23 Awesome Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriends

Find the Perfect Anniversary Gifts for Your Boyfriend:

Your anniversary is coming up soon and it is time to get him a present. Anniversary gifts for your boyfriend can sometimes be tricky. You don’t want to be the girlfriend that gets him yet another bottle of cologne. However, you may not want to go too crazy with a gigantic gift either. You’ll need to be resourceful because a good boyfriend anniversary gift is something he wants, but may not buy for himself. His gift needs to be personal and cool. Your anniversary is the perfect opportunity to show him how awesome you can be! Whether this is your first anniversary or you and he have already had a couple years go by, these gifts will suit his needs!

A Legendary Anniversary Gift For Boyfriends

Man Myth Legend Personalized 50 Caliber Ammo Can

You want your boyfriend to feel like the man you see him as. You see him as a man’s man who deserves this awesome gift set. The custom whiskey and cigar set has everything he needs to begin celebrating. This set is perfect for your boyfriend’s anniversary gift because of the personalized touch you give it. He may have glasses and an ammo can, but he doesn’t have a full matching set with his name engraved on them! Holding all of this in his hands will make him feel like he can take on his favorite action movie hero or be one himself! Or, you and your boyfriend can celebrate your anniversary together with the set. After a nice night out, surprise him with the ammo box, crack open his favorite whiskey and relax.

Best Boyfriend Anniversary Gift Beer Map

Giant USA Beer Cap Map

For anniversary gifts for boyfriends we’ve had some giant bar signs and giant beer glasses, so why not somehow combine gigantism, signs, and beer? This giant beer map will definitely be a standout piece for your boyfriend’s man cave or home bar. Also, you’re giving him endless possibilities of how to fill this out. Does your dude drink one kind of beer and that kind of beer only? Great, he can fill out all of the United States with that one cap. Or, if you and he like to try all sorts of regional beers, why not fill the map with beers that you liked from those areas? As an anniversary gift, it’ll be something you can guarantee both of you will be using and enjoying for years!

This Time, Its Personalized

Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend Whiskey Stones Gift Set

One of the best ways you can help him celebrate the anniversary is by giving him his own whiskey stone set! This set is ideal for him to sit back and indulge in his favorite brown spirit! He’ll know you made this special when he sees his initial on both of the glasses and his name and date on the display box. Each night he has a drink he’ll be able to reflect on all of the good memories you and he have shared together! Make this year’s anniversary gift for your boyfriend a memorable one with his own whiskey stone set!

A Gift He Won’t Growl About

Personalized Pint Glasses and Growler Set

Does your boyfriend always want his favorite beer from the local brewery? Give him something to some of that golden-delicious liquid home with him. This 64-ounce growler (yup, a whole a half-gallon!) can carry his favorite beer home. Let him enjoy his favorite drinks anywhere he wants! Every time he pours his personalized growler into the matching pint glasses, he’ll remember just how much you care about him!

A Sign That Things are Going Well

Custom Beer Nut Sign

He has made it a ritual to try and have people over for drinks any chance he can get. A personalized pub sign for him to mark his drinking territory will make a great anniversary gift for your boyfriend! Not only will he get to see it every day, he is sure to show it off every chance he gets! You will have given him something that shows time and effort with his name, a phrase, and the year on it! This will be a stand out gift for any boyfriend!


Treat His Beard

Jack Black Beard Kit

If your boyfriend is just starting to grow a beard or even sporting one that would make a man like Captain Ahab quake, beard oil is a must. Guys just don’t realize how rough and coarse beards can get. As an anniversary gift for boyfriends, this is a subtle way to say, “Hey, I love you, but we need to soften that beard up a bit.” The upside is that when he starts using it, he’ll probably spend a little more time grooming it as well. He’ll look and smell great all because of you! This is a great gift that will make everyone in the relationship happy.

Can Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriends Get Better Than This?

30 Caliber Ammo Can Gift Set

Why give your boyfriend one gift when a whole gift set could do everything he needs? Pint glasses to toast the anniversary? Yup! A bottle opener? Check. He still has a personalized ammo can to store anything he wants from his bottle cap collection to bullets! Lastly, he’ll have a pocket knife which will always come in handy! He’ll feel amazing opening what is likely to be the most masculine gift he’ll get all year!

Refined Relaxation

Engraved Cigar and Cognac Box Set

Your boyfriend truly enjoys the finer things in life. He loves to pair the flavor of his newest cognac with the perfect cigar. A gift set with snifter glasses and cigar accessories will be the perfect anniversary gift. The snifter glass allows him plenty of room for ice if he chooses to do so while the cigar set that comes with ensures he is able to enjoy the best cigars he can procure from his secret gem of a cigar shop!

A Flask Set for the Man Who Loves Black

Boyfriend Anniversary Gift Flask Set

Some guys want to feel like a rockstar when they drink, give them the epitome of that rockstar feeling with a drinking set that resembles one of the greatest ever, the man-in-black, Johnny Cash. This gift for your boyfriend comes only in a matte black finish for the shot glasses; however, the flask lets you give that personalized touch with its engraving option. As an anniversary gift, this set works for any guy. If he wants a drink on the go, Boom! He’s got a flask. If you and he are going to a party that needs shot glasses, Bam! Done, you’ve got the sweet matte black set. And when you’re all done, a quick clean and back in the sturdy keepsake box.

A Gift That Will Stein’Out From the Crowd

Personalized Glass Beer Stein

This man loves beer culture. He has always dreamed of going to Oktoberfest, but it is a little too early in the relationship to buy him a ticket there, so why not do the next best thing? A beer stein will give him a taste of the Germanic beer celebration! You can fill it with his favorite beer and watch as he drinks it like it is something new and fantastic. Make his anniversary gift the best thing he receives all year with his own personalized bierhaus style beer stein!

This Sounds Like A Great Gift

Bose Wireless Earphones

Wireless headphones are useful for anyone today. Whether they are for the gym, jogging, mowing the lawn, or a boring desk job; everyone wants to be listening to something that takes their mind off of work. Plus, going wireless means he won’t get caught by the drawer or corner with the cable, you know, when it feels like your earphones are going to take your head off? Let’s skip that feeling and hook him up with some of the highest quality wireless sound there is.

The Most Awesome Anniversary Celebration Glasses

Engraved Buckman Glasses

Some couples prefer to make their celebration a group effort, if that’s you, these double old-fashioned glasses are the perfect anniversary gift for your boyfriend. Embrace his favorite drink out of these engraved glasses. He can take all four of these brand new custom whiskey glasses out and pour drinks for you, two friends, and himself! These are a clean and stylish gift for a boyfriend because no matter what he drinks, he’ll find himself feeling a bit more refined than usual.

Give This Gift a Shot

Bullet Whiskey Stone and Buckman Glass Gift Set

How manly do you feel like your boyfriend’s anniversary gift needs to be? Because let’s be real, drinking out of custom monogrammed whiskey glasses with bullets chilling his favorite spirit is sort of hard to beat. You see him as the manliest guy in your life, so why wouldn’t you get him the coolest looking whiskey gift you can find? With a gift this unique and cool, he’ll be wanting to try them out with you as soon as you give them to him!

Personalized Tennessee Whiskey Bar Sign

Custom Whiskey Bar Decor

Now, if your boyfriend has a home bar or maybe even just likes to have some drinks in the garage with his friends, a custom sign will set his drinking area apart from all of his buddies. This sign becomes the perfect anniversary gift for your boyfriend because he’ll get to see it every day. Other gifts may get passed by but once he hangs up his custom-made sign, he’ll look at it every day. And what could be better than that? He’ll be appreciating your gift for years to come.

A Damn Cool Glass

Monogrammed Decanter Whiskey Wedge Set

Your boyfriend is as cool as ice. Puns aside, he’ll love drinking from this whiskey decanter set. The ice-mold in the glasses means he’ll always be able to chill his favorite whiskey. Nothing beats a gift that keeps on giving, and he’ll be able to have whiskey at just the right temperature for years! This anniversary gift for your boyfriend is an awesome choice since he’ll get to use it the day you give it to him! He’ll be begging to fill use this entire decanter set to celebrate your anniversary!


Time for an Anniversary Gift

Black Leather Watch

A watch is a timeless gift and a great one for men. For your boyfriend, it could be a cool accessory without having to put too much thought into the gift. He’ll either use it every day for time or depending on how stylish you go; he may wear it at all of his formal events. Whether this is the first-anniversary gift for your boyfriend or you have gotten him many gifts over the years, a watch will always be appreciated. It hits everything a guy loves, it looks good and it’s functional. What more could he ask for?

Celebrate His Hobby

Custom Etched Shadow Box Anniversary Gift for Boyfriend

Your boyfriend loves cigars and there is no better way to celebrate your anniversary with him than by getting him a gift that shows off his awesome cigar hobby! Customize the shadow box with his name and let him fill it with whatever he likes! He may put in cigar bands which would be a great way to see all the different brands he loves. Make this anniversary gift for your boyfriend one that embraces his hobby while still making it personal!

Which Whiskey Will He Want?

Whiskey Glass Box Set

Your boyfriend has aspirations to become a connoisseur of all things scotch, whiskey, and bourbon. This set is great for the beginning whiskey aficionado! He’ll fall so deeply in love with his new hobby that you’ll wonder if he should just grow a fancy mustache and work in a distillery or as a whiskey critic. But, until that day comes, make his anniversary the best you can with a whiskey glass set that gives him everything he’ll ever need. Each glass, is specifically designed to highlight aromas in for different liquors, and don’t worry about which does which because your boyfriend will know for sure!

Sign Him Up for This Gift!

Man Myth Legend Home Decor Sign

Guys always like a way to mark that a space is theirs. Sometimes it is a poster while other times it is just where they hang out a lot. If your guy wants to create his own home bar or man cave, hook him up with his own sign to make that space his! This is an ideal gift for guys who are setting up their space in the house. Make sure to get your guy his own custom sign to make it a legendary anniversary gift!

The Relaxation Kit

Monogrammed Cigar and Whiskey Gift Set

For guys, few things pair together better for a celebration that a good glass of whiskey and a cigar, it is the perfect pairing. To help him feel like the luckiest man in the world on your anniversary, get him his own monogrammed cigar set! You’ll have your boyfriend feeling cooler than Ron Pearlman with his new whiskey stones, flip-top style lighter, cigar cutter, and cigar glass. Take this ultimate cigar lover gift and make it the coolest boyfriend anniversary gift for the cigar lover in your life!

A Clean Gift for Him

Manly Soap Set

Now, it can be hard to give soap as an anniversary gift without indicating that you think they smell. So, to avoid making them mad, let them know these are manly man soaps. They are intended to let him get clean and even do charcoal cleanses without having to smell feminine. These soaps will clean him without leaving any lasting scent as they are all unscented; however, he will likely be cleaner than you have ever seen or smelled him in your entire relationship!

A Survival Guide to Anniversary Gifts

Beer Survival Kit

Your boyfriend is a manly man. He loves his beer, he enjoys a good cigar, and of course he has a passion for knives. This year, you want to get your boyfriend an anniversary gift that embraces everything he is all about! Each piece of this kit reflects parts of his life. He loves the outdoors, but also likes the taste of a good cigar. Other times, he likes to stay in and have a good beer. This set is perfect for the man who enjoys his relaxation but still enjoys roughing it!

The Perfect Whiskey Set

Personalized Decanter Set with Glasses

A decanter set is the ultimate gift for the boyfriend who loves his whiskey. Each night he’ll be able to take your gift, swirl a glass of whiskey and indulge in his favorite drink! With this gift you’ll have him feeling like a refined gentleman each day he takes a sip from his custom glassware. An anniversary gift like this that he can see and use every day is the perfect way to commemorate the time you two have spent together!