21 Awesome Pilsner Glasses for Beer

21 Awesome Pilsner Glasses for Beer

UPDATED: Feb 22, 2022

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Pilsner glasses were necessary after the invention of pilsner beer in the 19th century when a man named Josef Groll was brought in from Bavaria to help the Bohemians with their spoiled lager problem. He suggested using Saaz hops, which have more flavor and bite to them than you’ll find in typical lagers. Pilsner glasses are named after the unique beer because they are designed to not only make your drink taste better, but they’re also slightly smaller than pint glasses. The tapered shape and wide mouth help retain the life of the beer head, bringing the aromas of the hops straight to your nose with each sip. You can enjoy regular lagers and ales in pilsner glasses as your custom beer glasses if you like, but they’re best for their namesake beer.

Classic Pilsner Glass

Personalized Pilsner Glass

This is a great example of the most popular type of pilsner glass. It’s like a hybrid of a champagne flute and a pint glass with its tapered shape and stem. Pilsner beers typically have a crisper, sharper taste than most light beers. You’ll want to be able to inhale the hops directly from the foam, which will last longer thanks to the wide mouth of the glass. You’ll get the perfect gulp every time with both taste and aroma with this specially crafted glass. Plus, it’s engraved with the initial and name of your choice on a noble coat of arms-like design. This glass is one of the best beer glasses that every connoisseur needs in their home bar.

Unique Twisted Pilsner

Twisted Pilsner with Crest

For something a little fancier, this regal crested pilsner has a three dimensional version of the design on the glass above! The crest is made from pewter and bears a single initial of your choosing. This handsome pilsner has a twisted design on the bottom half of the glass. The curves accentuate the golden color of the beer, making it more beautiful. You’ll feel like a true monarch when you’re drinking beer from this beautiful glass. Unique pilsner glasses like this one make your drinking experience even better.

Set of Classic Pilsner Glasses

Set of Four Monogrammed Pilsner Glasses

Do you and your friends enjoy drinking lighter beers? Then you’ll need these monogrammed pilsner glasses for your home bar. Perfect for Victory Prima Pilsner Beers, North Coast Scrimshaw, or Austin Beerworks Pearl Snap, these are the glasses you want. The extra-wide mouth ensures that the beer head stays intact for as long as possible so that you get to experience plenty of the aromas and flavor at the same time.

The Perfect Pilsners for Craft Beer Tasting

Four Engraved Craft Beer Glasses

There’s nothing like trying out your favorite craft brewery’s newest pilsner with a couple of friends! Fill up a growler or two and bring some home to host a beer tasting party with these craft pilsner glasses. They hold 16 ounces, which is slightly more than your average pilsner, but this extra room allows for a larger beer head. You and your buddies will want to savor and taste the exotic flavors, so sip slowly from these unique beer glasses!

You Can Never Go Wrong With a Tulip Pint Glass

Monogrammed Tulip Beer Glass

You’ve probably seen a glass like this at a bar before. Usually called a tulip pint glass, this unique glass is like a shorter, squatter version of a typical pilsner. The design and size makes it great for lighter ales and lagers, especially for craft beers.


Simple Crystal Pilsner

Crystal Tulip Glass

Want something a little fancier? This gorgeous crystal tulip pilsner is perfect. Fancy enough to use for holidays and formal occasions, you’ll feel like a true beer connoisseur when you drink from these beautiful glasses.

Set of Tall Pilsners

Engraved Tall Pilsner Glasses Set

While it’s nice to have crystal glasses around for formal occasions, you’ll need some regular pilsner glasses for everyday use. This set of simple pilsners are engraved with the single initial of your choice. Your buddies will love using them when they come over to watch the game!

Essential Pilsner Glasses

Monogrammed Pilsners

Of course, these glasses are great every day pilsners too. They’re a little more casual than ones above, but just as cool. They are monogrammed with your three initials and, though they may not look it, hold the same amount of beer as the flute-style ones.

A Pilsner Glass Fit for a King

Pilsner Glass with Pewter Crest

Want to feel like the king of the house when you’re drinking beer? You’ll need this handsome crested pilsner. The regal pewter crest is incredibly detailed and features the initial of your choice.

Unique Stainless Steel Glasses

Stainless Steel IPA Glasses

For those of you who are looking for unique pilsner glasses, check these out! Incredibly modern, these otherworldly glasses are actually made of double walled stainless steel. Their shape is similar to an IPA glass, which makes it ideal for pilsners. Thanks to their durability, you can use them outdoors and for traveling!

Pilsner Flutes

Crystal Beer Flutes

Check out these beautiful crystal pilsner glasses! They’re almost like champagne flutes in style. You’ll love watching the bubbles of your pilsner float to the top through these gorgeous glasses. The thin design of the glass pushes the flavor up toward the top so that you can taste every hint of citrus and the bite of the hops.

Classy Crested Pilsner Glass

Tall Personalized Pilsner Glass

Sometimes it’s the little things that really make the difference between a normal pilsner and a nicer one. This classic pilsner has a lovely little pewter crest featuring the initial of your choice. It’s not anything fancy, but it’s certainly a step above your standard glass.

Home Brewer Starter Kit

Custom Pilsner Glasses and Amber Beer Growler

Are you a craft beer drinker? Then you need this complete set! With four stemmed craft beer pilsners and an amber glass growler, you have everything you need. The growler can be filled up with either your own home brew or your favorite brew from your local microbrewery. It holds 64 ounces, which is plenty enough to share! The glasses are great for enjoying a round of beers with friends or family, and they even have your own brewery label on them! How cool is that?


Cool Tall Pilsner Glasses

Set of Four Custom Pilsner Glasses

Beer is best enjoyed with company whether it’s friends, family, coworkers, or your significant other. When you serve your guests with these custom glasses, they’ll feel right at home! The best part about these particular pilsner glasses is that they are engraved with your name and initial. Our glasses are laser engraved and specially made to last a lifetime.

Customizable Glass

Customizable Pilsner Beer Glass

Want to create your own custom pilsner glass? You can do so with this one! A classic design, you choose up to two lines of text for your glass. You can have it say anything from “Sam’s Brewery” to “Jonathan’s Pilsner.” Get creative and make yourself a one-of-a-kind glass or give it as a unique gift!

Crystal Tulip Glasses

Set of Two Crystal Tulip Glasses

These crystal glasses are so breathtaking, you’ll want to serve your boss a drink with them! Sure to impress anyone who sees them, these gorgeous tulip glasses are must-haves for your home bar. You’ll be getting them out for any occasion whether it’s Christmas or Memorial Day!

Extra Cool Copper Cups

Set of Copper Cups

Copper drinkware has been used for decades, and is still popular today! These simple copper cups are great for beer tasting with friends or just enjoying a couple of ales at your weekly game night.

Your New Go-To Pilsner Glass

Custom Pilsner

Want a custom pilsner glass that’s totally your own? No one else can use this pilsner, it even says right on the glass that it belongs to you. This way, you can enjoy your beer in your favorite glass anytime you want.

The Perfect Pilsner Set for Craft Beers

Personalized Beer Growler Set with Pilsner Glasses

Are you a home brewer who enjoys creating lighter beers or just a big craft beer fan? Then you need this complete craft beer set. You can go to your favorite microbrewery and fill up the growler with the latest concoction to bring home and share with your buddies. You can also fill it with your own batch of home brew! The four glasses are ideal for trying craft beers with their stemmed design and larger bowl than typical pilsners.

Crystal Pilsner Glasses

Set of Crystal Pilsners

Aren’t these crystal pilsners simply gorgeous? You and your partner will love using them for any and every occasion whether it’s your anniversary, Christmas, or even National Beer Day! The criss cross crystal details in the middle of the glass will beautifully reflect the golden hue of the beer within, and especially accentuate the bubbles as they travel to the top of the glass. The wider mouth allows the beer head to last longer, which ultimately makes your drink taste better.

Crested Pilsner Glass

Custom Pilsner Glass with Pewter Crest

If you’re looking for something a little simpler with just a touch of class, you’ll love this pilsner! You’ve probably seen this glass when you’ve ordered a pilsner at a bar, and now you can have your own at home! The simple pewter initial really adds a little something extra to an otherwise ordinary glass, and it will certainly go with any kind of decor!


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