Brewery Tours

11 Brewery Tours to Take Before You Die

There are a lot of things I want to accomplish before I move up to the big bar in the sky, of course there is riding a motorcycle to Dollywood, eating a corn dog from every state fair in the country, and one of the most important items on the agenda is making an appearance …

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Shot Drinking Games

12 Drinking Games that Have Kept the Party Going for Centuries

It’s Friday night and your friends keep playing endless rounds of beer pong and flip cup…yet again. Why not impress everyone with your worldly ways and propose something a little different? A unique drinking game automatically makes you the magical party unicorn at a get together, that’s just common knowledge. So here I am, yet …

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Crazy Margarita Recipes

Crazy, Unique Margarita Recipes – Too Insane Not to Try

Margaritas. Who doesn’t love em’? The perfect cocktail for a hot summer’s day. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say “Ew, a margarita? Pass.” I don’t know about you but I love playing around with different flavors and recipes, and the crazier the better. I’ve had them out of hollowed out jalapenos, played with …

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Game of Thrones Drinking Game

Drink Of Thrones – A Game of Thrones Drinking Game

“Everything’s better with some wine in the belly.” -Tyrion Lannister  Brace yourselves, Game of Thrones fans: drinking is coming. With the imminent and much anticipated arrival of Season 5, it is hard to imagine that any more excitement could possibly be added to episodes come and gone, and those yet to air, but we would like …

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History of Alcohol Timeline

The Origins and History of Alcohol

Normally when we imbibe in today’s alcoholic beverages, we seldom think about the means it took to get that delicious liquid to the bar counter and down the hatch. We were quite curious about the origins and history of alcohol and thought a simple infographic might be the key to a greater appreciation for the …

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The Revolution and Revival of Rye Whiskey

A grass widely grown for its resourceful grain and closely related to barley, rye is used in numerous everyday products such as bread, beer, and our personal favorite, whiskey. One of the first types of alcohols produced in the United States, rye whiskey quickly became a popular pick for early American drinkers and held on …

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