11 Beer Flights to Keep Brews Flowing

A Beer Flight for Every Occasion

A beer flight is a set of small glasses used to sample different craft beers. These glasses are traditionally served on some kind of board to make it easy to sample one after the other. While your average beer fan might be satisfied with experiencing a flight of beer once in a while at a pub or brewery, you’re a die-hard beer lover and want to be able to enjoy the sampling of various beers from the comfort of your own home! A beer flight, like the ones we’ve found, are classy, high-quality flights that’ll make sampling beers at home better than ever. We tracked down some amazing beer flights and beer flight glasses that are must-haves for any beer lover!

Set of Snifters

Red Handle Snifter Beer Flight Set

If you want a beer flight that’ll really have you feeling like a beer connoisseur, this snifter beer tasting flight set is the way to go. The snifter glasses are specifically designed with their wide bowls and tapered lips to capture the aromas of the beer as you lift the glass to your nose and mouth, enhancing the flavor like never before. You can even swirl your beer in these glasses to release the full aromas.

Sophisticated Beer Flight Glasses Set

Custom Classy Flight of Beer

Classic glasses with a gorgeous cherry-red paddle? How classy! This set of flight glasses and a personalized paddle is perfect for the sophisticated, traditional beer aficionado. You’ll love seeing “Brandon’s Brewhouse” or any other engraving you choose on the paddle, showing off that you’re a true beer lover. Sampling Sam Adams Boston Lager or Blue Moon Belgian White beers from such a nice set will become one of your favorite activities!

Metal Flight Carrier

Metal Beer Flight Glasses Carrier

Think outside the wooden paddle with this metal flight carrier! You’ll find this item so impressive-looking as it holds your four favorite beer glasses in the air, filled with various IPAs, pale ales, and other beers as you get ready to try them. The handle makes it so easy to carry this flight from behind the bar to the kitchen table.

Classic Beer Tasting Flight

Engraved Wooden Flight for Beer Set

Everything about this personalized beer flight just screams “classic.” From the natural-looking wooden paddle to the traditional beer glasses, this set is perfect for the beer drinker that’s not into any frills. You’ll really enjoy being able to see the colors in your various beers with these taller glasses so you can really take in every detail of the beers you’re sampling.

Flight Set for Just a Taste

Short Beer Flight Glasses Set

Truly, this is one of the most handsome beer flights, and it’s absolutely perfect for the beer lover who truly enjoys the act of comparing different beers just as much as, if not more than, actually drinking a beer all the time. The beer flight glasses are short, small glasses, holding just enough beer to get a few good sips so you can really get the taste before moving on to the next beer without wasting too much of each beer.


Flight of Eleven Beer Glasses Set

Super Long Flight of Beer

Four glasses is the traditional number that comes in a flight of beer, but that’s just not enough for you! This 11-glass beer sampler is more your style! This flight ensures that you can have a wide spectrum of craft beers, from Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing to Blast 825 Slo Gold Ale to sample at a given time. This flight is a must-have for someone who enjoys having people over for a beer tasting party!

Develop a Full Comparison

Tall Glass Beer Flight Set

If you really want the glasses in your beer flight to show off the color, clarity, and carbonation, this pilsner glasses flight set is what you need. You’ll really like being able to examine each beer before and after you take a sip of it, and the wider tops of these glasses help develop the aromas to ensure you can taste each beer fully. This flight set is the ideal way to take in every aspect of the beers to develop a full comparison.

Different Glasses for Different Tastes

Glasses Variety Beer Tasting Set

If beer glass shape is important to you, this beer tasting flight set is perfect for you. This set has a Belgian beer glass, hard cider glass, draught glass and a pub glass. Your lagers, ales, IPAs, and any other types of beer will taste even better coming from the various glass shapes. You’ll really enjoy researching and experimenting to find out which beers pair best with which glasses.

Beer Flight Glasses with a Beer Cap Label

Bottle Cap Holder Flight of Beer Set

For you, half the fun of sampling beers is the presentation of the beer flight. That’s why this bottle cap holder flight set is the best choice for you. As you set up the beers to sample, you can place the bottle caps inside the holes so you can be reminded which beer is which. You’ll love how fancy and sophisticated this setup looks, and you’ll really like showing it off when you have guests who also want to sample some beers!

Easily Transportable Beer Tasting Set

Transportable Wooden Beer Tasting Flight Set

Make sure your glasses are extremely sturdy when you’re doing your beer tasting with this wooden beer tasting flight set. This set makes it easy for you to bring your set, full of beer, from the bar to the coffee table to the kitchen, or to the backyard. You’ll really appreciate the ease with which you can carry around this set, especially when you have guests who want to try beers with you!

Taste Your Favorite from the Brewery

Beer Growler and Beer Flight Set

A beer flight set that includes a handsome growler? Say no more! This set is perfect because you can bring home from the brewery a beer you want to try and compare it to some you have at home. When you discover your very favorite beer after tasting so many different ones, from Firestone Walker 805 to Station 20 Brewing Cream Ale, you can go to the brewery and request a growler full of that new favorite so you can enjoy it at home whenever you want!