Backyard and Chill – A Guide to Porch Parties

Large or small, benches or chairs, front yard or back yard, deck or no, porches come in all styles and fashions. As the tail end of summer continues to drag on, it is the absolute best time to take advantage of these warm nights and your outside space. Whether you’re throwing an all day backyard bash or a picturesque fire lit night affair, the best kind of porch party takes a little planning. From the setup, the time, the music, and of course the drinks, this porch party guide will help you dot the i’s and cross the t’s on your next backyard bash.

The Setup

porch party


Music is key to setting the mood of any party. Bring out the record player for a fun nostalgic feel, the only con of channeling your inner Betty/Don Draper is the need to flip your vinyl however that can add to the retro vibe of the night. If you prefer to keep your bash in this decade, bring out speakers and bluetooth some jams from your phone. Spotify is a wonderful playlist creating app and allows you to create shared playlists so you and all your guests can add tracks to enjoy throughout the night (or day)!

Silverwarebackyard bash drink

Don’t underestimate the power of silverware, it can make a lasting impression. Of course if you want a more casual porch party, red cups and disposable plates always do the trick. An added benefit of disposable utensils is not having the hassle of washing everything at the end of the night. However, for a more style heavy event (or if you’re wanting to be environmentally sound) you can pull out the glass and porcelain. Mason jars make outstanding backyard party touches and can be bought in bulk for fairly cheap. Check out your local craft stores to bargain hunt mason jars in bulk. If you want an assortment of unique plates and other styles of drink ware, pay a visit to thrift stores as they normally have an array of inexpensive vintage plates, cups, and bowls.


Before you move onto refreshments, outdoor decor is of course a vital component of a backyard bash. For atmospheric lighting, tiki torches are a classic backyard staple. Not only do torches give off the calming flicker of fire but they also are known to keep the bugs at bay, your guests will thank you. If you’re over the tiki torch idea, string lights can also add the functionality of a well-lit party but with an enchanting glow. I highly recommend edison string lights if you’re going for a more nostalgic scene. Lastly, fire pits are another great option and can provide extra activities to your guests such as making s’mores or roasting hot dogs. 

Food and Drinks

Is a party even a party if there is no food or cocktails? Finger foods are a convenient option to supply to your guests as you can offer an assortment of flavors that are easy to prepare. Light cocktails are a good idea especially since most summer nights can be balmy. Cold and refreshing recipes will help you and your guests keep relaxed and cool. Below are a few awesome recipes for food and drinks that are perfect for outdoor parties.

Melon Sangria


This melon sangria is not only a refreshing cocktail recipe to serve your guests at your next backyard bash but also visually appealing. Created using a complex mix of flavors such as moscato, honey, grappa, and of course a variety of melon, what it takes in time is given back ten fold in flavor and unique presentation.

Grapefruit Tequila Slammer


Crafted with four simple ingredients, this grapefruit tequila slammer is an ideal choice when deciding on your porch party cocktail selection. We all know that grapefruit is a fun and tangy pick for summer recipes. It’s perfect pink appearance also conjures thoughts of spring and summer giving a festive edge to your already festive event!

Chipotle Honey Chicken Skewers


Nothing says summer like skewers, and don’t these chipotle honey chicken skewers look absolutely delicious? Not only would they do well on their own as a finger food for your guests, if you are having more of a sit down dinner for your party make it a full on meal and take on the included grilled corn recipe that looks equally as phenomenal. While this kebab recipe doesn’t call for it, I think it would pair with some grilled pineapple as well!

Sweet Tea Sangria


Is there anything more relaxing than a glass of ice cold sweet tea? Made with fresh raspberries and peaches, the addition of white wine in this sweet tea sangria recipe makes this concoction the perfect light refreshment. If you are having children in attendance at your porch party, put the wine where the kids can’t reach and have your adult guests add their own portions.

Individual 7-Layer Dip Cups


While these Cinco dey Mayo snack ideas don’t feature any specific recipes, it is jammed packed with great ideas. If you are short on time (or like me aren’t a totally awesome chef) these ideas will save the night! Great thoughts on including store bought food items with homemade touches. Take a look and be inspired!

Loaded Tater Tot Skewers


Alright, I couldn’t resist one more skewer idea. I just think they are the perfect finger food for porch parties! With only four ingredients, this loaded tater tot skewer recipe is beyond fool proof in that you can make so many at one time! Just grab some bacon, cheese, and tots, your guests won’t be able to get enough of these little snacks.

Do you have any fun and different backyard party ideas? We would love to know how you celebrate the summer with friends and family. Let us know in the comments below!