Make Sure Your Basketball Party Is A Slam Dunk

It’s that time of the year again when, all across America, college hoops enthusiasts begin analyzing the teams left in the hunt for a national title. Die hard fans and novices meticulously evaluate squads from all conferences in hopes of creating the ultimate tournament bracket for their office pool. College basketball gives fans the opportunity to dust off the old gear from their alma mater and tout their school pride. Showing off your colors is definitely a sign that a serious college hoops shindig is on the way. But before you feel the shot clock ticking down till your party begins, a few essentials are key to making sure it will be a slam dunk.

The Location:

Man-Cave-Personalized-Sign-p-1188After getting the OK from the misses have your friends post up inside your one of a kind Man Cave or Bar and it will certainly set the tone for the rest of your evening. Nothing screams out awesomeness like a decked out room in honor of dudes, so be sure and customize your area with all things manly. Pub signs are one of my favorite ways to fill up empty space on a bar room or man cave wall. Whether you want to go the traditional neon sign route, old school tin vintage, or even a custom made personalized wall hanging, adding small accents throughout the man cave or bar will also enhance the tournament mood; if you need more lighting in your space, add a set of decorative string lights. Looking for a place to set that cold one? Getting drink coasters that fit your style and taste will also add a nice touch to your party, besides the only rings you want to see are the one’s given to the athletes not those left on your table.

The Party Food:

non-stick-jalapeno-popper-roasting-rack-p-1786Bring some of your friends’ courtside favorites into the mix; after all epic basketball marathons like those held in March need to be celebrated with food that will leave your comrades full enough to take on any grueling night of tournament play. While the student athletes are giving their all in hopes of reaching championship glory, bust out the Chips, Salsa, Pretzels, and cheese spreads. Classic hot dogs and nachos are also sure fire ways to satisfy even the manliest of appetites, but if you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous, use a pepper corer and jalapeno rack to spice things up with some stuffed jalapenos . For more ideas on making stuffed jalapenos, going straight to an authority on the matter is always the best route : Steve Raichlen 

The Fun:

Now that you’ve got your location set, your food ready, and friends invited, all that’s left for you to do is enjoy night after night of college hoops glory. If you want to add some fun to the night, come up with some College Basketball themed drinking games. How about anytime the opposing team hits a 3-pointer you have to take a shot? How about anytime a Center rejects a player someone has to chug a beer? Is there a rare four point play opportunity? If so, how about a boilermaker for everyone? The possibilities for coming up with a drinking game on the fly are endless when your friends and college b-ball are on tap.