go wrong with this unique set!

Seal in the Flavor

Engraved Crested Decanter for Bourbon

Make your bourbon drinking experience unique with this uncommon variant of a bourbon decanter! This piece of glassware comes with an airtight stopper which is perfect for those who plan on pouring their bourbon and leaving it for months. The stopper guarantees that you won’t lose any of your precious bourbon to evaporation! The gorgeous decanter also comes with a pewter crest with your choice of initial on the bottle. You’ll love seeing your favorite bourbon sitting in this decanter that has both curves and strong angles!

For the Ultimate Set of Taste Buds

Custom Bourbon Decanter Set for Tasting

Never miss even a single sip of flavor ever again with a personalized bourbon decanter tasting set. This engraved set comes with four nosing glasses which have been elegantly designed for funneling aromas and flavors straight to your olfactory senses. Add in the decanter’s gorgeous display of the bourbon, and you’ll feel like a bonafide bourbon connoisseur each time you try a new bottle.

A Smoky Bourbon Decanter Set

Monogrammed Cocktail Smoker Set for Bourbon Lovers

Speaking of flavors of bourbon, you should really try out this monogrammed cocktail set. Sure, you’ve had Manhattans, Kentucky Bucks, and Stone Fences, but with this smoker kit, you can create something totally new! Infuse your bourbon and your bourbon cocktails with unique smoky flavors. Not only will you look and feel like a mixologist, but each bourbon and cocktail you’ve had will taste new again thanks to the smoke infusion of flavor.

Coolest Cigar and Bourbon Gift Set

Custom Cigar Glass and Bourbon Box Set

Few things in this world complement one another quite like a glass of bourbon and a cigar. A Woodford Reserve bourbon and an Ashton VSG, a La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor with a Widow Jane, or a Montecristo with some Booker’s True Barrel Bourbon will have you feeling like you’ve reached the jackpot each time you use the cigar glasses and decanter set. That isn’t even to mention how good-looking the set is. In fact, you’ll end up using the box as a keepsake so you can always keep your glassware on display on your home bar.

Ship in a Bottle

Ship Decanter Bourbon Set

Embrace some American history with a whose design is based on the USS Constellation, the first ship commissioned by the US Navy. The wood stand and spigot set-up is unlike many other decanters and it also has a ship! The glass ship sits inside the decanter and appears as if it is sailing in your favorite bourbon! You get to look at this beauty sailing each time you open the spigot to let out your best bourbon. This makes a great desk or end-table piece, the color of the liquor combined with the ship in a bottle image will spark fantastic conversations! This piece will pair perfectly with a bottle of Jefferson’s Ocean, you get to drink bourbon with a ship on it from your ship decanter!

Be a Square

Square Bourbon Decanter

Don’t be a square when it comes to bourbon decanters, or well, maybe you should. This square custom bourbon decanter is an awesome way to show understated class. With a hefty feel and clear view of your liquor, every bottle you pour inside will look like it is worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Perfect for any home bar or office, you’ll be showing this decanter off so much you’ll hardly ever have the stopper in it!

A Vintage Taste

Crystal Diamond Cut Decanter

Present your guests with a vintage style crystal bourbon decanter. Older decanters always came in rounder shapes because those were cheaper and easier to make. Those decanters from prior centuries were rarely square, let alone a square with intricate line work. The shape and line work used to mean it was one of the most expensive decanters you could get. With modern technology, these styles of decanter have become more affordable, but they have never lost their beauty!

A New Angle on Bourbon Sets

Triangular Bourbon Decanter Set

Just like bourbon, you need to be bold in your choice of decanters, and is there anything that standouts more than this angular decanter and glassware gift set? Personalized with a name and initial, this will truly be a set that is uniquely yours! This is the perfect way to highlight the gorgeous color of your Buffalo Trace or Pappy Van Winkle while sharing a drink with friends and family!


A Classic Bourbon Decanter Set

Glencairn Bourbon Decanter Gift Set

A smooth decanter with a clear glass bottom sets this apart as a more refined set. The design just oozes class. The decanter does not have an airtight seal, but don’t worry. Although it will continue to oxidize, very little bourbon will evaporate even after weeks in the decanter! The set also comes with two lead-free crystal Glencairn glasses which help the subtle flavor notes of the bourbon be more noticeable on the palate. The decanter itself is engraved with your choice of initial, name, and date, while the glasses receive the initial as well. This set is perfect for displaying by the fireplace or in the office.

A New Twist on Your Favorite Bourbon

Engraved Twist Bourbon Decanter Set

The twisting and fluid motion of the glass adds a true beauty to this elegant decanter set. The twist in the glass is perfect for catching the light and highlighting the amazing amber color that all bourbons come in. With a solid base and thick glass, this gorgeous decanter is not just for looks, it is all about use too! This well-crafted piece of glassware will make an excellent centerpiece for any office or home bar!

Tennessee Bourbon

Tennessee Bourbon Decanter Set

One of the most famous bourbons out there is Jack Daniels. Get a custom engraved bourbon decanter set that is inspired by your favorite brand. Represent one of the staple states of bourbon with this Tennessee whiskey inspired set! With four glasses you’ll become the go to place for sharing some good bourbon and even better stories. Don’t forget to put the box on display in your living room too, the engraved wood makes a fantastic centerpiece!

The Ultimate Bourbon Decanter Starter

Bourbon Decanter and Stone Set

What a true bourbon aficionado needs to start their bourbon decanter set is the personalization of their title, name, and date on the decanter and box, while also receiving a set of whiskey stones. The decanter will subtly enhance the flavors of the bourbon while the stones can chill the liquid without spoiling any of those flavors like ice will. When ice melts it makes the bourbon become over-saturated with water, spoiling the flavor. For the aficionado of bourbon, this is truly the only way to drink it!

Classic Decanter Style

Crystal Decanter 7 Piece Set

If you really want to class up your drinking experience, you’ll love this diamond cut Victorian style bourbon decanter. The set comes with six glasses so you’ll be able to entertain plenty of guests! This decanter is great for display too! The amber hue of your best bourbon will look stunning behind the marquise styling. Take advantage of the airtight stopper as well and leave your bourbon in the decanter as long as you like!

Blow Them Away Bourbon Decanter

Crested Decanter for Bourbon

Add some class to your custom bourbon decanter hand-blown glass decanter! This one also comes custom with your initial engraved in the pewter crest! The pewter and glass styling give this decanter a classic feel that you’ll love. Bourbon enthusiasts love one of America’s first liquors, so make the drink feel original with a classically styled decanter! This is the perfect gift decanter for promotions or anniversaries as it will add even more “Wow!” to their great reason for celebrating!

A Set to Get a Head

Skull Liquor Decanter Set

Get ahead in the bourbon game with a bourbon gift set that quite literally gives you a head, well five skulls that is, one of which being the decanter! Whether you’re shooting for the most spooktacular Halloween party or think this skull set is rocking and will fit your house year-round, you’ll love enjoying straight bourbon, Bourbon Sidecars, or Bourbon Butterbeer from your new set.

Chill with This Decanter Set, Man

Personalized Bourbon Decanter Set with Wedge Glasses

Chilling your bourbon should be a thing of ease, and these wedge glasses in this bourbon decanter set make that so. The silicone wedge is an insert that freezes into the glass and chills your single glass of bourbon to perfection. This silicone wedge also means that you get to keep out your stylish and sleek decanter out in the room. You’ll never need to put the decanter in the fridge or freezer to chill, it’ll always be ready to be the centerpiece of any discussion! The pairing of the wedge glasses and decanter become aesthetically pleasing because of the balance they create in one another. They both have strong edges with the subtlest of curves. Make the next drinking experience an aesthetic one!

A Super Stylish Decanter

Triangle Crystal Decanter

Decant your whiskey in style with the delicately crafted triangular bourbon decanter. This decanter is great for any occasion. The quality glass easily stands up to daily use but still looks elegant enough that guests will think you only take it out for special occasions! The triangle shape peaks at the top allowing it to fit hands of all sizes, giving the smoothest of one-handed pours. Make your mid to top-shelf whiskey appear even more luxurious in this well-crafted decanter!


Should you put your bourbon in a decanter?

The main purpose of a bourbon decanter is to display your bourbon in all of its glory! Also, it removes the label of the bottle which for some people is a major benefit. This way, when you’re pouring a drink, there can be no preconceived notion about how the bourbon will taste. Instead, everyone gets to enjoy their drink in the moment.

What kind of decanter do you use for bourbon?

It is recommended when looking at bourbon decanter sets and standalone decanters to get a lead-free decanter. Any of these will do the job of holding your liquor and storing it safely. Vintage bourbon decanters were made with glass that contained lead which can be a health concern. To avoid any risk, simply find a modern lead-free decanter and you and your bourbon will be perfectly safe!

How long is bourbon good in a decanter?

Bourbon is good in a decanter for a few months to a few years depending on the tightness of the seal. Because alcohol evaporates, you can lose some of your bourbon due to evaporation but only over a significant amount of time. Also, if  bourbon is in a decanter for too long, it can also lose some of the finer qualities in its taste. It is recommended to leave enough bourbon in your decanter to enjoy for a short while but for long-term storage and to leave the rest in a sealed container.

Is bourbon better in a decanter?

Bourbon does not get better in a decanter, instead, it is all about presentation. Don’t worry about finding the perfect bourbon decanter set to enhance the flavor because none of them will. Instead, get a decanter set that you think looks awesome and that you will be proud to show off to friends, family, clients, and really anyone you come across.


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