Best Beer Lovers Gifts for Christmas

Best Beer Lovers Gifts for Christmas

UPDATED: Nov 3, 2021

The Ultimate Christmas Gifts for Beer Lovers

As Christmas comes around yet again, we felt it was time to put together a gift guide to spread the word about the best beer lovers gifts we’ve seen this year. Taking a look back, it’s actually been a pretty good year for the beer gift. Drinkers in the US now have access to countless subscription services that deliver cool picks for the craft brew fan. Twenty years ago, “beer presents” meant a case of Keystone and foam rubber koozie with Betty Boop on it. Today, the world is chock full with hundreds of awesome choices for a beer Christmas gift. Here’s our top twelve.

1. Craft Beer Jelly
Craft Beer Jelly Gift Set

As the old adage goes, you can’t drink all day unless you start in the morning! Even though it’s not technically drinking, you can actually enjoy beer in the morning without judgment, when you spread a little craft beer jelly on your whole wheat toast. Available in flavors like India pale ale, porter, and oatmeal stout, the taste is pretty amazing and has just that hint of hoppiness to capture the magic of an actual craft brew. We’re thinking it’s a Christmas idea for guys who always say they wish the local brewery were open for breakfast.

2. Vacuum Insulated Steel Drink Holder
Stainless Steel Bottle Koozie

We’ve come a long, long way together, koozie. Gone are the days when that guy running for city council would walk up to you at the county fair with a red white and blue ring of foam, and you put it around your bottle, then vote for the guy because he gave you something for free. This beer lover gift is made from double-wall, vacuum sealed stainless steel. It has a durable plastic gasket that lets it work with glass bottles as well as aluminum cans. The protective silicone top allows you to reseal your beer bottle (not that you would ever need to do that), and also includes a steel opener built right in. Don’t forget this guy on your next trip to a desert island.

3. Police Badge Bottle Cap Holder
Beer Gifts for Police Officers

“Hey, officer, I need someone to protect and serve my beer!” Don’t ever say that unless you want a trip down to the station. Or you might actually say that if you yourself are that officer, and you’ve got this cool police badge bottle cap holder on your wall. It’s an easy way to show off America’s finest beer cap collection. If you’ve got a police officer on your Christmas shopping list, you’ll definitely want to put this bad boy in a lineup.

4. Drink Local Wall Bottle Opener
Drink Local Beer Bottle Opener

These days, you don’t have to travel far to find a great brewery, and the “Drink Local” movement is alive and well. This cast iron bottle opener is out-and-out perfect for at home brewers who bottle their own beer. These go great with craft beer gift baskets or could go to your friends who like to warn people of the dangers of drinking at chain restaurants.
Vintage aviator sunglasses not included.

5. The Craft of Beer Personalized Bar Sign
Craft Beer Sign

It’s hard to find craft beer gift ideas better than this personalized bar sign. For starters, it brings together traditional style and modern technology, just like beer brewing today. Stained by hand then laser cut, each sign lets you include a name or message or whatever you want, then points the way to the best beer on the block when you hang it on your wall. And when beer tells me to go one way, I always listen.

6. Leather-Bound Classic Pint Glasses
Christmas Gift Idea for Beer Lovers

You’ve probably come across a lot of things bound in leather: fancy notebooks, college diplomas, fictional vampires on TV. But you’ve probably never seen a leather-bound pint glass with your name on it, right? These exceptional beer glasses are wrapped in 100% natural leather, giving your and your buddies a one-of-a-kind drinking experience. Ideal gifts for a beer lover who fancies himself a cowboy, or just fancies himself as really fancy.

7. Custom Tap Handle
Tap Handles for Home Brewers

After you’ve spend weeks, months, or years perfecting your home brew recipe, the serving experience needs to be just as remarkable for your guests. These custom tap handles have a dozen different options for the design, plus you can add whatever text you want. There’s even a built-in chalkboard on the lower part of the handle that lets you write in the brew of the week.

8. Pewter Lid Beer Mug for Dad
Personalized Beer Gifts for Dad

If you’re searching for a gift for your beer loving dad, you can stop right now. We’ve found the perfect thing. This classically styled beer mug includes an awesome flip-up pewter lid and a damn fine tribute to Dad. Best of all you get to add your name and the names of up to 3 siblings. Or you can just add your own, and then you get all the credit.

9. Mystic Pint Glass
Funny Beer Glass

I’ve seen the future, and it shows you getting this mystic pint glass, then impressing all your friends with your gift of intuitive prestidigitation! Okay, maybe not, but you can certainly get a night full of laughs from this hilarious beer pint. The base is embedded with a floating die, kinda like the one in a Magic 8 Ball, and gives you different answers to your drunken questions. A great beer Christmas gift for the funny guys on your list.

10. Rustic Cedar Six-Pack Caddy
Wooden Beer Carrier with Engraving

When you are enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors, nobody wants to see a dumb old cardboard six pack holder. This sweet beer lover gift is made from natural cedar, famous for its aromatic scent and marble-like grain. It even has a cast iron bottle opener on the end so you can open those bottles once you reach the peak of that mountain. Just do me a solid and promise not to litter the ground with your bottle caps. Save them, and turn them into art using…

11. Impressive Bottle Cap Shadow Box
Shadow Box for Men

…this deluxe shadow box! Especially designed for wedding and birthday beer presents, they are perfect for Christmas, too. Each one has a glass front that comes engraved with whatever names you want, and there’s a built-in hole in the top so you can add more caps without ever taking it off the wall.

12. PG-13 Bottle Opener Keychain
Classy and Funny Bottle Opener

You can open your beer bottles with a screwdriver, or the side of a table, or your shoe, or you can keep it classy with this great steel opener. It’s the size of a credit card, so you can keep it in your wallet, but you can also use the ring to attach it to your keys. It even comes with a name engraved on it. With beer drinker gifts like this, even your Shlitz will seem high-class.

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