19 Best Bachelor Party Ideas

Our Epic Bachelor Party Ideas Will Make Your Bachelor Party One of the Best Nights of Your Life!

It’s finally time for the event the groom and the groomsmen have been waiting for: the bachelor party! The whole thing is planned and it’s sure to be legendary, but don’t forget your gifts! Great bachelor party ideas and gifts are for celebrating at the party, getting ready for the wedding, something special for the groom, or thank you gifts for all of the groomsmen. It’s not just a party for saying goodbye to the groom’s bachelorhood, after all, it’s a celebration of him getting married and having a great time with his best bros. Looking for specific gifts for the groom? Are you the groom wanting to give your groomsmen gifts? The absolute best bachelor party ideas are ones they can use right away to celebrate at the party, but it’s perfectly okay to give gifts that are meant to be used at the wedding!

Bachelor Party Ideas All of Your Groomsmen Will Love

Custom Whiskey Gift Set of Bachelor Party Ideas

You can’t have a bachelor party without booze, so make sure all of your groomsmen are prepared for a night of fun and drinks by giving each of them a whiskey gift set! This classic set is great for enjoying a round of scotch on the rocks, Whiskey Sours, or double bourbons. By far some of the best bachelor party ideas, this set is sure to be enjoyed all night and every time they treat themselves to a drink from now on!

Everybody Needs A Beer Mug

Engraved Beer Mugs are the Best Bachelor Party Ideas

You know everyone will be knocking back brewskis at the bachelor party, so they might as well do so the right way! Everyone including the groom, best man, and groomsmen will love getting these custom beer mugs to enjoy their beers from at the party. Now they can use these awesome mugs to chug their beer properly and clink them together at every toast, including the ones at the wedding reception!

Groomsmen Essentials Gift Set

Personalized Groomsmen Box Set

Before the partying begins, make sure you give the groom and the groomsmen this amazing gift set! These practical bachelor party ideas are sure to come in handy while they’re partying and the next day for the wedding, which makes them doubly awesome! Plus, with all of the groomsmen having their own custom flasks and rocks glasses, they’re sure to look great in photos at the bachelor party as well as after the ceremony.

Unique Bachelor Party Gifts

Engraved Hatchets for Groomsmen

Whether you’re going axe throwing for your bachelor party or you want to get your groomsmen something badass as a gift, these custom hatchets are sure to be a hit! Not only are these hatchets the coolest gifts for groomsmen that they’ve ever received, but they’re also practical as they can be used for yard work, cutting firewood, camping, and more!

Party Like True Gentlemen

Bachelor Party Ideas Cigar and Whiskey Set

Are you planning on going to the cigar lounge as part of your bachelor party or simply planning on giving your groomsmen a couple of stogies to enjoy? Then your groomsmen will need these cigar gifts! They’ll be amazed by the cigar-holding whiskey glass and will enjoy being able to fill up their new cigar case with fresh stogies. With these sophisticated cigar gifts in hand at your bachelor party, you and all of your groomsmen will feel like gentlemen cooler than James Bond.


Everything They Need for a Bachelor Party Fishing Trip

Fishing Lure and Tackle Box Set

 There’s nothing more fun than going on a fishing trip with your best bros, especially for your bachelor party! Give your groomsmen this fishing gear box set so that they have everything they need to catch plenty of fish. You’re bound to be set for hours of fishing, having fun with the guys, and celebrating your last hours as a bachelor with these awesome bachelor party ideas!

Flasks Are Classic Bachelor Party Favors

Set of Five Custom Flasks for Groomsmen

You can’t go wrong with giving flasks out at the bachelor party! These custom black flasks are perfect for taking shots all night long, and they’re sure to come in handy when the groom needs a little liquid courage before walking down the aisle on his wedding day. These handsome flasks will be a memorable bachelor party keepsake that all of the groomsmen will enjoy using!

The Best Bachelor Party Ideas Are Wearable

Engraved Bamboo Sunglasses for Groomsmen

How awesome are these wooden sunglasses? Just imagine how cool the groomsmen will look as they all wear their new shades at the bachelor party, and they’re sure to make fun wedding photos too! Each groomsman will get his own personalized pair and they’ll never want to wear any other shades because of how cool and unique these bamboo ones are.

Unique Bachelor Party Gift Set

Beer Mug Gift Sets are Bachelor Party Ideas

Before you start partying, give each groomsman their own bachelor party gift set! With a badass knife, a cool bottle opener, bow tie for the wedding, and even a custom beer mug, they have everything they need for a good time. Just don’t forget to put a bottle of each groomsman’s favorite beer in the mug so that they can try out the bottle opener and beer mug right away!

Make Every Groomsman Feel Like a Legend

Custom Ammo Can Whiskey Set

Show your groomsmen how thankful you are for them by making them all feel like legendary badasses with this awesome ammo can set! They got you here to the bachelor party, after all, and they deserve a reward as cool as they are. They’ll be sure to use their new rocks glasses and whiskey stones for drinks at the party, and especially in the future when you come over to visit!

The Ultimate Golf Gift Set

Ultimate Golf Accessory Kit

Whether you’re taking your groomsmen to the golf course for your bachelor party or you just want to get them a cool gift they can use with their favorite hobby, this golf gift set will be much appreciated! Complete with a golf towel, golf club brush with groove cleaner, foldable divot repair tool with ball marker, golf ball marker, and golf tee holder, this kit has everything they need for a day on the golf course. Now, they’ll be fully prepared when they go to the green and never have to worry about forgetting their divot tool or get stuck with a muddy club ever again. Thanks to your awesome bachelor party ideas, they’ll always be at the top of their game!

The Best Bachelor Party Ideas for Groomsmen

Custom Flask Knife and Watch Gift Set

Give your groomsmen the coolest gifts at your bachelor party with this awesome set! Each groomsman gets his own custom flask, a handy hunting knife, and a sleek wooden watch. They will be stoked about wearing their new watch and knife every day, and the flask will definitely get used at the bachelor party all night long! These awesome groomsmen gifts are a great way to thank your best bros for standing by you all this time.

Beer Gifts Are Always a Good Idea

Personalized Beer Mug Box Set of Best Bachelor Party Ideas

Where there’s a bachelor party, there’s beer. And where there’s beer, there should be beer mugs! Your groomsmen will love using their new custom mugs to chug their beer, and the bottle opener will be a welcome extra gift because it means they never need to hunt down a bottle opener ever again. This set is a great gift for the groom or the best man as well!

Rocks Glasses for the Whole Party

Bachelor Party Ideas are Engraved Whiskey Glasses

Take your bachelor party to the next level by giving everyone custom rocks glasses! They will love using these unique glasses for their Jack on the Rocks, cocktails, or straight scotch. Both a fun keepsake from the bachelor party and a great glass for just about any kind of drink they want, these rocks glasses are as thoughtful as they are practical!

Give the Gift of Their Favorite Liquor

Engraved Liquor Bottle Gift Box

Looking for something nice to give the best man, the groom, or perhaps all of the groomsmen? You can’t go wrong with a bottle of their favorite liquor! Of course, you could just give them the bottle but it would be much more impressive if you give it to them in this personalized wooden gift box. Engraved with their name, title in the wedding party, and the date of the bachelor party or wedding, this classy gift is one of the best bachelor party ideas! After they’ve enjoyed the bottle of liquor, this box is great for storing keepsakes or small items such as their watch collection.

Make Sure They’re Dressed to the Nines

Tie and Pocket Square Set

Some bachelor parties require a dress code and others let you wear street clothes. Make sure everyone is dressed to impress with this tie and pocket square gift set from the Tie Bar! This suave duo ensures all of the groomsmen are matching, and they could even be used for their tuxes on the day of the wedding. This set comes in a variety of styles and colors to match your wedding colors, or you can get each groomsman a different color!

Must-Have Whiskey Gift Set

Custom Whiskey Glass Box Set of Bachelor Party Ideas

Whether you need a nice gift for the groom or you want to go all out for each groomsman, this unique whiskey gift set is ideal! The elegant glasses will make each groomsman feel like a million bucks, and they’ll certainly never want to use regular ice cubes in their whiskey ever again once they try out the handy whiskey stones. This suave set is the perfect gift for the groom, best man, or all of the groomsmen!

A Gift They’ll Actually Use

Custom Ammo Box

So you want to give out gifts at the bachelor party but you don’t want it to be something lame. How about a personalized ammo can for each person? Not only will it make them feel like a badass, but they’re super practical for anyone because they’re perfect for storing anything from actual ammunition to bottles of liquor. In fact, you could fill up the ammo cans before the bachelor party with fun favors or extra gifts such as a six-pack of beer or a flask. This simple but cool gift is definitely one of those bachelor party ideas with endless possibilities!

Something Special for the Groom

Engraved Whiskey Decanter Set

You’ve made it this far and you haven’t found a gift for the groom to give him at his bachelor party? Well, luckily for you, this decanter set is perfect! The groom will love the elegant style of this unique decanter set and will definitely love the fact that you had it personalized with the date of his wedding so that he has a unique keepsake to remember this important occasion forever. Of course, make sure you get him a bottle of his favorite scotch to go with it so that he can enjoy a drink from his brand new decanter and glasses!