23 Best Birthday Gifts for Men

23 Best Birthday Gifts for Men

Another year, another awesome birthday celebration for the guy you’re shopping for. Stand out from the crowd with one of the best birthday gifts for men out there. It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for your dad, husband, brother, best friend, or even a coworker. We have incredible gifts that will make this a birthday to remember. With our list, you’ll be able to easily find a birthday gift that your guy will still be using for decades.

Hot Drinks While On the Move

Customized Travel Mugs Are Great Birthday Gifts

A guy is going to be on the move even on their birthday. That’s why an insulated tumbler is one of those essential birthday gift ideas for men. A guy needs his coffee to be warm and by his side when he’s headed to the office or out for the weekend. He needs a cold glass of water or Gatorade ready whenever he’s heading home from the gym. This birthday gift will take care of all those needs and even comes personalized for that special touch he’s sure to love.

Sharpened Tools Ammo Box

Genuine U.S. Military Ammo Cans Are Great Birthday GIfts for Men

It doesn’t matter if your guy is celebrating their 21st or 40th birthday, it’s always nice to be reminded of their manly roots. Everything packed into this Sharpened Tools ammo box will remind them of fun it is to get their hands dirty sometimes. They can conquer any loose brush or trees with their own axe. They can take care of any sticky situation with the lockback knife. They can store whatever tools they need in their very own U.S. military ammo can. Finally, they can look back and survey all they’ve conquered with a cigar and pull of liquor from the combo flask. There’s no other birthday gift like this one.

Wine Lovers Birthday Gift

Monogrammed Wine Decanter with Stemless Glasses

What’s a birthday without wine? A forgettable one. It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for your dad or boyfriend. Let them build memories this birthday with their own wine decanter and stemless glasses. The decanter will aerate all of his favorite wines so he can experience a fuller flavor with every bottle. The glasses are the perfect companion to raise a toast to another successful birthday celebration.

Beer Mug for the Craft Beer Fan

Engraved Glass Beer Mug

Some guys are beer snobs. It’s what the craft beer explosion has done to beer culture and it should be celebrated. So if you want one of the top birthday gifts for men that your craft beer loving boyfriend will always cherish this personalized beer mug is exactly what he needs his life. His beloved IPA brewed with locally sourced hops and fermented with strictly in-season orange peels will look and taste great from his very own mug.

Elevate His Brandy

Coolest Birthday Gift for Men is a Brandy Snifter Warmer

One shouldn’t simply pour brandy into a cup and take a few swigs. That’s not how it was meant to be enjoyed. Take your man’s brandy drinking to the next level with this brandy snifter warmer. Not only does the glass elevate the flavors, but warming a brandy allows notes and aromas to appear that were previously hidden. This is the kind of birthday gift that’s a little classy and a whole lot of fun.




Birthday Gift for the Avid Reader

Book of the Month Subscription Service

Shopping for a voracious reader? A book of the month club subscription is the perfect gift for his birthday. You won’t have to worry about picking out something he’ll have already read as their selection is seemingly endless. Each month they add new books to their selection. He can pick from countless genres and even Book of the Year finalists until he finds just the right book to cozy up with for the month. And when the next month rolls around he can do it all over again.

Celebrate with Shots in Style

Custom Flask Set with Wood Box & Shotglasses

When it comes to looking for birthday gift ideas for men you should consider a gift that lets them easily celebrate with those close to them. This engraved flask set will let him take his liquor with him whenever it’s needed, but the real treat are the four stainless steel shot glasses housed in the dashing red box. Sharing a shot with friends is all about creating bonds over big moments. Now your man can get a round of shots going whenever he’d like with these sleek, modern shot glasses.

Men Always Love Growlers

Get a Growler & Matching Pint Glasses for his Birthday Gift

Looking for a birthday gift for a homebrewer? This glass growler with matching pint glasses is one of the best birthday gifts for men out there. They can store their homebrews in an authentic growler, just like the moonshine days. Paired with two pint glasses, they won’t get a beer experience like this anywhere else. What more could they ask for on their birthday?

Massive Cocktail Shaker

Giant Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker

A guy shouldn’t have to suffer by pouring his favorite cocktail ingredients in a glass in stirring it with a spoon, hoping to get the ideal blend from each ingredient, especially on his birthday. It’s time he gets a massive cocktail shaker so he can make premium cocktails and have enough for everyone to experience his newfound craft. It’s perfect for Harvey Wallbangers, mint juleps, or whatever cocktail he prefers. Just make sure he doesn’t keep all 110 ounces to himself.

Classic Adidas Sneakers

Adidas Campus Shoes

The classics never go out of style. Adidas’s campus shoes have looked great for decades. You’ll be able to turn this into of the best birthday gift ideas for men when you find the coolest color for your man in his size. These shoes are multipurpose, so he’ll able to go for a jog, play a pick-up game, and head to the office all with the same footwear. Plus, he’ll know he’ll look great whenever he straps these on his feet.

Legendary Whiskey Gift for the Legendary Birthday Boy

Timeless Whiskey Glasses & Modern Whiskey Stones

You know his birthday celebration is going to be legendary because you’re honoring the legend himself. Let him know just how amazing everyone thinks he is with a personalized whiskey box set engraved with his status. This set even blends his classic style, with the timeless whiskey glass, and his modern approach, with the stainless steel whiskey stones. His spirits will always look and taste great. A legend wouldn’t have it any other way.




Seven Seas Decanter

Ship in a Bottle Decanter is a Unique Birthday Gift for Men

Your guy might not be able to sale the Seven Seas to celebrate, but you can still get him one of the greatest birthday gifts for men with this Seven Seas decanter. It’s an awesome centerpiece that belongs in a man cave, home bar, or even a study. It doesn’t matter what kind of liquor your guy prefers, anything from rum to tequila looks great in this decanter. He will insist on serving everyone on his birthday from this decanter. It even looks like the ship is sailing with every pour.

Whiskey Barrel Custom Sign

Engraved Sign for a Man Cave

Don’t just hand over a gift card and think that it’s a proper birthday gift. Get a birthday gift that is going to elevate their home and show them that you know them all too well. This custom bar sign is stylized like a classic whiskey barrel. Your brother or boyfriend will love hanging a classy sign in his home that lets everyone know that his place is world famous for having a good time. Have a bottle of whiskey ready and let him share his first drink under this awesome birthday idea.

All-Terrain Cooler

Igloo Adventure Cooler

What kind of guy doesn’t need an all-terrain cooler? Igloo makes this awesome travel companion for his next outdoor adventure. It doesn’t matter if it’s camping, a lake trip, or bringing over supplies for a BBQ, this cooler has everything your father or brother could need. It can traverse beach dunes and wood trails just as easily as it does a sidewalk. Plus, it can hold up 112 twelve ounce cans and even has an LED light system. This birthday gift is the Cadillac of coolers.

Ceramic Beer Stein for a Birthday with Beer

Game of Thrones Themed Custom Beer Stein

There’s not a guy alive that isn’t a massive Game of Thrones fan. Your guy can probably recite all the houses from memory. Now for his birthday, he can pretend he has the wit and sharp tongue of Tyrion Lannister with his own ceramic beer stein engraved with Tyrion’s infamous quip. It’s perfect for whatever beer he likes to drink when he escapes to Westeros and it will be perfect to celebrate alongside his birthday.

Tactical Knife for the Adventurous Man

Personalized Tactical Knife

Want an original gift for his birthday? His very own personalized survival knife is one of the top birthday gifts for men they won’t get from anyone else. It has everything he needs to tackle the great outdoors or handle anything around the home that calls for a sharp blade. The hilt is even packed with a ton of survival tools. He’ll be planning his next camping trip while he’s unwrapping all of his other gifts with his brand new knife.

Whiskey Spheres Upgrade All Spirits

Whiskey Sphere & Rocks Glass

Get a present that will make his jaw drop this birthday. Your dad or husband is probably all too familiar with whiskey stones, but it’s almost a guarantee he hasn’t seen whiskey spheres before. This birthday gift set will get him the perfect whiskey glass to enjoy his spirits and a pair of whiskey spheres that will even chill his drink in a way whiskey stones never could. With a pair of whiskey spheres, he’ll always have one ready whenever he wants to enjoy a drink.

A Coffee Table Built for the Modern World

Sobra Design Gear Heavy Coffee Table

Sure, at first your guy might wonder why you’re getting him a coffee table, but once it realizes it’s more than what it seems he’ll be beyond excited. Sobra Design has created a coffee table with built-in drawers, power and USB chargers, Oh, and the coolest part: a built-in mini fridge. No wait, that might be the Bluetooth speaker that’s also built-in. It’s tempered glass top and touch control panel easily make this one of the best birthday gifts for men that anyone has ever seen.

Custom Wood Beer Tap Handles

Keg Tap Handles Make Great Birthday Gifts for Men with a Home Bar

Even if your guy doesn’t have a man cave, he needs a custom beer tap handle to get that dream underway. This is one of those birthday gift ideas for men that also work if your guy is into homebrewing. No matter how he’ll decide to use it, a guy will feel like a real man on his birthday when he gets a tap handle that’s been engraved just for him and his love of beer.

Timeless Decanter Set

Twist Decanter and Glasses

Your guy has refined tastes in everything he does. He deserves a decanter that mirrors the way he lives his life. This twist decanter has an elegant design that would look great in any room in any century. Any rum, bourbon, vodka, or whatever will look tantalizing when poured into the decanter. This birthday gift is made even better with the pair of matching twist glasses. It comes personalized just for him to really elevate this birthday gift.

Cigar Aficiandos Birthday Gift

Vintage Cigar Box

Looking for a birthday gift for cigar smokers? What more could they want than their very own vintage cigar box to store all of their smoky treats? After all, the box informs anyone that great men smoke cigars and the birthday boy you’re shopping for is nothing short of great. You could even pack the box full of cigars to make this a gift to remember. He’ll be sure to find a special place in his home for this cool gift as he’ll be coming back to it time and time again.

Spice Up Every Meal

Bushwick Kitchen's Spicey Condiments

He who controls the spice controls the universe. This is common knowledge to every man alive. He’s always looking to add an extra level of spice to every dish he consumes. Bushwick Kitchen makes superb spice blends. This birthday gift includes spicy honey, spicy maple syrup, and their own blend of sriracha. He’ll have an excuse to spice up his breakfast, lunch, dinner, and any snack he wants in between meals. For this birthday, let the spice flow freely and show you pay attention to what he loves.

Rocks Glasses for Every Kind of Drinker

Four Benson Style Rocks Glasses

Sometimes a guy just can’t decide how they want to enjoy their spirits. Thankfully, you’ve found one of the best birthday gifts for men that remedy their indecision. These Benson-style rocks glasses are designed to perfectly accommodate neat spirits, on the rocks, or with a mixer. They’re an all-in-one kind of rocks glass that still pushes the notes and aromas to the forefront with every sip. With a set of 4, your guy can let every one of his friends enjoy their drink just the way they like whenever they have a poker night, are watching the game, or are just hanging out.





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